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The core value Carmelo Anthony emphasizes in parenting

The core value Carmelo Anthony emphasizes in parenting

Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony isn't the young rookie sensation that competed with LeBron James for Rookie of the Year anymore.

He's developed as a player and perhaps more importantly, as a parent. 

As a parent, one is able to make decisions on what is important in life, a chance to learn from mistakes and an opportunity to see someone blossom.

In a recent Instagram Live with best friend Dwyane Wade, Anthony detailed what's the most crucial core value to instill in your offspring.

Respect. Respect. I don't care who you are. I don't care what you do. If you don't have no respect then nobody is going to respect you. And that's like one of the things that we preach in this household. You gotta respect people. You gotta show people that you're respectful. You gotta have manners. You gotta treat the janitor like you treat the CEO of the company... That's real. 

Carmelo and his wife La La Anthony are raising Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, age 12, who recently learned the deceptiveness of NBA highlights too with his pops. 

You can watch Wade and Anthony talk about respect in the embedded video above. 

Carmelo Anthony reminisces on 'special' Trail Blazers debut

Carmelo Anthony reminisces on 'special' Trail Blazers debut

When the Trail Blazers needed additional reinforcements in the frontcourt with the injury to Zach Collins, they knew who to call.

Insert 10x NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony fresh from... the couch? 

In an Instagram Live with fellow NBA Legend and best friend Dwyane Wade, Anthony talked about his first game as a Trail Blazer and how he ended up in Rip City.

I'm sitting in the crib and just get the phone call like 'Is this what you wanna do?' and like I have been down this road before. Let's make sure it's right. Let's make sure all parties are onboard and we go from there.

After agreeing to join the team he needed to figure out a starting date. Melo hadn't appeared in a game in nearly a calendar year after being sent home and ultimately waived by the Houston Rockets in 2018-2019. Anthony has stayed in shape but the initial ask from Portland was optimistic, to say the least. 

This is like a Wednesday. They like 'Oh can you meet us Friday?' I'm like 'Oh Friday? I'm sitting on the couch I can't meet y'all on [Friday]. I can't go play...on the game on Friday I've been on the couch!'

The Trail Blazers would welcome Melo to the starting lineup to make his Portland debut on November 19, 2019, in the Smoothie King Center against the New Orleans Pelicans.

When the game tipped off Anthony had one goal in mind: make it through the first timeout.

I wanna get through the first timeout, like if I can get through the first timeout I'm good... Once I got through the first timeout... there's no more adrenaline... my work been paying off. My conditioning is paying off.

The Trail Blazers lost to the Pelicans 115-104 and Anthony looked good at times but struggled from the field shooting 4-for-14 for 10 points. However, despite the result, Melo felt his return to the NBA was special primarily because of the city where it happened.

That was a special game man going back to New Orleans. Like everything started to come to me: being in New Orleans, playing down there again, first game back, Syracuse National Championship in New Orleans. Like all of that stuff started to come back to me.

As a freshman, Anthony led the Syracuse Orange to a National Championship before declaring for the 2003 NBA Draft. 

Now, New Orleans has a special place in his heart for another reason; not an ending but a new beginning. 

Carmelo Anthony credits LeBron James for saving his life

Carmelo Anthony credits LeBron James for saving his life

Here is a fun fact: Did you know that LeBron James once saved Carmelo Anthony from being swept out to sea?

He did. 

Don't believe us, then just take it from the man he saved. 

Anthony was on Instagram Live with Dwyane Wade on Friday and the two were talking about a time they were all out on the water, presumably doing some scuba diving when the current started to pull Anthony away. 

Anthony came up from below the water only to notice that the current was taking him away from the boat. 

A panicked Anthony thought the end was near. 

That's when King James jumped into action.

"The current is taking me in the middle of the ocean, opposite of the boat," said Anthony. "I look up at the boat and Bron jumps off the boat like he was MacGyver... He jumped off the boat into the water. He was bringing me back with one arm. He's swimming with one arm and he's carrying me with the other arm." 

Yo, Bron, I appreciate that. You saved my life that day. Them little flippers wasn’t working for me. - Carmelo Anthony on LeBron James

Mr. James, Rip City sends you its gratitude. 

Carmelo Anthony becomes wine connoisseur, discusses NBA suspension

Carmelo Anthony becomes wine connoisseur, discusses NBA suspension

Carmelo Anthony is more than a basketball player, he’s also a oenophile, otherwise known as a “connoisseur of wines.” 

The Trail Blazers forward has a passion for the best vintage wine there is, and he wants to know everything about vino, despite not being very good at chemistry. 

