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Rachael Rapinoe shares her excitement on Megan and Sue Bird's Olympic success

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Living a balanced life is what many are searching for day in and day out.

For the Rapinoe sisters Megan and Rachael they have achieved that with each other.   

The duo has accomplished a balance in their relationship as well as in their success. They push each other to be better as humans, as activists, and much more.

“We’re always challenging each other in different ways,” Rachael told NBCSNW. 

“Megan is so much more front and center and she’s very comfortable just putting herself out there, being vulnerable, wearing her heart on her sleeve,” Rachael explained of her fraternal twin sister Megan. “Whereas I am much quieter and reserved and definitely more private and kind of always take the approach of chipping away at things behind the scenes.”

I think our personalities are a nice compliment to each other. She pushes me to put myself out there more, just to be more confident, to care less about the critics and what people are going to say.

Rachael Raponie

The Rapinoes grew up in Redding, California, with their parents, Jim and Denise, and were two of five siblings.

Due to injuries, they only played together on the women’s University of Portland soccer team for one season, but it was a memorable one with a 2005 National Championship.


While they’ve shared in success on the soccer field, Rachael has now started her own CBD company, Mendi, while she still cheers on Megan.

This summer, witnessing Megan capture the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics was unique in many ways.   

“This one is just special, for a lot of different reasons,” Rachael said. “We’re 36 now, so she’s a little bit older. I haven’t talked to her about what her plans are beyond this, but she’s kind of nearing the end of her career. So at the end of the day, I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished.”  

I’m overwhelmed with emotion for her and pride that she was able to walk away with a bronze, especially because [Team USA] didn’t have a great tournament. They didn’t have the tournament that they had hoped.

Rachael Rapinoe

Rapinoe had won the bronze medal just days before she was in the stands cheering for her fiancée Sue Bird as the U.S. women’s basketball team won its seventh consecutive gold medal.

Bird made history by winning her fifth Olympic gold medal.

Rachael also couldn’t help but gush over her sister’s partner.

"Obviously, I’m so happy for Sue. For her to go out with her fifth gold medal and for her and Diana Taurasi to be deemed the greatest duo all-time in sports -- that’s pretty incredible."

The Olympics will always be special for the power couple.

Rapinoe and Bird started dating after meeting at the 2016 Rio Olympics. They got engaged in October 2020.

Between the two of them, Rapinoe and Bird have six Olympic gold medals, four FIBA World Cups, three NCAA championships, four WNBA championships and two FIFA World Cups.

And what about Sue and Megan’s embrace following Team USA’s win on the court that went viral?

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Rachael couldn’t help but smile when thinking about that moment.


I know how proud my sister is of her partner. So just knowing the depth of her love and care for Sue, I just know it was such a special moment.

“She barged her way into that stadium. I don’t even know if she was supposed to technically be in there,” Rachael said of her sister with a smile. “So I know she did everything she could to just be there front and center for her woman, for her partner…

“It meant the world to hear and as someone who loves my sister more than anything, I could definitely feel it all the way over her.”