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Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch to speak at Princeton, but not everyone is happy

Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch to speak at Princeton, but not everyone is happy

Over the years, Marshawn Lynch has dished out some unforgettable advice to his NFL teammates. Most recently, the Seattle Seahawks running back, who came out of retirement, took the opportunity to impart some financial wisdom after his team lost to the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of the playoffs. 

“I done been on the other side of retirement, and it’s good when you get over there and you can do what the f**k you want to,” he said. “Start taking care of y’all mentals, y’all bodies and y’all chicken. So, when you’re ready to walk away, you walk away, and you be able to do what you want to do.”

NFL players could clearly use Lynch’s advice. While Beast Mode’s contributions on the field are obvious, it’s his impact off the field that defines who he is as a person. It’s the reason why his philanthropic work with underprivileged youth earned him the Oakland Raiders candidate for Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2018. 

Now, Beast Mode is taking what he’s learned over the years and sharing it with exiting students at a four-year university. And not just any university...we’re talking Princeton.

Lynch will speak at the school’s annual “Class Day,” a day organized by members of the senior class before their commencement ceremony.  

"Mr. Lynch's sustained professional excellence is not the only reason we are excited to have him serve as our Class Day speaker,” the school said in an announcement. “His substantive work in communities stands alongside his on-field success…From his stops in the Bay Area, to Buffalo, to Seattle, Mr. Lynch has always prioritized community engagement and empowerment by leveraging his prominence as a professional athlete to promote opportunities for civic engagement and social justice."

But not everyone at Princeton is happy the veteran running back will be speaking to their class. In an op-ed in the school’s daily newspaper, the Daily Princetonian, the students said they were disappointed Lynch was selected as the class speaker. The writers cited frustrations in not being included in the selection process. 

"As seniors, we had been looking forward to the speaker announcement for months," the letter starts. "Many of us were disappointed when we saw that this year’s speaker was to be Marshawn Lynch, mainly because we did not feel included in the process by which this speaker was nominated and finally selected.

“We do not mean to criticize this choice of speaker in particular, but rather want to call attention to the opaque selection process for Class Day speakers.”

The students also pointed out Lynch’s unwillingness to cooperate with the media. 

"Among articles that praised his NFL career and philanthropic contributions, we came across articles discussing Lynch’s reticence with the media and his terse responses at press conferences. In 2013 and 2014, for example, Lynch was fined $50,000 and $100,000 for refusing to speak to the media. During the 2015 Superbowl Media Day, Lynch famously responded to multiple questions with variants of 'I’m just here so I won’t get fined.' With no other frame of reference, such reports caused confusion over the set of criteria that led to his nomination."

While Princeton students may be frustrated by their lack of involvement in the process, students could certainly learn from Lynch’s experiences, including the adversity he faced after the Seahawks loss in Super Bowl XLIX. 

Lynch, who attended Cal as a student-athlete, is a five-time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champion. Moreover, he’s been even more successful off the field. 

He formed the Fam 1st Family Foundation in 2006 to give back to the Seattle and Oakland community, has hosted 25 kids for a trip to London to watch a Raiders game, he’s helped increase voter participation through sponsored concerts, and even fulfilled a child’s “wish” through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Russell Wilson and Ciara challenge Tom Brady and Gisele to a golf match

Russell Wilson and Ciara challenge Tom Brady and Gisele to a golf match

Ahead of Tom Brady participating in "The Match: Champions for Charity" golf match for coronavirus relief, Russell Wilson poked fun at the six-time Super Bowl Champion with a scene from Happy Gilmore.

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Now, Wilson may have predicted the future as Brady mightily struggled in front of the nationally televised audience causing all of social media to get in on the fun.

Although the Seahawks quarterback got the jump on trolling Brady, he needed to get in on the fun too.

But, this time he challenged Brady and his wife Gisele to a match of golf against Wilson and his wife Ciara.

Gisele, although perhaps just as good at golf as Brady, seemed down as long as they go to where good alcohol is.

Ciara agreed with Gisele, so it's set.

Will their game have the drama of Super Bowl 49? We can only hope.

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Seattle Seahawks pass protection last season was really ugly

Seattle Seahawks pass protection last season was really ugly

Being an offensive lineman is a thankless job.

If you mess up just once a game and give up a sack, your fanbase despises you. If the guy you're blocking wins once a game resulting in a sack he's an All-Pro. 

Due to these mental gymnastics, nearly every fanbase thinks their favorite team has a subpar offensive line. But if you're a Seattle fan, you really did last season.

Pro Football Focus has rated the 2019 Seattle Seahawks offensive line as the third-worst in the NFL in pass protection, only better than the Miami Dolphins who many felt entered the season tanking for Tua Tagovailoa and the Los Angeles Chargers. 