In this week’s Melo Mondays episode, Anthony takes us behind-the-scenes at Domaine Serene, one of the Willamette Valley’s premiere destinations for growing and producing world-class Pinot Noir. 

“This is a place where I feel like I can come here and enjoy the wine,” Melo said in the video. “They open their doors up to me, like we’ve had a relationship for a long, long time. That is always something I will appreciate.”

Anthony said he grew to appreciate the Oregon wine industry due to its well-crafted Pinot Noir. The Willamette Valley’s cool climate and volcanic soil make it the perfect place to produce one of the most fickle, thin-skinned grapes around, known as Pinot Noir. 

“Oregon wine stands out because they know what their here to make, they’re here to make Pinot Noir wine,” Melo said. “They don’t try to do nothing outside of that norm. Over the years, that’s a reason I’ve started to fall in love with.” 

He continued: “The more you get into it, the more you start drinking it, the more that your kind of experiencing it, understanding it, it’s really to each its own.” 

Anthony isn’t the only Trail Blazer who has become obsessed with wine. His teammate CJ McCollum frequently takes advantage of his proximity to the Willamette Valley, visiting vineyards like Adelsheim and Beaux Freres on his days off. 

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On the NBA Instagram account Monday, Damian Lillard said fans asked him where McCollum was at. His response? “He’s probably drinking some wine,” Lillard said. 

“I got to wait until happy hour,” McCollum joked back.  

While McCollum and Anthony continue to explore their passion for wine, the NBA remains on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. This Wednesday will mark two weeks since NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced the postponement of league competition. It’s a stance Anthony says he supports. 

“Anytime the NBA can suspend a season, you know that there’s more going on out there in the world,” Melo said. “It’s bigger than the NBA. It’s something that the NBA can’t fight, it’s something the NBA can’t touch. It’s deeper and bigger than the NBA.”

He continued: “So, I condone Adam Silver for making that decision on suspending the NBA because if the NBA wouldn’t have suspended it, the other leagues wouldn’t have followed. It’s a lot of things that’s been affected. So, everybody just got to take their time and figure out what that plan is.” 

Carmelo Anthony and son Kiyan drop song on TikTok to advocate social distancing

Carmelo Anthony and son Kiyan drop song on TikTok to advocate social distancing

Trail Blazers veteran Carmelo Anthony is heeding the advice of the CDC and staying home with his wife and son. 

With the NBA suspension a welcome time for parents to spend more time with their kids, Melo and his son Kiyan Anthony put together a TikTok video sharing their advice on how to best follow health officials protocols during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Melo posted the video to his Instagram, writing, “I see you CHAMP. STAY CORONA-FREE.”

In the lighthearted video, Kiy along with his mom, Melo’s wife La La Anthony, both show off their cleaning moves, not just dance moves. 

But, it’s Kiy’s song that steals the show. 

These lyrics though! 

Pullin’ out the broom and the mop

Trying get the COVID to stop

Bussin' all the drip out the box…


Can’t play basketball, Imma get lazy

Playing dad one-on-one, it’s getting crazy

So stay inside your crib take it easy…


Call my family and friends

They might need me 

Listen to the track above, but fair warning -- you will probably be playing it on loop in your head for the rest of the day!

So, take it easy in your crib.

Also, fingers crossed for some more Carmelo Anthony family Tik Toks!  

Carmelo Anthony was ready to retire... then the Trail Blazers called

Carmelo Anthony was ready to retire... then the Trail Blazers called

“I’m done with it, I’m at peace with it. I had already disconnected from the game at that point. I was done with the game.”

Those are the words of Carmelo Anthony on CJ McCollum’s Pull Up Podcast talking about his nearly year-long exile from the NBA. 

Anthony went through months of self-doubt where he questioned his ability. He wondered what he had done wrong. He was worried his playing days were done. 

A 10-time All-Star who is on the NBA’s All-Time scoring list… out of a job. 

“I had a real conversation with my wife and she was just like, ‘At the end of the day, if it’s over it’s over… you can’t control that. You’ve been in the league 16 years. Who can say that they played in the league for 16 years?’ And I was like, ‘That makes sense,’ but I wasn’t trying to hear it.”

For many days and months, Anthony struggled with his new reality of being blacklisted from the NBA. It took an emotional toll on him and he began to reluctantly accept his new reality. 

Basketball was irrelevant to me. So, I had checked out from basketball because I knew that was the only way I could be a peace with walking away from the game.

“For me to love the game the way that I love the game, and to love something and it don’t love you back the same way, I gotta get away from it. And that’s where my mindset was at.”

