It was back on July 6th when the league announced that the shortened 2020 WNBA season would be dedicated to social justice.

And the league and its players did just that by launching a new platform, The Justice Movement, and creating the WNBA/WNBPA Social Justice Council.

We’re here for something bigger than basketball.

Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird

The players wore NIKE-branded warm-up shirts that displayed “Black Lives Matter” on the front of each shirt throughout the season.

The WNBA also honored Breonna Taylor with her name placed on the players' social justice uniforms.

[WATCH]: Change Starts With Us: A History of WNBA Social Justice Action

Seattle Storm duo Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart were active on social media promoting the importance of voting and pushing for change during their media interviews.

Before the 2020 WNBA postseason began, Seattle’s head coach Gary Kloppenburg sat down with NBCSNW to discuss his team’s success and the league’s success in the social justice movement.

To me this league is on the forefront of that and I think that we’ve been able to really amplify that voice of what needs to happen. It’s time for some changes to take place.

Seattle Storm HC Gary Kloppenburg

Coach Kloppenburg added, “I think the women in our league have been at the forefront of that movement. Even a lot of other leagues -- look to the WNBA in that guidance of leading in that area.”