How to watch, stream Trail Blazers at Mavericks tonight at 6:30pm

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How to watch, stream Trail Blazers at Mavericks tonight at 6:30pm

DALLAS – The Trail Blazers (18-24) are coming off an impressive 117-107 victory over the Houston Rockets Wednesday night thanks to their defensive effort.  

Portland now gets set to face the Dallas Mavericks (26-15), who are currently riding a three-game winning streak.

Friday night’s game will be the second of four meetings between Portland and Dallas this season. The Blazers took the first meeting, 121-119, in Portland's third game of the season.  

You can watch all the action between the Blazers and Mavericks on NBC Sports Northwest, the Official Network of the Portland Trail Blazers and you can stream the game on our website or by downloading the MyTeams app!

And, have you heard about Blazers Pass? Tonight's Warriors game is the first game of the "Blazers Pass Season!"

You can get 15 live Trail Blazers games, pre and postgame shows, and on-demand full-game replays with Blazers Pass! (Only available to fans located in Blazers Territory, pursuant to NBA rules and agreements. No TV provider required. Subscription Period: November 4, 2019 - April 16, 2020. Subscription auto-renews prior to start of next season.)

Don't miss any of the coverage of tonight's game:

3:00pm Blazers Game Day with Chad Doing

5:30pm Blazers Warm-Up

6:00pm Trail Blazers Pregame Show

6:30pm Trail Blazers vs. Mavs

After the game catch Blazers Outsiders with hosts Joe Simons and Dan Marang!

Plus, full coverage of the game from Dwight JaynesJamie Hudson and our digital team. Follow us on social throughout the night for the latest updates. 


“Melo been around a long time, so I’m sure that there was some feelings like – this is the last team I’ve played for, it didn’t end on a high note -- So, I’m sure he wanted to beat them, but before the game, during the game he wasn’t overly emotional -- like ‘I want to kill them’, he was like – 'let’s win the game.' He had a great game. He did what he needed to do to help us win the game and that was that.” –Damian Lillard on Carmelo Anthony playing against his former team after Wednesday’s win over the Rockets 

Sabrina Ionescu channels her inner Damian Lillard, waves bye bye to Stanford

Sabrina Ionescu channels her inner Damian Lillard, waves bye bye to Stanford

Last April, Damian Lillard and the Trail Blazers faced off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The series was full of drama, but the everlasting image of the series came courtesy of Portland's star point guard Damian Lillard.

The wave.

Lillard hit an improbable three-pointer over an outstretched Paul George to eliminate OKC, and as he walked away, Lillard waved goodbye to the Thunder bench. The video was replayed on every local and national sports show, and the gif circulated around the web faster than you could say "Lillard Time."

On Thursday, the scene replayed itself, but this time down I-5 at the University of Oregon.

No. 6 Oregon hosted No. 3 Stanford, a huge showdown between two top-10 teams.

It was there that Oregon star Sabrina Ionescu put on a show. Not only did she have a double-double, she also became Oregon's all-time leading scorer in the process.

Oregon blew out the Cardinal on this night, 87-55, and the lasting image that came from Thursday night's victory, gave us déjà vu. 

Two stars. Two games. Two iconic waves. One thing in common - They're both G.O.A.T.'s. But, which one did it better? You be the judge.

Well, there may not be a clear winner here, but we did learn something - All G.O.A.T.s wave the same! But if you ask former Lakers star Kobe Bryant, a G.O.A.T. in his own right, he may have a favorite in this race. 


Anthony, Lillard crack Top 10 in third return of 2020 All-Star voting


Anthony, Lillard crack Top 10 in third return of 2020 All-Star voting

The NBA released its third round of All-Star voting returns on Thursday and a couple of Trail Blazers still remain in the Top 10. 

Among Western Conference guards, Damian Lillard remains in third place with 984,140 votes trailing only Luka Doncic and James Harden. While teammate Carmelo Anthony jumped two spots to sixth place among Western Conference frontcourt players with 784,038 votes. 

LeBron James is the leading vote-getter in the west with 4,747,887 votes. Overall among Western Conference players, Lillard and Anthony's vote counts rank seventh and 12th respectively. 

This season Lillard is averaging 26.8 points, 4.2 rebounds, and a career-high 7.6 assists. He is a four-time All-Star, having played in the game in 2014, 2015, and each of the past two seasons. 

