WNBA champion Seattle Storm endorses Joe Biden for President


While inside the WNBA “Wubble,” Seattle Storm players have been lending their powerful voices to tackle racial injustice and police brutality against the Black community.  

But just because their season is over, doesn’t mean dialogue around matters important to them have to stop.

The Storm made a rare move Wednesday, endorsing Vice President Joe Biden and California Sen. Kamala Harris in the 2020 presidential election.

In a post shared to Twitter, the WNBA champions lended their support to the Biden-Harris presidential ticket and encouraged people to get out and vote early.

Ginny Gilder, one of the Storm’s co-owners, shared on social media Wednesday that she and co-owners Lisa Brummel and Dawn Trudeau “don’t typically endorse candidates, but these are NOT typical times.”

"There is no doubt who we support in this election. For ourselves. For our family and friends. For our business. For our country. For our future. Vote for Biden/Harris," Trudeau added.

It's worth noting a WNBA champion has never been invited to the White House under Donald Trump’s presidency. The Seattle Storm recently hoisted a fourth WNBA championship trophy after sweeping the Las Vegas Aces in a best-of-five series.