And as the phone from teams remained quiet, Carmelo Anthony pondered one more decision.

“I told my agent ‘Nobody's calling? You know what? If nothing happens by this date, I'm announcing my retirement. I’m at peace with letting the game go.’”

Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose of CAA Sports tried to take a more measured approach, however. 

“He was just like ‘I understand that, but I'm not letting you announce your retirement.’” 

In the background, though, two worlds were beginning to collide.

The Portland Trail Blazers were off to a disappointing start. After suffering season ending injuries to Zach Collins and Rodney Hood and while Jusuf Nurkic remained on the mend from his leg injury late last season, the Blazers were in need of bodies. Not just any body, but a starting-caliber player. Not to mention, the Blazers were cap strapped and unable to make a trade. 

At the same time, Carmelo was having a conversation with family.

“I remember my son and my wife used to always tell me, ‘Why you don’t go to Portland?’ and I used to be like ‘What?! Portland?’ …my wife used to tell me all the time, ‘Why you don't go to Portland?’ She [would say]…’Portland—that’s the space for you.’ And I didn't understand what she was saying, but I knew what she was saying afterwards…from a mental standpoint…you need to just get away, you got to go. Don't try to stretch yourself out of going to—‘Go to a place where you're going to have fun, you're going to be at peace, you’re going to enjoy the game again, you’re going to get the love back…’ and then you guys [Portland Trail Blazers] called right after that.”

Carmelo Anthony signed a one-year, non-guaranteed deal with the Portland Trail Blazers officially on November 19th. In just a couple of weeks, after he won Western Conference Player of the Week, the Blazers guaranteed his contract, a one-year deal worth $2.15M. 

In the 50 games he’s played with the Trail Blazers, Anthony is averaging 15.3 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game. The injury bug has continued for the Blazers, resulting in a 29-37 record and in 9th place in the Western Conference standings. Despite the trials and tribulations, Anthony remains steadfast in his decision to join the team. 

Portland came at a pivotal time in my life, in my career,” Carmelo said. “I needed Portland at this point in time— what I was looking for as far as on the court and off the court. I needed it. I needed this serenity of being in Portland. I needed this space. I needed this me time to figure out me and to get my mind right and to get my body right. I really needed Portland. As much as they needed me from a basketball standpoint, I needed Portland for other reasons. I always say god don’t make no mistakes. This came at a pivotal time for me and I’m taking advantage of it and it shows.

The NBA season remains suspended and will be re-evaluated after 30 days. Who knows what the future will hold. But, one thing is for sure is that this marriage between the two parties happened at the right time, in the right moment. 

Listen to Carmelo Anthony’s entire conversation with CJ McCollum on the Pull Up Podcast here.

CJ McCollum & Carmelo Anthony were recording podcast when NBA suspension news broke

CJ McCollum & Carmelo Anthony were recording podcast when NBA suspension news broke

What a time to do an NBA podcast! Literally.

And you have to hear it to believe it!

On the latest episode of the Pull Up Podcast with CJ McCollum, it’s a very special podcast with teammate and future Hall of Famer Carmelo Anthony. 

But, not only is it the 100th episode of the Pull Up Pod with CJ McCollum, it was also recorded when the news broke that the NBA season was going to be suspended indefinitely.

This was a real-time reaction from both McCollum and Melo.

The two Trail Blazer starters discussed what it means for players, fans and the league.

McCollum first read the alert of the Jazz and Thunder game being cancelled with the Rudy Gobert news coming out of him testing positive for the coronavirus.

Both McCollum and Anthony first discussed how much money the league was going to lose if all the NBA games were to still be played, but without fans.

And then… The big news bomb dropped at the 20:30 mark of the podcast.

McCollum broke the news to Melo.


"This is crazy. This really caught me off guard," CJ McCollum said.

The two discussed the financial ramifications.

Nobody knew this was going to happen and as athletes we never think it can happen to us.  So we are always like -- oaky we’re good, okay I got this money, I got that money. It’s not until you hit a crisis when you really understand how much money you have and what you have in the bank and what you don’t have in the bank…. It’s going to get bad. It’s going to get really, really bad.  -- Trail Blazers veteran Carmelo Anthony on his initial thoughts of the suspended season news

McCollum also mentioned that for the past couple of weeks each player would get their temperature taken before entering the practice facility. “But, they say you won’t have symptoms for 14 days, so your temperature could be perfect," McCollum said. "Like, I’m 98 or whatever, everyday. Fourteen days from now… I could have a virus or someone else could have the virus and you’ve been great for 14 days."