The Seahawks offensive line gave up 48 sacks last season, a 7.9% adjusted sack rate, in 2019 per Football Outsiders.

That is why Russell Wilson gets the big bucks.

Despite working with some of the worst pass protection in the entire league, the Seahawks went 11-5, finishing a yard short of winning the NFC West title in Week 17. Wilson, who signed a four-year, $140 million extension last offseason, threw for 4,110 yards (8.0 yards per attempt), 31 touchdowns and only five interceptions last season which saw him as a front runner to win MVP until Lamar Jackson broke out the second half of the regular season.

The lack of reliable pass protection may excuse Seattle's unwillingness to air the ball out but I disagree.

Russell Wilson is a top-three quarterback, at worst, in the NFL. His efficiency numbers in spite of subpar usage indicate he's still being held back by the playcalling because he's excelled before when Seattle let him throw the ball more.

In the second half of the 2015 season when the Seahawks started to air the ball out, Wilson had one of the best five-game stretches in NFL history; throwing for at least three touchdowns, had a QB rating of over 120, a completion percentage of at least 70%, and at least 245 yards passing in each contest.

He's only gotten better since 2015, in spite of Seattle's offensive philosophy. 

Wilson threw as many passes as Mitchell Trubisky last season with 516. There's no argument that noted draft bust Trubisky, averaging 6.1 yards per attempt in a worse division, should be airing the ball out as much as Wilson averaging 8.0 yards per attempt. 

Wilson had an average time-to-throw of 2.85 seconds per NFL Next Gen Stats, which was above the league average but Wilson still needed to create something out of nothing more often than not, and he did. 

Hopefully, Seattle's offseason moves can sure up the trenches and make Wilson's job a little easier next season.

The Seahawks drafted guard Damien Lewis in the third round, No. 69th overall, during the 2020 NFL Draft who's expected to start right away. Especially after cutting starting center Justin Britt and guard D.J. Fluker shortly following the draft. Free agent acquisition B.J. Finney is expected to replace Britt at center. At right tackle, former New York Jets Brandon Shell should start right away as well after signing a two-year, $11 million deal in March. Then, Mike Iupati should be in line to start for a second-straight season at left guard and Duane Brown will start at left tackle. 

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Russell Wilson trolls Tom Brady and Patriots fans are salty about it

Russell Wilson trolls Tom Brady and Patriots fans are salty about it

Seahawks Twitter seems to be a different breed online and Russell Wilson has to be the perfect quarterback for them.

All offseason, Wilson has been killing it on social media including posting a video game that includes the many faces of Russell Wilson.

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Now, the Seahawks franchise quarterback is back at it again. This time, poking fun at Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady who is set to participate in "The Match: Champions for Charity" golf match with Phil Mickelson facing off against Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. 

Russ posted the remix of the famous scene from Happy Gilmore and most people online found the exchange funny.

Everyone but Patriots fans who clearly are still hung up on their ex and feel the need to come to the defense of Brady even when he's not being attacked.

Many of Brady's brigade just reposted a gif of Malcolm Butler's Super Bowl-winning interception in Super Bowl 49. 

One user even tried claiming that Wilson choked back-to-back Super Bowls as if Wilson didn't win one in his second season in the NFL. 

This wasn't the first time this offseason the two quarterbacks have joked with one another. Earlier, Wilson made fun of Brady for walking into the wrong home in Tampa Bay and claimed he "stole" a Super Bowl ring from him.

Despite the two clearly being friends, that won't make New England learn to take a joke. 

Never change Patriots fans. Never change. 

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Russell Wilson proves Dak Prescott isn't worth as much as he thinks

Russell Wilson proves Dak Prescott isn't worth as much as he thinks

When the conversation of “Elite” quarterbacks comes up, a few names pop into my head.

Patrick Mahomes, who just won a Super Bowl, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and one Russell Wilson who certainly deserves to be named in that list.

He is technically now the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. 

I would say that is a solid list so far, right?

Well, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, or at least Cowboys fans, believe Prescott is in the “elite” discussion.

With a contract negotiation still going with the Cowboys, one asks the question; Is Dak a top-five quarterback and does he deserve to be the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL surpassing Russell Wilson?

The answer is no.

Now look, no one can really determine how much a franchise quarterback will make in the few years. Right now, no one knows exactly how big the salary cap will be.

The NFL will be negotiating new broadcast deals in 2021 and 2022. The expectation is the salary cap will grow. 

A whole lot. 

Prescott's agent is smart and is trying to bake it into the latter half of his client's new deal.

The expectation right now is that Prescott will eventually sign a new deal at some point, just depends on how long and how much for both parties.

But there is one concerning stat that separates quarterbacks like Wilson and Brady from Prescott.

He stumbles against elite competition.

In his rookie season in 2016, Prescott was exceptional against teams with an above-.500 record. In the four years since, however, Prescott has been not as stellar against the better squads in the league.

