Seattle Storm

WWE, HHH send the Seattle Storm a special, custom championship belt

Seattle Storm

It's all about the game and how you play it...

That is how the entrance theme of famed WWE Superstar Triple H (HHH) starts out. 

Once you hear the beat drop, you know you're in for a championship epic.

HHH is a 14-time world champion, so he knows a thing or two about playing the game and winning the big one. 

Do you know who else knows a thing or two about winning? Sue Bird and the Seattle Storm.

Bird and the Storm made easy work of the Las Vegas Aces in Game 3 of the WNBA Finals, bringing home the franchise's fourth WNBA title in the process.

When they woke up Wednesday morning, the team had a special message and a gift from the King of Kings. 

The WWE has been sending championship belts to teams for years, a tradition that started out of the blue. 

HHH, real name Paul Levesque, explained the origins of the tradition during an interview with Yahoo Sports earlier this year. 

“We started doing it quietly, sending them out as congratulations and the response was so epic. We would get pictures back with the entire team, celebrities, stars,” Levesque told Yahoo. “We even started getting stories back how it was getting put in display cases or in locker rooms, using it to name MVPs each week. It became this thing organically. They have the trophy, but that championship symbolizes something else for them.”


The tradition is still relatively new, dating back to the mid-2010s, but it's been around long enough that this isn't the first WWE belt customized for the Storm.



So, when will we see Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart form a tag-team on WWE Smackdown? Asking for a friend.