Before the news broke, McCollum and Melo discussed the financial burden it will put on hourly arena workers and those in the sports world who will be affected.

The podcast also took a deep dive on the term ‘stay Melo.’

Plus, Anthony told McCollum, “I needed Portland at this time in my career,” as the 17-year veteran went through his entire journey of deciding to sign with the Trail Blazers last November.

Listen to entire podcast right here.

Instant Analysis: Trail Blazers get last laugh over Suns

Instant Analysis: Trail Blazers get last laugh over Suns

It was raining threes in Moda Center Tuesday night as the Portland Trail Blazers caught fire from the start.

Tuesday’s game was a rematch between the Blazers and Suns, and it was apparent that last Friday’s loss was fresh in Portland’s mind.

The Trail Blazers jumped out to a 36-28 lead to end the first quarter.

After shooting 68.2 percent from the floor through the first 12 minutes, the Blazers cooled off in the second quarter despite still getting a lot of uncontested shots.  

The Suns outscored the Blazers 25-18 in the second quarter.

By halftime, Tuesday’s game had been tied three times with 11 lead changes.

Heading into the final period, Portland held a four-point lead. Behind a big fourth quarter from Hassan Whiteside at both ends, and the continued three-pointers made, the Blazers snapped a two-game losing streak.    


Here are three quick takeaways from Tuesday’s win:

1. Blazers focus on three-point defense  

In the Blazers last meeting against the Suns last Friday, the Suns took a 127-117 win in Phoenix.

That was the Aron Baynes night. The Suns big man led Phoenix with a career-high 37 points on 12-of-23 shooting (9-14 3-PT, 4-4 FT), to go along with 16 rebounds and two blocks. His nine threes were a career-best.

In that last meeting, Baynes had plenty of wide-open threes, but Tuesday night the Blazers made sure to get a hand in his face. Even though it’s not his game, Hassan Whiteside did his best to run Baynes off the three-point line. Even the uncontested threes weren’t falling for Baynes Tuesday night.  The Blazers as a team overall brought more energy on the defensive end.  

2. Blazers second unit struggles continue

Portland’s starting five once again had a lead late in the first quarter, but with the Blazers depleted depth, the bench struggled on both ends to keep the lead. The sole second unit player to score in the first half for the Blazers was Anfernee Simons. The other issue: Phoenix had a good majority of its starters still on the floor against Portland’s second unit.  

3. Suns lean on Booker and Saric

Midway through the third quarter, all five of Portland’s starters had scored in double figures. With both the Blazers and Suns dealing with so many injuries this season, the two have depended on their starters. But, for the Suns it was all about Devin Booker and Dario Saric against the Blazers. The duo combined for 45 points through three quarters and were the only two in double-digits going into the fourth quarter.

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CJ McCollum was ready to swing on Alex Len, until officials stepped in

CJ McCollum was ready to swing on Alex Len, until officials stepped in

It takes a lot to get under CJ McCollum’s skin.


But, with frustrations piling up over the last two games, McCollum found his breaking point Saturday night.

And Kings big man Alex Len was his target.

Just under four minutes into the third quarter of the Trail Blazers 123-111 loss to the Kings, McCollum put up his dukes.

Portland was down by 20.

It was obvious the Trail Blazers shooting guard did not like the way Kings big man Alex Len had set a moving screen.

The two quickly got into a shoving match. It looked as if punches were going to be thrown.

“The game wasn’t going well for us,” McCollum explained his point of view of the scuffle. “I felt like he could’ve moved, he didn’t have to stand there and keep trying to screen me."

To say it's been a trying season for the Blazers would be an understatement. Portland is currently looking at a 28-37 overall record, and now with two straight losses, first to the Suns, and now to the Kings on back to back nights, the Blazers have put even more space in between them and the eighth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies.

“We’re in the danger zone. We need every game. We felt that we’d come away with a win tonight,” McCollum said.

It was as if McCollum could feel the ‘danger zone’ approaching while Len was approaching his personal space for longer than was necessary.

The officials were quick to get in the middle of McCollum and Len.

And good thing.

Following the official review, of the ‘hostile act’ the refereeing crew assessed that no punch was attempted, even though some may say, Len looked to have his right fist ready to go.

But, with no attempted punch, meant the two received offsetting technicals, while Len was also charged with an offensive foul.

The official NBA rules on assessing whether or not a player is to be ejected reads as follows --

A player, coach, trainer, or other team bench person must be ejected for:

A punching foul

A fighting foul

Technical foul for an attempted punch or swing with no contact or a thrown elbow toward an opponent above shoulder level with no contact

But, don’t think throwing a punch wasn’t crossing McCollum’s mind.

