Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson and his late father had a very special relationship with one another.

With Wilson being a father himself now, he has talked openly about how his father is the main reason for who he is today.

The two had an incredible bond for each other.

On this date, 10 years ago, Wilson’s father, Hank Wilson III, passed away. 

And Russell Wilson took to social media to share how much he misses his late father.

The number three is obviously a special number him. Wilson said his father instilled “Perspective, Vision & Belief” for which Wilson says are “ 3 things necessary for not only success but overcoming”.

One note of his message that stuck out to me is his one wish he could have with his dad if he was still here.

If I could have one wish in the world, it would simply be to able to go on a ride with you again and jam out to Earth, Wind, & Fire “Devotion” again.

Wilson’s father made him the man he is today, and from Seahawk fans all around, could not be happier to have him as a leader in our community.

This one is for you, Mr. Wilson

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