Anthony is a 10-time All-Star, having last played in the game in 2017. 2018 was the first time Anthony wasn't an All-Star since the 2009 season, breaking a run of eight-straight All-Star Game appearances. This season he is averaging 16.3 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 1.4 assists. 

To keep your favorite Blazers in the Top-10 and help them secure a trip to Chicago for All-Star Weekend, all you need to do is vote. 

You can cast your votes at

At peace, Carmelo Anthony moved past Rockets -- then beat them

At peace, Carmelo Anthony moved past Rockets -- then beat them

HOUSTON – To say that Carmelo Anthony has made a difference on this Trail Blazers squad would be an understatement.

November 19th, at least for this season, will go down as the unforgettable day the Trail Blazers took a chance on the 17-year veteran.

Now, through 27 games with the Blazers, Melo is averaging 16.3 points and 6.3 rebounds per game.

Wednesday night, Anthony got his first chance to play against the team that he last played for a year ago.

A team that took a chance on him, but didn’t seem to really give him a shot after parting ways with Melo after just 10 days.

But, did the 35-year-old get up a little more or have any extra emotions playing against the Rockets?


You know why?

Because of the time he had off to deal with and process all those added emotions.  

I kind of got past all of that -- the time that I was off, the time that I did have to kind of think about that situation. And, I had dealt with every emotion that you could think about -- trying to figure out why, questioning myself at the beginning -- working so hard to get past that and kind of be at peace with that. – Carmelo Anthony said postgame  

Even though Anthony's time in Houston was short-lived, he was still greeted with cheers from Rockets fans during pregame introductions. However, the ovation was not nearly as loud as many other arenas Melo has visited this season.  

He did, though, give Blazers fans more to cheer about with his efficient play on the offensive end and his effort on the defensive side of the ball.

In the win, the future Hall of Famer finished with a double-double, 18 points and 12 rebounds.

Houston media had asked Blazers head coach Terry Stotts pregame if Melo had surprised him at all. Stotts replied saying, “the fact that he was out [of the league] for so long and came in and was able to play 30 plus minutes of production -- NBA minutes was probably the most surprising thing.”

But, by the looks of it and the sounds of it, the Rockets organization and the media seem really surprised to see what Melo has been able to do with the Blazers this season.

After Wednesday’s win, Coach Stotts made sure to make it known that his veteran forward was out there doing what the team needed, not anything else.

“Melo’s been great for us and I know there are different venues – I don’t know how he particularly feels about Houston, the Rockets and all of that, but he’s about the right things. He’s about winning, he wants to win. I think for him being a part of a win like this is probably more important regardless of who it’s against,” Stotts said.

Coach Stotts was spot on.

After the win, Melo downplayed the possibility of there being anything extra to the game. “Just getting the win,” he said.

Anthony added, “I thought everyone contributed to this win.”

That statement by Melo is not in the least bit surprising.

Since Anthony signed with the Trail Blazers he has done nothing but prove he wants to help this team succeed, he wants to share his knowledge, and he wants to prove he can still contribute.

Melo is a bona fide superstar.

And, as that new saying goes: Real recognizes real.

Lillard recognizes his fellow superstar returning to play against Houston and how that might change Anthony's view of Wednesday's matchup.

Melo been around a long time, so I’m sure that there was some feelings like – this is the last team I’ve played for, it didn’t end on a high note -- So, I’m sure he wanted to beat them, but before the game, during the game he wasn’t overly emotional -- like ‘I want to kill them’, he was like – 'let’s win the game.' He had a great game. He did what he needed to do to help us win the game and that was that. – Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard said postgame 

As Lillard and Melo look for some carryover from Wednesday’s win, they will also look to lead this team together.

More often than not it is either one of them or both of them having a teaching moment with a young Anfernee Simons or Gary Trent Jr. on the bench or during a stoppage of play.

The Blazers are on the outside looking in at the playoffs at the moment.

But, don’t think for a second these two superstars aren’t game planning together on how to change the narrative of this 2019-20 season. 

Great effort, even better decision-making in win over Rockets

Great effort, even better decision-making in win over Rockets

HOUSTON – The Trail Blazers are building off a win.

Even though Portland has compiled winning streaks this season, the Blazers haven’t discussed, in-depth, how they learned from the previous game and had their minds right.

They hadn’t done that... until now.