He also wasn’t surprised that he was only hit with a tech, because he would have made sure to earn an ejection.

I wasn’t heading to the locker room. They didn’t even let me swing. At least let me swing first, if you’re going to throw me out. Let me work on my stuff. You know, I work all summer on my hands, at least let me use them. -- Trail Blazers shooting guard CJ McCollum said postgame

If it wasn’t for referee Brett Nansel, it sounds like Len would’ve been welcomed with a fist from McCollum.

“If they didn’t grab me, you all would’ve been able to see something,” McCollum said with a smile. 

McCollum's backcourt teammate Damian Lillard backed him both in the moment of the scuffle and after the game.

“[Len] was setting a moving screen,” Lillard said postgame. “CJ was kind of bumping him, trying to fight through it, then they called an offensive foul because he kind of shoved him on the last screen and a frustrating time of the game, CJ shoved him back, he shoved CJ and at that point, got to get ready to defend yourself, and I thought that was what he did.”

That technical foul was number five for McCollum this season and Len’s third of the year.  

The Trail Blazers season has had its boiling points that's for sure. Lillard has tailed six technicals on the season, while Blazers head coach Terry Stotts has five.

“Everything is probably a good start” is what McCollum believes the Blazers should change between now and Tuesday night when the Phoenix Suns come to town.

Now with seventeen games remaining in the regular season, will Portland be able to turn frustration into extra motivation while finding some urgency or could we see more technical fouls on the horizon?  

Hassan Whiteside's teachable moments could be key for Trail Blazers

Hassan Whiteside's teachable moments could be key for Trail Blazers

PHOENIX -- Did anyone see a career night coming from Aron Baynes against Portland with him starting out the game with five straight threes?

The Trail Blazers didn’t.

Baynes had a career night with 37 points. He tied a Suns franchise record with a career-high nine three-points, matching Channing Frye (April 11, 2011 vs. Minnesota) and Quentin Richardson (Dec. 29, 2004 vs. New Orleans).

But, it wasn’t just Baynes’ 9-of-14 shooting from three that stood out Friday night.

Midway through the third quarter, Trevor Ariza was direct as they come with center Hassan Whiteside.

Ariza went into teaching mode on the defensive end, which is to be expected from a veteran wing player who takes pride in his defense.

As Devin Booker took advantage of a wide-open lane to the basket, which eventually resulted in a foul, Ariza didn’t have his big man to help protect the rim.

While Booker shot the free throws and even into the next possession, Ariza was talking with Whiteside, or rather, yelling at Whiteside. 

But, here’s the thing: Whiteside appreciates Ariza’s advice.

He was telling me: ‘Don’t worry about Baynes. Go help! Go block shots! Somebody else will go rotate out to Baynes. Go protect the rim. – Trail Blazers center Hassan Whiteside said postgame

The conversation ended with a high-five and a butt-slap. There was no ill-will or animosity. Just a pure desire to improve. 

Even with Baynes going off for a career night and Whiteside matched up against him for a good majority of the night, the Trail Blazers center still felt like he made a positive impact.

“I feel like I affected the game, still. For the +/- boys out there, I wasn’t negative or positive. I was just zero. So, I feel like I still affected the game.”

And, to the fans who may look at it as just yelling from Ariza, it’s clear the Blazers veterans are just working to get their big man in the right spots.

As CJ McCollum explained, the stern talking to is expected from veterans who have the passion and knowledge to help out their teammates.

It’s part of the game. When you care about the end result and winning, you’re gonna argue at times, you’re going to be excited at times, you’re going to show emotion and that’s all a part of the game. -- Trail Blazers shooting guard CJ McCollum said postgame

Both Ariza and Carmelo Anthony shared their advice with Whiteside Friday night.

This is nothing new.

The veteran forwards have been seen talking with all their teammates handing out advice on both ends of the court.

But again, it was the defense that stood out against the Suns, or rather the struggle at that end.

“[Anthony and Ariza] do a great job of communicating,” McCollum added. “We just always try to stay on the same page, try and express ourselves, and talking about coverages, and what we see out there as a unit, and I think that we’ve done a good job of communicating.”

For the 17-year-veteran, Melo is all about passing on his knowledge these days.

“We still have to communicate, we still have to be better at when mistakes happen -- addressing them. We’re still teaching, putting guys in the right position, making them understand why they should be there, and why they should not be there or be there. But, it’s still a learning curve for everybody,” Melo said.

With just 18 games remaining on the Trail Blazers regular season schedule, the coaching within is going to be critical as the Blazers attempt for their final playoff push.