Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks so far have had no positive COVID-19 tests

Seattle Seahawks

As it stands currently, the NFL will most likely have a season this year despite COVID-19.

With the pandemic still at large, NFL teams are doing their best and taking extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of the players and to keep football going and on schedule.

And so far, six NFL teams are fortunate enough to not have a positive test yet.

One of those teams being the Seattle Seahawks.


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Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America detailed the steps the Texans have taken to combat COVID-19, and so far, they’re working.

In the example of the Texans, they have tested 80 players and 100 staff members who are in contact with players for 11 days. 

Not one of them tested positive in that span of time.

Given the fact the Texans are in one of the country’s COVID-19 hotspots, this is a good sign that the players and coaches are enforcing social distancing, as well as a tiny bit of luck is involved as well.

Besides the Seahawks and Texans, the Chargers, Cardinals, Panthers, and Patriots all haven’t had a player test positive yet. 

One thing to note is the Seattle Seahawks added wide receiver John Ursua to the NFL’s Reserve/COVID-19 on Sunday, however that doesn’t mean he tested positive for the virus.


It likely means he has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. Still means the Seahawks have had no positive tests thus far. 

If NFL teams continue to produce no positive tests in the future, the NFL could be having a smooth season as they have planned.