Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Tyler Lockett is the Seattle Seahawks resident renaissance man. He’s a man of many interests and pursuits. Poetry is one of Lockett’s primary passions outside of football.

He commonly performs his work as spoken word.

“Whether (people watching) agree or disagree, they have to sit there and listen.” Lockett said of the benefit of spoken word.

Now he’s comprised his poetry into a book titled “Reflection.” The publication is set to be released on Oct. 15, and it will be available wherever books are sold. (You can get on the mailing list here.) Lockett envisions it being a self-help book, using his own life experience as a way to help others deal with the struggles in their own life.

“If you talk about somebody else’s scars, they feel like they’re the victim, and they feel like you’re coming at them,” Lockett said. “If you talk about yourself and share your own scars, they’ll listen more, and the conversation becomes more transparent.”

The book features a mix of poems and what Lockett calls his “notes to self.” He covers a myriad of mostly heavy topics, including relationships, suicide, anxiety and depression. Lockett said he’s most proud of that variety.

He added that he’s making stops at Microsoft and Amazon next week to help promote the book. Both companies have asked that Lockett come perform his spoken word during employee team-building sessions.

Without warning, Lockett burst into action during his presser, reciting his poem “Something in the Making.” He said he could probably perform the entire book without having to read any of the pages.


Although the book isn’t available to the public just yet, Lockett passed out a copy to each of his teammates on Monday.

“That’s a smart guy right there, Tyler Lockett,” Jadeveon Clowney said. “Very smart guy, very in tune with what’s going on around here. He knows his stuff. I’m going to check his book out.”