Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

INDIANAPOLIS – Russell Wilson made headlines earlier this offseason by saying the Seahawks need more superstars. The quote was mostly innocuous. It’s obvious that Seattle, and every other team for that matter, could use more game-changing talent.

“We all want superstars,” GM John Schneider said on Tuesday from the NFL Combine. “We all want great players. I stay awake at night and my gut turns all the time thinking about how we can improve every aspect of our football operation. We’re doing it non-stop.”

But the sentiment remains that Wilson has been more outspoken this offseason compared to years past. He also shared during Super Bowl week that he wants to run more up-tempo next season.

Apparently Wilson’s comments in the media haven’t come as any surprise to the Seahawks. Their quarterback has always been willing to share his opinions, particularly as it pertains to free agency. In fact, it sounds like Wilson is one step shy of handing Schneider a wish list of players he’d like Seattle to sign.

“He’s just the ultimate competitor,” Schneider said. “He’s always talking about players with me. He’s like ‘What do you think of this guy? What do you think of that guy? This guy is a good player. I’d love to play with that guy someday.’ You know what I mean? Stuff like that. He’s always into it.”

Wilson also serves as the Seahawks primary recruiting coordinator. He and Greg Olsen spoke at length during Super Bowl week in Miami and came away with the mutual desire of joining forces. Wilson relayed that to the front office, and Schneider took things from there.


“We got on (Olsen) as quickly as we could,” the GM said. “We brought him in and had a great visit with him. (He’s) a great guy and is going to help that room a bunch.”

Schneider and Pete Carroll fully embrace Wilson’s input. Even when Wilson isn’t directly involved in a potential signing, he’s used as a carrot to lure players to the Pacific Northwest. Remember that Jadeveon Clowney, like Olsen, was sold on the Seahawks due in large part to Wilson’s presence.

“He’s a competitor. He loves it,” Schneider said of Wilson’s eagerness to be involved in the process. “He’s got a lot of relationships and works out with a lot of different guys. He knows a lot of people. He’s a natural recruiter. Look at our games this year, why wouldn’t you want to play with a guy like that, right?” … “He’s a pretty inspirational dude.”

Luckily for Wilson, his Seahawks still have north of $50 million in cap space to spend in free agency. The quarterback is sure to give his opinion on how he’d like that money to be spent.