Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Much of the football world is waiting to see if Colin Kaepernick will get signed ahead of the 2020 season. He’s been essentially blacklisted from the NFL since 2016, and his only official workout was with the Seahawks in the offseason leading up to the 2017 season.

Carroll explained during a Zoom call on Thursday that he has tremendous respect for Kaepernick and the biggest reason why Seattle didn’t sign him in 2017 was because the quarterback was “so obviously a starter.”

The Seahawks head coach then explained that they’re not considering Kaepernick this time around, either, indicating that Seattle is comfortable with Geno Smith as its backup to Russell Wilson.

Carroll went around and around on Kaepernick for probably 15 minutes or so, but the one new piece of information that came out was that a team inquired about the QB on Thursday. Carroll said that nobody had ever asked about Kaepernick’s official workout and visit in Seattle until that call.

“After all the years that have passed, I never received a phone call about him,” the coach explained. “I never talked to another head coach about it. I never talked to anybody about it until today. I got a phone call today. I’m not going to tell you who it was. I got a phone call today asking, inquiring about the situation. So I know somebody is interested. We’ll see what happens with that.”

Who knows what this means, but as Carroll said, at least one team must have mild interest given they picked up the phone to call him.


Kaepernick deserves to be in the NFL and has deserved such employment since 2017. However, that opportunity will not be coming with the Seahawks in 2020 it appears.