Soccer legend Megan Rapinoe launches 'Call In' book club

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Soccer start Megan Rapinoe, who got engaged last year to her longtime girlfriend Storm guard Sue Bird, is a very active person even when she’s not on the field. Whether it’s being in commercials, standing up for rights, or now beginning a book club, Rapinoe is doing it all.

Rapinoe is partnering with Literati, a start-up focused on experiences through reading. The partnership sees the former World Cup winner launching a monthly club, ‘The Call in.’

Where the partnership comes in is she’ll be discussing book selections with members of the club each month within Literati. To kickoff the club, the group will start with the book ‘Unbound’ by Tarana Burke, which the club will begin reading on Sept. 1.

“Reading is a powerful educational tool that allows us to connect directly to someone’s experience—even through fiction. I want this book club to open readers’ minds and hearts to one another, and I want everyone to see and feel how truly connected we all are,” Rapinoe said in a recent Literati press release. “I hope readers will be inspired by the authors and stories that I select. I hope that people who join my club will create change in their own lives as a result. My call to action is for each of us to shift the ground that is beneath us.”  


Most of Rapinoe’s book selections will feature topics relevant to the world today such as racism, immigration, transgender, rights, and much more. "We are so pleased to welcome Megan to the Literati community and equally excited for her passionate fans to join our platform,” Literati’s Chief Business Officer Lauren Jarvis said via the release.

“Literati is building a platform and community where groups come together to explore a broad range of topics. The Call In is an excellent addition to expand upon our growing vision.”