Since then, his touchdown-to-interception ratio is 25-25 and his record as a starter is 6-17. Last year, he had an 8/8 TD/INT ratio and the Cowboys went 1-6 against teams with an above-.500 record.

It is great that Prescott can beat teams that are below .500 ( has a career record of 29-5) but against tougher competition, Prescott is not the guy to lead the team. 

Cowboys fans think he deserves to pay more than Russell Wilson.

Come on.

If we look at Wilson’s numbers against elite competition, you know he has always been up for the challenge.

Wilson has a career record of 26-21 against winning teams, with having a 11/4 ratio and a 4-4 record against above .500 teams last year.

His record all-time against teams who are 8+ games over .500? He is 6-0.

Oh and let’s not forget, in his second year in the NFL he brought a Super Bowl to Seattle.

When the pressure is on to get a win for your team, statistical speaking, Wilson is your guy.

Granted, Prescott is still only 26 years old and has time to develop. But with the weapons surrounding him such as Elliot and Cooper, and an offensive line that is one of the best in the league, can the Cowboys relay on him long term to get the job done?

That question still remains.

Most likely, the Cowboys will pay the man his money ( likely making him the highest-paid QB) based on the new TV contracts on the way.

But to categorize him as “elite” or even in the same realm of quarterback talent as say a Russell Wilson is laughable.

The Cowboys have to gamble at this moment on whether or not he is the man for the job. And if your team still has those questions in the air, how can they even call you an elite quarterback?

It is safe to say that you never have to worry about that when Wilson takes the field.

He has the numbers to prove it.


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What if Russell Wilson and Ciara met in high school?

What if Russell Wilson and Ciara met in high school?

One of the biggest offseason moves for Russell Wilson is waiting the arrival of he and wife Ciara’s second child together. 

In a post on Instagram Sunday, the pop star modeled poolside with her pregnant belly on full display. Could baby boy be on the way soon? 

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“The Bump is Bumpin,” Ciara captioned the photo. 

View this post on Instagram

The Bump is Bumpin 🥰

A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on

On Saturday, May 23, Wilson then posted a side-by-side photo of he and Ciara from back in their high school days, wondering what would have happened if the two had met earlier in life?

The 31-year-old Seattle Seahawks quarterback Wilson and 34-year-old musician/artist Ciara got married in July 2016 and welcomed their first daughter Sienna Princess in April 2017. Two years later, a soon-to-be baby boy!

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Why you shouldn’t worry about Carlos Hyde’s shoulder injury in 2019

Why you shouldn’t worry about Carlos Hyde’s shoulder injury in 2019

The Seattle Seahawks added necessary depth to their running backs roster on Friday, May 22 with the signing of six-year veteran running back Carlos Hyde.

Hyde was originally a second-round pick to the 49ers in the 2014 NFL Draft. In six seasons, he's racked up 4,370 yards and 32 touchdowns. He's coming off of his first-career 1,000-yard season in 2019.

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The 29-year-old Hyde tore his labrum last season with the Texans. He played through it but exacerbated it in the 51-31 Divisional Round playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, January 12. Hyde had surgery in February 2020, Mike Silver of NFL Media reports. Despite his injury, Hyde played in all 16 games for only the second time in his career.

Seattle’s running back room now consists of Hyde, Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, Travis Homer and rookies DeeJay Dallas, Patrick Carr (undrafted rookie free agent) and Anthony Jones (undrafted rookie free agent).

Carson is expected to be back week one after season-ending knee surgery in 2019. The signing of Hyde could also indicate Penny’s 2020 season as somewhat of a medical redshirt year after tearing his ACL late last season.

The Seahawks, Pete Carroll love to run the ball, there’s no denying that. Adding Hyde into the mix should make for an interesting, dynamic depth chart come week one.

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Bruce Irvin wants to bring Seattle another Super Bowl championship

Bruce Irvin wants to bring Seattle another Super Bowl championship

When Bruce Irvin agreed to reunite with the Seattle Seahawks in April, he had one mission. 

"My ultimate goal is to bring the city of Seattle another Super Bowl,” Irvin told CBS Sports on Friday. “That city and that fanbase is so committed to the Seahawks, man it’s unbelievable and they deserve as much success as possible.” 

It’s a feat neither Irvin, nor Seattle, have accomplished since 2014, when Irvin made two solo tackles as the Seahawks dominated Denver 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII. 

Since then, Irvin has made his rounds around the NFL, suiting up for the Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons and recently, the Carolina Panthers, where he is coming off a career-high 8.5 sack season.  

Now back with the team that drafted him in 2012, Irvin says it’s been refreshing to come back to Seattle at this stage in his career. 

