Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

The NFL season hasn’t even started yet and the Seahawks just took a pretty solid L from the 49ers on Twitter.

A recent Twitter craze that has been all over social media recently caught the attention of the Seattle Seahawks who also wanted to join in on the fun.

The tweet asked fans to retweet to vote for them or reply to show you’re a 49ers fan.

Let just say, the Niners came with the most perfect response that a lot of people could see coming.

Well, the 49ers came out swinging with that response.

But it does not stop there,  the comments below the 49ers' response were pretty ruthless as well.

As you can see, the tweet absolutely backfired on the Seahawks front.

The game-winning tackle that Dre Greenlaw made against Jacob Hollister helped secure the 49ers their first NFC West title since 2012.

A crushing defeat for all Seahawks fans all around, but a memorial one for all 49ers fans. As that tackle helped propel their Super Bowl run they achieved last year.

The Seahawks took the first L of the year against the 49ers and the season isn’t even here yet.

Thankfully, the Seahawks have two chances this season to get their revenge.