Heading into Wednesday night’s matchup against the Houston Rockets, some thought the Blazers were in for a long night. It already was because of the 8:30pm local time tip-off.

Instead of following the narrative of -- the Blazers are having a rough season; the Rockets should roll just like they did last time against Portland -- the Blazers had other ideas.

The Blazers held off the Rockets down the stretch, defeating Houston 117-107 Wednesday night

Trail Blazers team captain Damian Lillard, who led the Blazers in scoring with 25 points, was not only pleased with his team's effort, but also mentioned how, as a team, they had their minds right. 

With the Blazers playing three games in four days starting in Houston, the Blazers elected not to have a shootaround earlier in the day. Instead, they elected for a more relaxed team meeting. 
From the sounds of it, the team meeting was something this team really benefited from in Houston.  

We just had good fight, we had good energy, and a good presence about us, I think.  Even in our meeting today, we kind of talked through stuff. Before the game, it was pretty quiet. You can tell, coming off the win against Charlotte – we came into this trip wanting to start off on the right foot and I thought our effort on the floor showed that. -- Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard said postgame 

This game could easily be looked at as the Blazers best defensive performance thus far.

But for Blazers head coach Terry Stotts, he couldn’t help but emphasize his team’s decision-making overall.

“[Houston] made their run, hit some threes, but we kept our composure, made good decisions at the offensive end, it was a good win,” Stotts said postgame.

It’s no secret that Portland has had its fair share of issues on defense, but the Blazers were able to come together on that end of the floor on Wednesday. They limited James Harden to just 13 points on 3-of-12 shooting.

The Blazers defensive effort was strong for the entire game.

Lillard felt Wednesday’s game was a very complete game, which has been hard to come by for the Blazers this season. 

“In the first half we played well," Lillard said. "It wasn’t like we went into the half down and then had a big second half. It was like we just kept putting quarters together, quarter after quarter after quarter, and I think if we can sustain that and approach every game that way, we’ll have a great chance in a lot of these games."

Coming off the win over the Hornets, where Portland allowed Charlotte to get back in the game in the second half after the Hornets hit four quick three-pointers, that could’ve easily happened again against the Rockets.

But, it didn’t .

As CJ McCollum put it, “when you get a lead, you have to hold onto it, try to extend it. We did that tonight.”

The Blazers biggest lead was 17.

And, as many point to what Portland was able to do on the defensive end, holding the Rockets to just 39.6 percent from the floor, Coach Stotts was also happy with what his team was getting on offense.

“I was pleased with our offense all night. I thought our passing; we did a good job of passing. We tried to attack certain matchups... I was pretty pleased with the shots that we were able to get,” Stotts said.

There are nights when every single player from one to eight is on the same page, and that’s what happened Wednesday night.

Having Anthony Tolliver and Gary Trent, Jr. step up and make timely three-pointers is what the Blazers have been looking for from the second unit.

For veteran Carmelo Anthony, who returned to play against the team that he last played for (even if it was just 10 days), believes that he and the Blazers wanted this game more.

“We had a great game plan," Melo said. "We stuck to it, guys was on the same accord. We were locked in defensively, we’re locked in offensively and we stuck to it tonight.  This was a game that we felt like we could come in here and get and we did that."

Anthony finished with 18 points on an efficient 7-for-10 shooting night to go along with 12 rebounds.

Even though he wouldn’t come out and say that this win over his short-lived former team felt better than other victories, the Blazers as a team showed in the locker room how much this win meant.  From Jusuf Nurkic in the locker room making jokes to the tone of the postgame interviews – everyone knows how big of a win it was in Houston.

As Lillard said, it’s now time to have some real carryover.

Next up the Trail Blazers face Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks Friday night on NBCSNW. 

Westbrook vs Lillard: The feud rages on

Westbrook vs Lillard: The feud rages on

The on the court rivalry between Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook has written many chapters to the story over the years. 

From Russ kicking the ball out of Dame's hands, Russ constantly rocking the baby, to Dame waving bye to OKC last April. You can always expect fireworks when these two take the court against one another. 

The two did not disappoint on Wednesday. Westbrook started the game by rocking the baby, prompting Trail Blazers play-by-play announcer Kevin Calabro to drop a "He cradled the baby, but the baby burped off the window" when Westbrook missed a layup later in the game. 

