The Slightly Offseason with Channing Frye: Olympic Ping-Pong is where it's at


You never know what topics will be discussed on the Slightly Offseason with Channing Frye.

This week, Frye, along with comedian Jamel Johnson, discussed the Summer Olympics and what events they couldn’t stop watching. 

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The duo agreed that Track and Field is definitely near the top of the list of must-see Summer Olympic events.

“Track and Field – that’s what everyone is here for,” Frye said. 

But an Olympic sport that caught Frye and Johnson off guard was Ping-Pong.

And now they're all about it. 

“The one that is shockingly good to watch is Ping-Pong,” Frye explained. “Sometimes I say, ‘no way, that has to be CGI.’ The spin these dudes are doing on that ball, come on!”   


This summer, Chen Meng became China's ninth straight women's table tennis champion. 

And we agree, Channing -- that doesn't even look real! 

Hear more from Channing and Jamel in the video above.