Sue Bird went through a lot in the 2020 WNBA season and then "boom -- we’re in the playoffs”


Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird, who turned 40 Friday, stopped by The Old Man & the Three Podcast with JJ Redick and The Ringer's Tommy Alter this week before celebrating the big 4-0.

Bird is now a four-time WNBA Champ.

Now that she’s been home for a week from the ‘wubble’ after the Storm swept the Las Vegas Aces in the Finals, Bird has had time to reflect on her latest championship.   

During the 20-game shortened regular season due to the global pandemic this year while playing in the WNAB bubble for over three months, Bird went through a lot.

Yes, she earned her fourth title (2004, 2010, 2018, 2020); but it wasn’t easy as she had to deal with a bone bruise in her left knee for a good majority of the season.

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Not to mention, the 2020 season was a return year for Sue.

Bird didn't play a single game in 2019 after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to remove a loose body in her left knee.  

So when you add that to playing in what Bird calls “a bizarre” bubble environment, this 2020 WNBA championship means a little more to her.

“For me personally what makes this one so unique, is that I was dealing with an in-season injury. So, I really only played… half of it and it was already reduced games. So, it was kind of a weird mental game that I had to combat.”


Bird explained, “So you’re in the lineup, then you’re out of the lineup. So you get in a flow and then you’re completely out – that happened to me two different times. And then all of sudden it was like boom -- we’re in the playoffs.”

Bird played in 11 of the Storm’s 20 regular season games averaging 9.8 points and 5.2 assists.

She set a WNBA record with a career-high 16 assists in the WNBA Finals in Game 1 against the Aces. But more than anything, she was thankful to be healthy enough to play in the postseason.

To actually get through it, to do well in the playoffs and have us win, for me personally, is going to make this one standout different from the others.

Sue Bird

Bird also reminisced with Redick and Alter about celebrating a championship.

This has to be one of the greatest quotes:

"Champagne goes to the head and think about it -- you haven’t had any food… You just expended so much energy and then you’re just taking champagne to the head."

The level of drunkenness comes at you fast.  

We can only imagine what celebrating a WNBA championship is like, Sue!

Yep, Bird and the Seattle Storm knew how to party in the Wubble.

Listen to the entire podcast with Sue Bird here.