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HIGHLIGHTS: Seahawks in action against the Browns

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HIGHLIGHTS: Seahawks in action against the Browns

It's NFL Sunday and Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are in Cleveland taking on Baker Mayfield and the Browns. For Cleveland, it's a chance to get back to .500 and keep playoff hopes alive. For Seattle, it's a chance to keep pace with the 4-0 49ers and remain in the top tier of the NFC. 

Cleveland opened the game with a kick return touchdown, but the Seahawks answered and this game was off and running. 

Seattle trailed 20-18 at halftime.

Here are some of the best highlights of the game so far (check back often, as this article will be updated throughout the game):


DK Metcalf is a monster. At 6'4", 229lbs, he is a hulk of a man. With that combination of size, power, and speed, he can be tough to bring down. He showed off all those skills in one play against the Browns.


2nd and 14 from the 16-yard-line. What do you do? Let Dangeruss take care of business.


Who needs a good punt returner when you have a good punt blocker?


The Browns had a chance to go up big with the first half winding to an end, but the Seahawks intercepted Baker Mayfield, then drove the length of the field to score with 22 seconds left in the second quarter. 


The Seahawks receivers are "NSYNC"


Ziggy Ansah ain't playing around.


A touchdown so nice, he decided to do it twice.


Chris Carson put the Seahawks ahead late in the 4th quarter


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Baker Mayfield woke up feeling dangerous

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Baker Mayfield woke up feeling dangerous

In the words of Baker Mayfield, he woke up feeling dangerous today. Today's victim: the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Mayfield and the visiting Cleveland Browns (4-6-1) took care of business today on the road against the Bengals (5-6) 35-20 snapping a 25-game road losing streak and doing so in demanding fashion.

Mayfield recorded 19-for-26 for 258 yards four touchdowns and zero interceptions. He woke up feeling dangerous indeed.

This play pretty much sums up the day for the Browns:

Not only was this game important for the Browns' organization after letting go head coach Hue Jackson, but after an interception from Browns' DB Damarious Randall, Randall found Jackson (now with the Bengals coaching staff) on the Bengals sideline and handed him the ball:

Next up the Browns travel south to face the Houston Texans (7-3) in Houston, Texas.


Weekend wrap: Seahawks lose their marbles -- but haven't we all?

Weekend wrap: Seahawks lose their marbles -- but haven't we all?

WEEKEND WRAP-UP -- A summary of what I had my eye on for the last couple of days.

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  • ARMY-NAVY FOOTBALL : Fun game. Love seeing those kids caring so much about who they are and what they're doing. And what they're doing is preparing to protect us for a good portion of their lives.
  • YANKEES MAKE TRADE FOR GIANCARLO STANTON: Derek Jeter sent his former team a very nice Christmas present. Obvious bottom line to that deal was the group Jeter represents did not have enough money to buy and operate the Miami Marlins. When you have to come in and practically give away your best player and one of the biggest gate attractions in baseball -- along with laying off some very long-tenured people in the front office -- you probably shouldn't have made the purchase in the first place. And oh yes -- I am NOT one of those people who think baseball's better when the Yankees are great again. Just the opposite for me. I grew up watching them dominate the game and am still sick of it.
  • THE SEAHAWKS LOST A GAME SUNDAY -- AND THEN LOST THEIR MARBLES: Michael Bennett deserves a suspension for seemingly trying to hurt another player. And, confidential to pro players, I don't care if fans are throwing beer at you (and they obviously shouldn't be doing that) just keep walking to the locker room. Do you think you can climb into the stands and beat somebody up? Does that really sound like a good idea? You can't win by doing that. Go tell a security guard and keep moving. It's harder to hit a moving target.
  • THAT GOT ME THINKING:  I think everyone has lost their marbles these days. Literally. I haven't seen a marble in decades. Do they still exist outside of grandpa's attic?
  • ALAN TRAMMELL AND JACK MORRIS GO INTO THE HALL OF FAME courtesy of the Modern Era Committee. I would have voted for Trammel but not Morris. I would've voted for Dale Murphy, too -- but you already knew that. Murph being left out again proves that you can keep people out of the Hall for reasons of character and/or integrity, but those qualities won't help you get into the Hall.
  • BAKER MAYFIELD WINS THE HEISMAN TROPHY:  I had a vote again this year and Mayfield got it. Was really impressed with his accuracy, especially on the deep ball. I had Bryce Love second and that's where he finished. I voted San Diego State's Rashaad Penny third and he finished fifth. If you never saw him play, you missed out. He's a very exciting running back. And by the way, I'm still one of the stubborn guys holding to the rules of Heisman voting -- not revealing my vote until after the winner is announced.
  • CARSON WENTZ OUT FOR THE SEASON WITH A TORN ACL:  NFL quarterbacks just have to figure it out -- stop with the unnecessary running. Know who you are. Instead of dropping your head and trying to power for an extra yard, hook slide. Duck and cover. Marcus Mariota, in the midst of his worst season as a pro, has been playing through injuries all season due to his penchant for running.  Just sit back and throw the ball until you're in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl, guys.