Blazers have high expectations, why has everyone else forgotten about them?

Blazers have high expectations, why has everyone else forgotten about them?

At Trail Blazers Media Day this year, veteran Anthony Tolliver said this squad is capable of competing for a championship, while Damian Lillard discussed on Media Day that the focus is to win it all.

Whether it’s the Las Vegas odds or the national media, the Blazers have been counted out yet again.

When you talk with the players about how they are predicted to be the eighth seed in the West or in some cases they are predicted to not make the playoffs, many of the guys on the team just smirk and say, ‘okay, we’ve heard that before.’

During Tuesday’s MyTeams NBA Preview Show, NBC Sports NBA analysts and reporters from all over the country discussed how the Western Conference is stacked with so many talented duos.

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A lot of chatter during Tuesday’s livestream was about the Clippers, Lakers, and Rockets being powerhouses this season.

And rightfully so, those are the teams that should be talked about, and of course, a lot of NBA fans are excited to watch them this season.

But, why aren’t the Blazers in the conversation of the top teams out West?

From the outside looking in, it is as though Portland blew up its roster that got them to the Western Conference Finals.

However, as the team, the fans and local media see it here in Portland, the Trail Blazers addressed their needs on the perimeter to get better shooters and ball handlers.

The country can talk all they want about the duos of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, along with James Harden and Russell Westbrook, but you would think at some point people would learn not to count out the Blazers backcourt duo of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

They have still have a lot to learn.