Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

After an interview with the Seattle Seahawks at the NFL Combine in late February, Texas Tech linebacker Jordyn Brooks hadn’t heard from Pete Carroll and John Schneider. 

So, imagine the surprise Brooks experienced when the Seahawks called his name as the No. 27 pick overall in the 2020 NFL Draft on Thursday night. 

It was captured on video by Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker and former teammate Dakota Allen. 

Brooks, joined by his friends and family, watched as Roger Goodell announced the Seahawks were selecting him with the 27th pick. 

Chaos ensued. Family members darted across the living room, shrieks filled the room and in the middle of it all was Brooks clapping and living in the moment. 

Here's another extended video shot by his sister, which gives an unedited account of how it all went down. 

“At the time, I was actually fixing something to eat and one of my family members told me that my phone was ringing so I ran over to the phone to get the call,” Brooks said. "I was a little bit surprised it was the Seahawks. I wasn’t surprised about the first round, I was surprised the Seahawks came and got me. I hadn't talked to them since the Combine.

“I wasn’t expecting them to pick me. But I’m very grateful and excited to get down there in Seattle.”

Brooks admits he did get “good vibes” from Schneider and Carroll, as well as defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. in their NFL Combine meetings. Apparently, those good vibes went a long way. 


For the first time since 2011, the Seahawks used their original first-round pick to select a player in Brooks.

“I don’t know too much but I’m excited to go," Brooks said. "I’ve never been to Seattle but I’m excited to get to be able to play for a great organization and a winning football team so I can’t wait.”