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Seattle Seahawks take the crown with #QuarantineHaircuts challenge

Seattle Seahawks take the crown with #QuarantineHaircuts challenge

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that is where the #QuarantineHaircuts challenge truly spawns from.

With a nationwide quarantine in place and barbershops and salons being closed down indefinitely, some people are taking matters into their own hands. Thus, the inception of the #QuarantineHaircuts challenge that is taking over social media right now.

Here are some examples if you were curious:

Some of these are pretty bad, but some people can’t stand to keep their hair longer than it needs to be. So, the job gets done either way.

The Seattle Seahawks saw this and decided to hop in on their own version of the #QuartineHaircuts challenge.. and it looks something like this.

You can already guess people wanted to chime in on how they thought the Seahawks did on this challenge.

It is safe to say the Seattle Seahawks take the crown with this new #QuarantineHaircuts challenge, at the moment. Look for more NFL teams to try their hand at this here soon.

For now, let's hope players decide to buzz it all off or let it grow. 

DK Metcalf is superhuman, shows off another insane physical feat

DK Metcalf is superhuman, shows off another insane physical feat

We can all agree that Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf isn’t human, right?

The 6’4", 229 lb rookie sensation is gearing up to show out for his sophomore season for the city of Seattle by staying busy with workouts during this Covid-19 shutdown.

We have all seen him workout with current, and former teammates in recent weeks to get ready for the season.

But with this latest workout post from the rising star, one question is brought up, is the man even human at this point?

DK looks to jump onto a stack of boxes that look like they must be about six feet in height.

Remember folks, Metcalf slipped all the way into the 2nd round. The Seahawks easily stole the draft with that pick and looks to continue to the success going into year two.

The Metcalf and Wilson connection is only going to get stronger as Metcalf continues to improve year after year.

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Joel McHale still can’t believe Seattle lost the SuperSonics 

USA Today Images

Joel McHale still can’t believe Seattle lost the SuperSonics 

He’s an actor, comedian and Seattle native. 

But like all of us, Joel McHale is an avid sports fan with feelings. In a recent episode of The Bridge podcast with host Justin Myers, McHale shared how upset he was when his beloved Seattle SuperSonics were shipped off to Oklahoma City in 2008 by Howard Schultz. 

I’m still mad about the Sonics. I still can’t believe we lost the team. And I’m just to this day like how did that happen? So, go Lakers, go Clippers.

McHale also discussed what it was like growing up in Seattle, how the city has become “unrecognizable” over the years and why he refuses to make fun of Seahawks fans who call themselves a “12,” because he is one.

I did not know about this controversy. I would absolutely say that I was a 12 because I raised the flag and wore the 12, so I hope that’s not too controversial.

To hear more about McHale's acting career, how he’s handling quarantine life and what it was like being a walk on for the University of Washington football team, check out the full The Bridge podcast here

Ever wonder how Seattle Seahawks fans got their nickname, then lost it?

Ever wonder how Seattle Seahawks fans got their nickname, then lost it?

Any Seattle Seahawks fan who was at Qwest Field on January 8, 2011 remembers the moment. Heck, those who were at the neighborhood watering holes can still feel the vibrations. 

It was the NFC Wild Card playoff game between the Seahawks and reigning Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. With the Seahawks up 34-30 with under four minutes remaining, Marshawn Lynch had one of the most iconic runs of all time. He shook off nine defenders in total to cap off a 67-yard touchdown run that ultimately sealed the win for the Seahawks. 

Then, the ground began shaking. 

The play became known as the Beast Quake because the impact of the celebration from Seattle's beloved fans created such a frenzy that it registered on a nearby seismograph. But before die-hard Seahawks fans literally caused an earthquake and set Guiness Book World Records, they donned names like the 12th Man, 12th Fan and 12s. 

Have you ever wondered how the devoted and tenacious fans of Seattle acquired their legendary nicknames? Let's dig in. 

