Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Apparently Jadeveon Clowney made one extra stop on his way out of the VMAC on Monday. As Seahawks players cleaned out their lockers following Sunday’s loss to the Packers in the Divisional Round, Clowney made a point to drop by John Schneider’s office.

According to Pete Carroll, Clowney wanted to express his gratitude to Schneider and share how much he enjoyed playing for the Seahawks in 2019. Now he embarks on an offseason where he will become an unrestricted free agent when the new league year begins in mid-March. He said after the loss to the Packers that he will prioritize joining a conteder. Carroll believes that could be Seattle.

“He loves it here and wants to be here,” Carroll said.

That’s not surprising to hear. Clowney told reporters several times during the season that he was happy in Seattle. The fact that he battled through a painful core injury for nearly two months is all the evidence you need to support that claim.

It’s still notable that he went to go see Schneider before he left the building. Seattle has the ability to negotiate with Clowney immediately in order to work out a new deal. However, it’s hard to imagine Clowney forgoing free agency all together and re-signing with the Seahawks prior to March. Players of his caliber rarely have the opportunity to be an unrestricted free agent.

Clowney can love Seattle and still want to test the open market. Both can be true. The Seahawks are sure to offer Clowney something, both prior to free agency and once the talented edge rusher is officially a free agent. Who knows, though, whether Seattle will be willing to match other top-dollar offers that may reach nearly $20 million annually.


He’s an interesting case study because he posted only 4.5 sacks (playoffs included) this season. But if you turn on the tape, it’s evident that Clowney was a disruptive force, both against the pass and the run.

“He’s a terrific football player and had a big impact on us. We’d love to have him back,” Carroll said.

Carroll confirmed that Clowney is going to have his core injury operated on in the next week or so. The recovery is short for such a surgery, and Carroll expects Clowney to be back to full strength 5-7 weeks after the operation.

This situation figures to be the ultimate waiting game that likely won’t have a resolution for at least two months.