Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

He’s likely seen the tweets, read the stories and heard the chatter. But Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson never stopped believing his early season fumbling woes would come to a halt.

When Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said the third-year back needed to “fix this,” Carson made all worries dissipate.

That was two games ago. Carson has since roared back in impressive fashion with consecutive 100-yard games against the Cardinals and Rams and has racked up 485 yards from scrimmage thus far. 

So, how exactly does Carson sound out all the noise? It’s about being mentally strong.

“Keeping your mind right is a big part of how you play,” Carson said. “I think it’s probably one of the most important things. It’s hard to get in depth with it, but having a lot of people just talk to you about it…especially going through what I went through the first couple of weeks. That really played a big part of it.”

Carson was determined to get his mind right after losing a fumble in each of Seattle's first three games. He sought help from the Seahawks mental conditioning coach ahead of Seattle’s Week 4 win over the Cardinals.

“I talked to him right before the Arizona game,” Carson said. “He said give me two things. Of course I gave him those two things, and he said to me, whatever you do out there just think about those two things and that’s what I did and it really worked out.”


Worked out it did, but Carson wasn't ready to divulge what the two things were that he shared with his mental coach. 

“I can’t tell you," he said. "It’s my own little thing.”

Carson is on pace for 301 carries this season and after Thursday’s game-winning touchdown over the Rams, he’s reminded Seattle why he’s the team’s No. 1 back.

Carson spent his weekend break in Atlanta where he “chilled” and let his body rest up before the Seahawks head to Cleveland this weekend. Despite showing up on the injury report for a shoulder injury on Thursday, Carson said he is feeling close to 100 percent. 

“It’s still early in the week, so we have some time. But I feel pretty good.”