It all started in 1984 when Seahawks president Mike McCormack announced the team would be officially retiring the No. 12 jersey to honor “the best fans in football.” The gesture marked the first time in sports franchise history a professional sports team retired a jersey in honor of its fans. 

Then in 2003, original season ticket holders got the special opportunity to raise the beloved "12" flag prior to kickoff at CenturyLink Field. Today, celebrities, and Seahawks legends mainifest the energy of the franchise and raise the flag with pride. 

Even former head coach Mike Holmgren knows the 12th Man hoopla is real. He publicly dedicated the game ball, now known as the 12th Man Ball, to the fans after the Seahawks defeated the New York Giants in overtime in 2005. The Giants committed eleven false starts and missed three field goals thanks to the fans deafening noise and vocal support. 

CenturyLink Field was an absolute fortress from 2012-14 as the Seahawks went 26-2 at home during that three-year span.

The 12th Man moniker, however, didn't stick with its teams' success forever. In 2017, Texas A&M won a legal battle to take over the "12th Man" nickname, as the Aggies had been using it since 1922 and owned the trademark since 1990. 

Today, Seattle fans are simply known as the "12s," but their legacy remains in tact. The fans may not be the Seahawks secret weapon any longer, but that won't stop them from tormenting opposing offenses for years to come. 

Listen to the full video at the top, voiced by Seahawks Insider Joe Fann, to hear more on Seahawks fans' iconic nickname. 

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Russell Wilson, Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird to host 2020 ESPYs

Russell Wilson, Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird to host 2020 ESPYs

The 2020 ESPYs have found its hosts.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, OL Reign wing and former Portland Pilot Megan Rapinoe, and Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird will be hosting the event on June 21, ESPN announced Tuesday morning. 

The announcement comes three weeks after the network unveiled a plan to shift from rewarding athletic achievement this year to highlighting humanitarian narratives in the world of sports. 

“There is so much good being done in the world right now, and The ESPYS are recognizing a sports community whose achievements reach far beyond the court,” said Sue Bird. “I’m proud to be hosting this year’s unique show with Megan and Russell, two athletes I admire for their talent, but more importantly, their compassion in today’s world.”

“The stories we see at The ESPYS each year serve as a reminder of the hope that sports can inspire,” said Megan Rapinoe. “I’m looking forward to hosting the show alongside Sue and Russell, and bringing that much-needed hope to audiences this year.”

“The ESPYS are always a highlight for me every year and I’m incredibly honored that they’ve asked me to co-host this year’s special show,” said Russell Wilson. “Although the sports world is on a pause, Megan, Sue, and I hope to shine a light on some of the amazing stories of resilience that we are seeing through this unique time.”

The show will include the Sports Humanitarian Awards such as the Billie Jean King Youth Leadership Award and the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award. 

“The ESPYS always have the distinct pleasure of recognizing moments of inspiration, but this year they serve the added purpose of creating a collective experience for fans and players alike who miss live sports,” said Rob King, Senior Vice President and Editor-At-Large ESPN Content. “Part of the fun of The ESPYS is bringing together athletes from across a spectrum of sports and Sue, Megan and Russell represent a diverse lineup of teams. We’re excited to see them bring their passion to hosting the show.”

ESPN will once again use the event to raise money for the V Foundation to fund cancer research in honor of the late basketball coach Jim Valvano. The network has raised nearly $116 million since the show's inception in 1993. 

The 2020 ESPYs will air on June 21, 6:00 p.m. PT on ESPN. 

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Never underestimate Russell Wilson-- ever

Never underestimate Russell Wilson-- ever

Russell Wilson is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, so why do people keep doubting him? 

He's Super Bowl winner, seven-time Pro Bowler, and has led the NFL in passer rating and passing touchdowns at various points in his career.

How can you argue against that?

All of those are high-level achievements, and yet, Wilson has never received a single MVP vote in his career.

