Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Chris Carson gave everyone at CenturyLink Field a brief heartattack last Thursday night when he bobbled what ended up being the game-winning 5-yard touchdown reception against the Rams.

Well, everyone except Russell Wilson that is. According to Brian Schottenheimer, the Seahawks QB was completely oblivious to Carson's juggle. Wilson was already heading to celebrate with Luke Willson. Sure enough, the replay catches Wilson celebrating somewhat prematurely.

"He would have been one of the greatest memes you've ever seen if (Carson) doesn't find a way to catch it. Russ is literally pointing to Luke Willson on the sideline and he's got some dance he's doing. He had no idea," Schottenheimer said. "We've been teasing him about it saying he would have been a meme forever."

The meme would have been similar to Jeremy Shockey celebrating a missed field goal against the Seahawks and Nick Young celebrating a missed three pointer.


Obviously the Seahawks are happy that Wilson didn't turn into a viral moment. They'll take the win and enjoy giving Wilson a bad time in the process.