Portland will have to wait - Big 3 officially cancels the 2020 season

Portland will have to wait - Big 3 officially cancels the 2020 season

Maybe next year, Portland.

The Big 3 has officially announced that they will cancel the 2020 season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

With most sporting events beginning play with no fans in the stands, the man in charge of the Big 3 (Ice Cube) decided it was best to wait it out until next season with fans in participation.

We tried everything in our power to give our fans a nice 2020 season, but with a long list of obstacles, we decided to shift our focus to having a great 2021 season with our fans in the stands.

Back in February, the Big 3 released its schedule for the 2020 season, and the city of Portland was on the list as an important day in the Big 3 season.

It is the day the playoffs were supposed to start.

The Big 3 is in its fourth year and would have made its way into Portland for the first time since being created.

Not many other sporting events come to Portland in the summer, and with baseball's Portland Diamond Project on hiatus, the people of Portland were more than ready to have the Big 3 stop by in August.

Don’t get to bummed out, because the league is looking to resume once again during the summer of 2021.

Will the schedule be the same as this year’s once the season gets going again? No one has those answers yet, but let’s hope we see Portland when the 2021 season gets released early next year.

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Here’s why the BIG3 quarantined tournament could work

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Here’s why the BIG3 quarantined tournament could work

The NBA may still be suspended, but there is a lot to talk about on this week’s episode of the Talkin’ Blazers podcast

This week, host Dan Sheldon and Channing Frye, who is decked out in Crocs and oversized hockey sweaters, get down to the nitty gritty of quarantine life. The two discuss whether Channing could beat Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum in a three-point shootout, and what video games to play right now. 

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this week’s episode unfolded around the 11:00 minute mark when Frye and Sheldon discussed The BIG3 basketball league planning a reality show 3-on-3 tournament on TV. 

If you haven’t heard about the proposed quarantined tournament yet, here’s a couple of quick facts. 16 to 22 players, who all test negative for coronavirus, will be quarantined in a house in Los Angeles while games and their daily lives are captured on camera. If a player breaks quarantine, they will be eliminated and removed from the premises. 

There will be seven rounds of games with teammates reshuffling after the first round. When a player accumulates three losses, he is eliminated. Cash prizes totaling millions of dollars will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  

Frye said he believes the “Big Brother meets BIG3” tournament could be entertaining. 

I think it’ll work, but I think it’ll be less about basketball and more about your relationships within that house, guys personalities. Let’s say you are the best individual player in that house and yes, I’ve watched a lot of reality TV shows, a lot, too much. So, if the best player in the house already has two losses, and I have one, I’d purposely lose the game to get him out of the house.

If the tournament/reality hoops show/social experiment is finalized, starved basketball fans could have a new way to watch their favorite sport amid the coronavirus shutdown. Frye said he’d definitely tune in. 

“I would watch,” Frye said. “It would be interesting. I think there would be a couple fights. But that’s just me.” 

If launched, we could possibly see former Trail Blazers Zach Randolph and Greg Oden living under the same roof. Could you imagine how GOOD that TV would be? 

Check out the latest Talkin' Blazers podcast below. 

BIG3 Basketball to stage quarantined basketball tournament


BIG3 Basketball to stage quarantined basketball tournament

For those of us jonesing for some basketball, or just need some sports to watch in general, it appears the Big3 is here to help. 

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the Big3 will be bringing basketball back in April, but with a twist.

The league plans to take 16-22 players, quarantine them together in a mansion, and have them play in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for a cash prize. 

All the players involved would have tested negative for COVID-19 and there would be strict rules to keep them from outside contact.

It's essentially Big Brother with a basketball court. 

According to Haynes, "To assure the league is operating under safe conditions, players will be quarantined in a large home provided by the league, sources said. A basketball court/facility will be built on site. If a player breaks quarantine at any point during the tournament, he would be eliminated and removed from the premises, sources said. The games and the players’ daily lives will be captured on camera for added drama and storylines. The production crew would be stationed nearby but offsite from the players."

The players would play 3-on-3 games, just like in the Big3, but in this reality version, the players on each team would shuffle after the first round. 

Once an individual player, not a team, accumulates three losses, they would be eliminated from the competition.

The final three players would win millions of dollars in cash prizes.

It may not be the NBA, but basketball is basketball. 

Take it from the brain behind the project, Big3 founder Ice Cube.

The new Big3 project could hit your TV as soon as this April. 

Mark your calendars: The BIG3 is coming to Portland


Mark your calendars: The BIG3 is coming to Portland

Basketball fans in the Northwest will be treated to quite the experience this summer thanks to Ice Cube and the BIG3.

The league announced its season-four schedule Wednesday and it's highlighted with an August 22nd stop in Rip City. 

This marks the first time in the league's history that they will be playing in Portland and just the second time they have made a stop in the Northwest. The previous occurrence was in 2017 in Seattle.

However, this will be no ordinary stop for the BIG3 - Moda Center will play host to the league playoffs!

The BIG3 will play its entire playoff bracket in Portland before moving to Detroit the following weekend to play the BIG3 Championship Game. 

Former Trail Blazers star Clyde Drexler, now the commissioner of the BIG3, is looking forward to the league returning to the Northwest and debuting in the city he once called home:

We're so excited to bring the BIG3 back to the Pacific Northwest with the best professional FIREBALL3 players in the world! With all of our star players, co-founders with an amazing knack for entertainment, and Hall of Fame coaches, you’ll be greatly impressed with not only the quality of play and intensity, but just how much fun our festivals are! The BIG3 is a sports lovers delight and a fan favorite!

Drexler isn't the only former Blazers star excited about the return to Portland. Former No.1 overall pick Greg Oden is also looking forward to being back inside Moda Center.

In fact, the BIG3 has a lot of connections to the Northwest: 

- Former Trail Blazers center and No.1 overall in the 2007 NBA Draft, Greg Oden plays for the Aliens

- Former SuperSonics and Oregon State star Gary Payton coaches the 3 Headed Monsters

- Current Trail Blazers assistant Jannero Pargo plays for the Triplets

- Former Trail Blazers forward Qyntel Woods, the 21st overall pick int he 2002 NBA Draft, plays for the Trilogy 

- Former Seattle SuperSonics forward Rashard Lewis plays for the 3 Headed Monsters

- Former Washington Huskies point guard and Seattle native Nate Robinson plays for Tri-City

- Seattle native Jason Terry plays for the Trilogy 

Tickets for the event have yet to go on sale, but they're sure to sell out fast when they do!