Not one.

Wilson is in his eighth season in his career, and for a lack of a better term, is still being slept on.

Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer told Will Brinson of CBS Sports that despite no MVP votes so far, he is the wrong guy to doubt. It is only going to motivate him even more.

I know one thing, I’m thrilled and excited about 2020 because I think the chatter about the MVP votes will motivate him. He is ready to work. He’s always ready to work, but he’s the wrong guy to doubt. He’s the wrong guy to say, ‘Nah, he can’t do that.’ He will carry a grudge and he will work his ass off to make it go.

Wilson even made a believer of Schottenheimer when he first got to Seattle back in 2018. 

It just took him to actually see him in action to realize how good he actually is.

“When I got here,” Schottenheimer said, “and I saw his ability to throw the football, not just down the field, but accurately. We call it ball placement. He's able to put the ball exactly where you want it. Not just to where the guy can catch it, but I mean exactly where you want it and I was quite honestly blown away. I was surprised. 

Wilson is currently one of the betting favorites this year to win the MVP. 

If Wilson can bring the Seahawks back to the top of the NFC this year, look to see more than enough votes for the star quarterback and the recognition he deserves.

And if not, then Wilson will continue to prove the doubters wrong. Gladly. 


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Russell Wilson donates 300k meals after trio of great tee shots during "The Match"

Russell Wilson donates 300k meals after trio of great tee shots during "The Match"

Russell Wilson may have been trolling Tom Brady before Sunday’s teeing off of “The Match,” but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t rooting for him to do well. 

“The Match,” a golf competition that featured Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, was filled with great shots, ribbing and good causes. 

As the player approached the 16th hole, the Seahawks QB joined the broadcast and pledged 100,000 meals to Feeding America for each of the players’ tee shot within 12 feet of that hole.  

Here’s the results:  

That’s right, every player but Tiger got within 12 feet of the cup, which means 300,000 meals will be donated to Feed America!

Wilson and his wife Ciara are known for their philanthropy. 

They’ve already donated over one million meals to Feed America. 

Wilson and Ciara also auctioned off an evening with them for the All-In Challenge that fetched $240,000.

During a time of need, the Wilson’s are stepping up in a big way.  

Tre Flowers stages impromptu workout with hometown athletes, pays it forward

Tre Flowers stages impromptu workout with hometown athletes, pays it forward

NFL offseason programs have occurred mostly via zoom video calls, leaving players to get creative back at their hometowns to stay in shape. 

That includes Seattle Seahawks cornerback Tre Flowers, a native to the San Antonio area, who remains in Texas training. Recently, home workouts just weren’t cutting it anymore. He needed more competition. 

So, he took to social media and posted an open invitation on Twitter, giving a time and a local high school for all comers.

Texas is packed full of talented football players, so Flowers’ call for participation included University of Texas-San Antonio quarterback Frank Thomas and UTSA receiver Sheldon Jones. 

The spur of the moment practice included over a dozen athletes, which surprised Flowers. 

“I wasn’t expecting this many people, so next time we’re going to have a little organization,” Flowers told KENS5 News. “Any nuggets I can give them I will give them. I’m not going to hold anything back. The Seahawks taught me ‘each one, teach one.’ So I’m going to bring it back to everybody I can.”

Those who participated sure seemed to get something out of it. 

“You start off playing football saying you want to go pro, so when you have the opportunity to go against (professionals) before you get to that level, it’s great to see where you’re at,” UTSA wide receiver Sheldon Jones said.

“You always want to go compete against a man ranked better than you, compete against a man that’s already been at the college level,” Cornerstone Christian high school quarterback Lucas Coley added. “Just seeing how (professionals) work, you always want to outwork them.”

Flowers was a fifth-round selection by the Seahawks in 2018. He has started 30 games the past two seasons. 

What a great gesture to pay it forward for all to benefit from. 

