Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

A young Russell Wilson laced up his cleats, tucked in his jersey and stepped on the field for the first time.

No, it wasn’t football turf or infield clay below his feet. It was a soccer field—the place where Wilson fell in love with the other football for the first time.

“I’ve always loved soccer. That was actually the first sport I ever played,” Wilson said. “I played goalie. I left at goalie too much though. I was always trying to score all the time...I played attacker too.” 

Wilson's sport of choice may have changed over the years, but the Seattle Seahawks franchise quarterback is still in attack mode. Wilson and his wife, Ciara, announced this week they would become part owners of the Seattle Sounders, Seattle’s MLS franchise.


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“I’ve always wanted to be a sports owner,” Wilson said of his decision. “Always wanted to get involved in helping cultures and continuing to establish them and grow them, be around great players. I love sports. I’ve also always loved the Sounders, just going to games. I love the crowd. I love the chants they do and clapping. It’s pretty cool…It’s a legacy thing for our family too.”

Wilson said a dinner at his house, alongside Ciara, Sounders owner Adrian Hanauer, former Microsoft executive president Terry Myerson and others sparked his decision to become involved with the team.

He had also heard whispers about a California equity firm’s interest in buying the team and possible wanting to relocate it.

“I think we really care about Seattle. It’s a special place for us and we wanted to make sure it didn’t move anywhere else to be honest with you,” Wilson said. “[We] really just tried to say hey let’s keep this in Seattle,” Wilson said. “Let’s keep the Sounders in Seattle. Took a cool selfie photo and said let’s do this. We were in.”

While Wilson is “all in” on his new part ownership with Sounders FC, the All-Pro quarterback is also preparing his mind and body for his eighth NFL season.

“I have a routine that I do, I’m going through all my steps just to make sure that I’m fully ready, get your cleats right, get your mind right, get this right, this right, footwork etc,” Wilson said. “All those things that you would do on a game day, or a big championship game, make sure you’re doing those.”