Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

PHILADELPHIA -- Tyler Lockett spoke to reporters following the Seahawks 17-9 win over the Eagles for the first time since suffering his leg injury two weeks ago against the 49ers.

To remind you of the basics: Lockett suffered a leg injury late in Week 10 when the Seahawks beat the 49ers. He was then taken to Stanford Hospital for examination due to the swelling of his leg. There was some fear that Lockett’s contusion could have turned into compartment syndrome. Lockett then spent two nights at Stanford before being given the all clear.

Lockett did his best on Sunday to recall the details of what happened and the ensuing rehab. The problem is that his memory of the entire night at Levi’s Stadium is hazy. He knew the injury took place in the fourth quarter, but he couldn’t remember the exact play.

“I don’t even remember the game,” Lockett said. “They gave me too many pills to be honest with you. I don’t remember much of the game.”

He said it “wasn’t nothing” compared to the broken leg he suffered in 2016. Lockett added that he would have played through the injury had it been the postseason.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to be smart and know when you can play and when you can’t play,” Lockett said.

Lockett was keen to thank Seahawks chair Jody Allen for providing her private jet in order for him to get back to Seattle.

“I thought that was dope,” he said. “They didn’t have to do that at all. The fact that they did it, I thought that was really cool and really thoughtful. It shows how much they care about you as a person and how they truly want the best for you. That’s what I love about the organization. They’ve always taken care of me in every single thing that I’ve done.”


He also thanked the 49ers for providing a Game Ready device that’s useful for an athlete’s rehab process. San Francisco apparently sent one of the machines to Lockett in the hospital.

“That just shows how much people care about you,” Lockett said. “They didn’t have to do that. To me, it shows that it’s bigger than football – that you really care about people. I really appreciate them doing that.”

The good news is that Lockett had the entire bye week to rest and recovered quick enough to play against the Eagles. He caught one pass for 38 yards in the win at Lincoln Financial Field.

“I was good,” Lockett said. “I was running the same routes, doing the same things that I’ve been doing. It wasn’t like anything changed for me. I did exactly what they needed me to do in the gameplan.”