Russell Wilson and Ciara challenge Tom Brady and Gisele to a golf match

Russell Wilson and Ciara challenge Tom Brady and Gisele to a golf match

Ahead of Tom Brady participating in "The Match: Champions for Charity" golf match for coronavirus relief, Russell Wilson poked fun at the six-time Super Bowl Champion with a scene from Happy Gilmore.

[RELATED]: Russell Wilson trolls Tom Brady and Patriots fans are salty about it

Now, Wilson may have predicted the future as Brady mightily struggled in front of the nationally televised audience causing all of social media to get in on the fun.

Although the Seahawks quarterback got the jump on trolling Brady, he needed to get in on the fun too.

But, this time he challenged Brady and his wife Gisele to a match of golf against Wilson and his wife Ciara.

Gisele, although perhaps just as good at golf as Brady, seemed down as long as they go to where good alcohol is.

Ciara agreed with Gisele, so it's set.

Will their game have the drama of Super Bowl 49? We can only hope.

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Seattle Seahawks pass protection last season was really ugly

Seattle Seahawks pass protection last season was really ugly

Being an offensive lineman is a thankless job.

If you mess up just once a game and give up a sack, your fanbase despises you. If the guy you're blocking wins once a game resulting in a sack he's an All-Pro. 

Due to these mental gymnastics, nearly every fanbase thinks their favorite team has a subpar offensive line. But if you're a Seattle fan, you really did last season.

Pro Football Focus has rated the 2019 Seattle Seahawks offensive line as the third-worst in the NFL in pass protection, only better than the Miami Dolphins who many felt entered the season tanking for Tua Tagovailoa and the Los Angeles Chargers. 

The Seahawks offensive line gave up 48 sacks last season, a 7.9% adjusted sack rate, in 2019 per Football Outsiders.

That is why Russell Wilson gets the big bucks.

Despite working with some of the worst pass protection in the entire league, the Seahawks went 11-5, finishing a yard short of winning the NFC West title in Week 17. Wilson, who signed a four-year, $140 million extension last offseason, threw for 4,110 yards (8.0 yards per attempt), 31 touchdowns and only five interceptions last season which saw him as a front runner to win MVP until Lamar Jackson broke out the second half of the regular season.

The lack of reliable pass protection may excuse Seattle's unwillingness to air the ball out but I disagree.

Russell Wilson is a top-three quarterback, at worst, in the NFL. His efficiency numbers in spite of subpar usage indicate he's still being held back by the playcalling because he's excelled before when Seattle let him throw the ball more.

In the second half of the 2015 season when the Seahawks started to air the ball out, Wilson had one of the best five-game stretches in NFL history; throwing for at least three touchdowns, had a QB rating of over 120, a completion percentage of at least 70%, and at least 245 yards passing in each contest.

He's only gotten better since 2015, in spite of Seattle's offensive philosophy. 

Wilson threw as many passes as Mitchell Trubisky last season with 516. There's no argument that noted draft bust Trubisky, averaging 6.1 yards per attempt in a worse division, should be airing the ball out as much as Wilson averaging 8.0 yards per attempt. 

Wilson had an average time-to-throw of 2.85 seconds per NFL Next Gen Stats, which was above the league average but Wilson still needed to create something out of nothing more often than not, and he did. 

Hopefully, Seattle's offseason moves can sure up the trenches and make Wilson's job a little easier next season.

The Seahawks drafted guard Damien Lewis in the third round, No. 69th overall, during the 2020 NFL Draft who's expected to start right away. Especially after cutting starting center Justin Britt and guard D.J. Fluker shortly following the draft. Free agent acquisition B.J. Finney is expected to replace Britt at center. At right tackle, former New York Jets Brandon Shell should start right away as well after signing a two-year, $11 million deal in March. Then, Mike Iupati should be in line to start for a second-straight season at left guard and Duane Brown will start at left tackle. 

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