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The Bridge Podcast: Hillsboro Hops President K.L. Wombacher strives to deliver a great family environment

The Bridge Podcast: Hillsboro Hops President K.L. Wombacher strives to deliver a great family environment

On the most recent episode of The Bridge Podcast with Justin Myers was joined by K.L. Wombacher, president and GM of the Hillsboro Hops. 

Among the topics discussed included both of their experiences in minor league baseball, how to grow a fanbase, what the wackiest themed nights at the ballpark have been. 

Wombacher talked about how the Hops strive to provide a great family environment because “baseball is the sport where your parents or grandparents take you to games.” He wants kids to have a blast at the game so when they grow up with a love for the Hops, they’ll instill that love of the team to their children. 

We want to introduce people to baseball that haven’t been to a baseball game before. We want to build future baseball fans...when we moved the team here we talked about creating a generational fanbase. We want to really start at the grass roots with kids coming out to games with their families. Inspiring these kids to develop a love for baseball, hopefully play and then 30, 40 years from now they’re bringing their kids to a game.

You can hear them talk about that and more in the podcast below.

Listen to the podcast here.

Who will advance? A 6A OSAA Quarterfinal Preview

Who will advance? A 6A OSAA Quarterfinal Preview

It’s been a tumultuous season so far for 6A OSAA high school football. This week should turn out to be no different.

KGW’s Nate Hanson joined The Bridge to preview the four quarterfinal matchups in the 6A OSAA bracket this week. 

The most surprising matchup of the week has to be #9 Barlow (9-2) hosting #16 Mountainside (8-3). Barlow enters the game with only two losses. One of those losses was to #1 Tigard, who Mountainside shocked last Friday giving the Tigers their lone loss of the season. After Mountainside’s improbable 34-31 victory, no team will finish undefeated this season. 

The winner of that matchup will play the winner of #4 Central Catholic (9-2) and #5 West Linn (8-3), a rematch from the first week of the season where the Rams defeated the Lions 35-27. This could be the final game for West Linn coach Chris Miller who will be moving onto the XFL at the season’s end. 

On the other side of the bracket, #7 Tualatin (9-2) will travel to #2 Jesuit (9-2). If anyone is underseeded in this tournament, Tualatin would be the pick. They finished with their only two losses being to #1 Tigard and #5 West Linn. They also blew out #3 Lake Oswego. But Oregon State commit John Miller and the Timberwolves will have their hands full against the Crusaders, even if they’ll once again be without four-star recruit Andy Alferi. 

The final quarterfinal game is between #3 Lake Oswego (9-2) and #22 Lakeridge (5-6). Defending champion Lake Oswego survived an upset bt by a talented West Salem team by riding Stanford commit Casey Filkins who accounted for six total touchdowns. Lakeridge played in the Three Rivers League which is widely regarded as the cream of the crop in the state. Despite having only three wins going into the playoffs, they have defeated back-to-back higher ranked Metro League opponents by the play of their star running back and Arizona commit, Jalen John. Also, this matchup will be a rivalry game.

Is the love for Anfernee Simons similar to a love for the backup quarterback?

Is the love for Anfernee Simons similar to a love for the backup quarterback?

A big Trail Blazers storyline this summer was the rise of Anfernee Simons. The Blazers as an organization expressed on numerous occasions their high expectations of the second year shooting guard.

Is it the hype from Blazers GM Neil Olshey or Blazers All-Star point guard Damian Lillard that has Blazer fans so excited about what Simons could potentially bring to the team this season?


Is it a backup quarterback situation?

Justin Myers, the host of The Bridge, posed this very question on Monday night during a special Blazers roundtable discussion on The Bridge.

“Everybody loves the backup quarterback. Everybody’s backup quarterback is great, and you’re always worried when you lose one… The reason everybody loves backup quarterbacks is because nobody has ever seen him fail,” Myers said.

With Simons’ 37-point performance in the regular season finale against the Kings last season, which all of Rip City remembers fondly, Myers wonders, “is this a little bit of the backup quarterback love affair” with Simons right now?

Or, should fans be all in and be excited about Simons?

Mike Richman believes, one -- fans are already very excited, “it’s too late.” But two -- There is plenty of Simons’ game that translates at the next level.

However, there are still some concerns.

“He can score in the NBA right now," Richman said. "The other side of the ball is a question mark. The workload might be a question mark. He’s a 20-year-old. He played like a hundred and fifty NBA minutes last year. He’s probably gonna past that in the first month. There are some question marks, but he has a skill that translates – He can go get a bucket. If you can only be good at one thing, that’s the best thing to be good at."

Overall, Richman says go ahead and be excited about ‘Ant,’ Rip City.

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After talking with Simons this week ahead of the regular season, it sounds like instead of adding extra pressure with all the hype surrounding him, it has more so helped Simons’ confidence.

He’s always on social media. He sees what’s being talked about and written about him.

There’s a chance Simons will see this article too. So, Ant – what do you think about the backup QB syndrome?
Soon enough we will all know if there is any truth to this Simons’ backup QB situation.

The Bridge Podcast: Bobby Gross 1977 NBA Champion

nbc sports nw

The Bridge Podcast: Bobby Gross 1977 NBA Champion

Justin sits down with Bob Gross to discuss his basketball career in the northwest spanning from playing college basketball in Seattle, being the 25th pick for the Blazers, and winning the NBA Championship.

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Nick Symmonds climbs on The Bridge

Nick Symmonds climbs on The Bridge

How many people in the history of man have ran a sub four-minute mile and summited Mt. Everest? The answer: zero.  Nick Symmonds hopes to change that.

The two-time Olympian recently announced his retirement from professional running while simultaneously announcing his intentions to climb the Seven Summits – the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents.

Symmonds had quite the competitive running career, winning nine state championships, seven NCAA championships, six U.S. world championships, and was a two-time Olympian (2008 and 2012). An ankle injury prevented him from making the Olympics in 2016, and at the time he said he was not retiring from the sport. Fast-forward two years and Symmonds is trading his track spikes for crampons.

Symmonds expedition up the Seven Summits will take him nearly three years to complete and starts with Mount Kilimanjaro (6,882 meters), the tallest mountain in Africa, next month.

From there he will tackle:

Mt. Aconcagua (6,962m) in South America – December of 2018

Mt. Elbrus (5,642m) in Europe – June of 2019

Mt. Kosciuszko (2,228m) in Australia – December of 2019

Mt. Denali (6,194m) in North America – June of 2020

Mt. Vinson (4,892m) in Antarctica – December of 2020

Mt. Everest (8,848m) in Asia –May of 2021

In total, Symmonds will climb 41,658 meters, or 136,673 feet!

As part of his preparation Symmonds has also made it a goal to summit the highest mountain in each of the 50 states. According to this website he has successfully climbed 20 of the 50 high points thus far.

Before he climbs his next mountain Symmonds will climb onto the set of The Bridge.

Be sure to tune into NBC Sports Northwest tonight at 6PM as Serena, Bri, and Aaron find out how Symmonds plans to complete his latest adventure.

For more information on Symmonds and to follow his quest for the Seven Summits be sure to visit his website,