"After we played them in Week 14 or so, I was like, 'Damn, I wish I was with those guys,'" Irvin said on a video press conference Tuesday. "After the Philly game, I sent Bobby a text message while they were on the plane like, 'Damn, I wish I was on that plane with y'all.' I just wanted to come back, man. I can't complain about anywhere I've been, but nothing has been like Seattle. From how they travel to how they practice, how they take care of their older players, from the cafeteria, from the facility being on the lake, it's just everything is Grade A. They run it right up there up there. I'm just happy to be back."

It won’t come easy for Irvin and the Seahawks though, and honestly it never is in the NFC West. Seattle’s pass rush ranked 28th out of 32 teams in sacks last season. 

Irvin and eight-year NFL veteran Benson Mayowa will join a young group of Rasheem Green, Branden Jackson, Shaquem Griffin, and L.J. Collier in rushing opposing quarterbacks from the edge in 2020. 

The Seahawks also selected Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson to aid their pass rush in last month’s draft. Jadeveon Clowney’s future with Seattle is uncertain, as he remains without a team two months after free agency opened. 

Irvin, however, isn't concerned with people's expectations of the pass rush this season. He, for one, is confident in the Seahawks' ability to surprise people and he's ready to lead. 

“I think we’re going to be better than a lot of people think we are.”

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Richard Sherman, DK Metcalf, Bobby Wagner and Josh Gordon take part in in-person workout

Richard Sherman, DK Metcalf, Bobby Wagner and Josh Gordon take part in in-person workout

Iron sharpens iron. 

Richard Sherman, DK Metcalf, Bobby Wagner and Josh Gordon aren’t playing on the same NFL team together. Sherman is with the San Francisco 49ers, Josh Gordon is seeking reinstatement from the NFL and Metcalf and Wagner are of course Seattle Seahawks. 

But that didn’t stop the NFL players from getting in some work during quarantine in the Seattle area. In a series of posts shared out on Twitter this week, the current and former Seahawks are seen training at Chinook Middle School in Bellevue, Washington. 

The photos came on the same day Josh Gordon shared a photo of him working out in Seattle. Gordon was suspended indefinitely in December for his fifth violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.  

He has since deleted the post, but Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune captured a screenshot, proving the photos are from the same workout. 

Metcalf, Gordon, Sherman and Wagner weren’t the only Seattle-area players getting in a sweat sesh. Ohio State wide receiver Gee Scott Jr., University of Washington quarterback Jacob Sirmon and Columbia University quarterback Joe Green were also in attendance. 

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Workin on the weekend like usual..

A post shared by Jacob Sirmon (@jacobsirmon11) on

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Living & Learning!

A post shared by Gee Scott Jr. (@geescottjr) on

Other reports suggested Miami Dolphins running back Myles Gaskin and Stanford wide receiver Connor Wedington were in attendance. 

While “stay at home” restrictions have eased up around the country, some NFL teams have partially reopened their headquarters. The Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals all began Phase I on their reopening on Wednesday.

The Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, where the Seahawks practice, remains closed. In the meantime, virtual workouts and offseason meetings continue. 

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Report: Russell Wilson wants Antonio Brown to join Seahawks

Report: Russell Wilson wants Antonio Brown to join Seahawks

Russell Wilson and Antonio Brown have gotten to know each other throughout various offseason workouts and while attending Pro Bowl games over the years. 

It’s why the Seattle Seahawks franchise quarterback reportedly advocated for Seattle to sign Brown in 2019. But rather than sign the four-time All-Pro, Seattle went on to claim Josh Gordon, who played five games in a Seahawks uniform before he was suspended a fifth time for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs and substance abuse.

Fast forward to the 2020 offseason and the Seahawks could still use some additional weapons to complement Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf and speedy wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, who signed a one-year deal with Seattle in March. 

Wilson still wants the Seahawks to add more superstars, and he still believes Antonio Brown can help Seattle. 

Per John Clayton of 710 ESPN Seattle, Wilson would love to bring Brown to Seattle. He also noted Brown’s close relationship with backup quarterback, Geno Smith, who finalized his one-year contract on Wednesday. Clayton added that if a deal were to unfold with the 31-year-old wide receiver, it would likely occur in July or August. 

The Seahawks did their due diligence in checking on Brown, who was released by the Patriots last September after the NFL launched an investigation into his alleged sexual assault and harassment of a female who made claims against him.  

“We’re involved in everything,” Carroll said last September about Brown. “We’ve been telling you that for a long time. We seriously mean we’re trying to know what’s going on with every opportunity to get better, and if we miss one of those we messed up. We didn’t know what was going on with that one.”

Brown played in one game for the Patriots in 2019, catching 4-of-8 targets for 56 yards and one touchdown. New England dropped him the very next week once the allegations against Brown gained steam. Before New England, Brown was released by the Raiders after a turbulent tenure in the Bay Area.

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