Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Bobby Wagner is all the way in the holiday spirit. On Tuesday, the Seahawks star linebacker spent time packaging and preparing Thanksgiving meals for individuals and families in need.

Wagner was working in partnership with an encampment site referred to as City-Permitted Village: 24/7 indoor shelters that offer bathing, cooking as well as supportive services for hundreds of families who experience homelessness. Wagner previously worked with the same sites by providing much-needed supplies earlier this year. (Kudos to Bob Condotta for finding the info regarding the organization Wagner was helping.)

Wagner prepped the meals at a local Safeway. Before leaving, the linebacker spontaneously decided to pay for the groceries of unsuspecting shoppers. People came up to the checkout register to find out that their items were already paid for.

Wagner tried to do it in secret but was spotted by a few high school kids equipped with smart phones. Images of the linebacker hit social media shortly thereafter.

“I got out of there before the cameras arrived,” Wagner joked.

Notably, he explained why he tries to do his community work under the radar without drawing the media’s attention.

“When I do it, it’s genuine, it’s from the heart,” Wagner said. “I don’t care if people see that I do it or notice that I do it or recognize that I do it. I just do it because there are a lot of people out there that need a hand, and I try to lend a hand. I don’t really want acknowledgement or people patting me on the back or whatever. I want to help the people I feel like I can help. If there’s an opportunity that I can help, I do it. Nine times out of 10 it’s pretty quiet. That’s just how it is. I try to be genuine. I want people to know I’m not doing it for attention.”

It’s important to add that Wagner wasn’t taking a shot at athletes who do publicize their work in the community. He’s also not the only athlete who chooses to go incognito when serving others. It’s all personal preference.

What’s important is that Wagner has shown time and again that he’s constantly striving to make a positive impact in the Seattle community. His superstar status in the Emerald City has no bounds.