This battle between Lillard and Westbrook came to a head early in the fourth quarter. Lillard picked up a foul while guarding Westbrook, sending the Rockets guard to the line. 

While at the line Westbrook could be heard on the broadcast yelling at Lillard, "You can't guard me." Lillard had some choice words to say back, and the two kept going at it until they were handed double technicals. 

Fortunately for Blazers fans, Lillard got the last laugh on this night with his team picking up the 117-107 win, with Lillard igniting the team down the stretch. If you love a good drama, you better mark your calendars. Westbrook and the Rockets will be at Moda Center on January 29th to surely write another chapter of this story. 

Just like all the matchups that have proceeded it, this one will be electric.

Instant Analysis: Trail Blazers tip-off road trip with win in Houston

Instant Analysis: Trail Blazers tip-off road trip with win in Houston

HOUSTON -- Wednesday night’s game between the Trail Blazers and Rockets tipped off after 8:30pm local time.

The late start seemed to favor the Trail Blazers, especially to start the game. Portland jumped out to a 22-18 lead midway through the first quarter.

The Blazers brought the energy and made sure to exhaust a Rockets team that had lost on the road the night before.

Once the Rockets converted from three in the fourth quarter, the Blazers weren't able to keep their double digit lead midway through the period.

However, Portland’s hot field goal percentage accompanied by the Blazers crashing the boards early and often, Portland was able to steal a win on the road.

Here are three quick takeaways from Wednesday’s win:

1.  Blazers slow down Rockets

During his pregame interview, Blazers head coach Terry Stotts discussed how the Rockets are a much faster-paced team with Russell Westbrook; however, Wednesday night the Blazers seemed to slow down Houston. At the break, the Rockets had zero fastbreak points on six opportunities.

Portland has had its fair share of issues on the defensive end this season, but the Blazers were able to come together on that end of the floor on Wednesday. The Trail Blazers were communicating and rotating fairly quickly on the perimeter. Houston was still able to get a handful of wide-open threes, yet they were having a hard time hitting from deep all night.  

The Blazers limited James Harden to just 12 attempts on the night thanks in part to Kent Bazemore's pesky defense. Harden finished with 13 points.  Westbrook still got his shots though. He went 11-for-22 from the field to finish with 31.

2.  Melo’s return to Houston

With Carmelo Anthony's time in Houston a total of 10 games last season, he was still greeted with cheers from Rockets fans during pregame introductions. However, the cheers were not nearly as loud as many other arenas Melo has visited this season.

The 35-year-old did give Blazers fans plenty to cheer about though. Melo exploited the mismatches down low. The 17-year veteran finished with 18 points on 7-of-10 shooting to go along with 12 rebounds.

3.  Lillard on the attack

Early on, Damian Lillard and Hassan Whiteside had a good two-man game going. As the game went on Lillard attacked the rim more. In turn, he got to the free throw line. Heading into the fourth quarter, Lillard was a perfect 8-for-8 from the charity stripe.

Up Next: The Trail Blazers continue their three-game road trip Friday night against the Dallas Mavericks. The Blazers and Mavs will tip-off at 6:30pm PT on NBC Sports Northwest and the MyTeams App.

Be sure to check back throughout the night and tomorrow morning for analysis, articles, and videos from the players

Belief, not hope is what drives Carmelo Anthony

Belief, not hope is what drives Carmelo Anthony

The Portland Trail Blazers are entering the second half of the of the 2019-20 season Wednesday night in Houston.

It’s been a season of expect the unexpected with a multitude of injuries and the signing of future Hall of Famer Carmelo Anthony.

In the Trail Blazers 41st game, Portland claimed victory over Charlotte. Monday night’s 115-112 win was Anthony’s 26th game with Portland, and it was also the night Melo where he reaffirmed he can play defense, too.

With 36.2 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, the 35-year-old sacrificed his body, diving to the floor. 

Melo anticipated the bad pass from Terry Rozier and it was that effort that sealed the game.

It’s his mindset that could also seal the deal for the Blazers making the playoffs.

More on that later.

As for Monday night’s steal that eventually had Anthony on his backside on the baseline, it was a play that the veteran realized was a must.

I knew I had to make it. I saw them looking for that pass in the corner, [I] made a great play, got my hand on the ball, but I couldn’t really control it, but my thing was just to keep it inbounds and just try to get in. My teammates did a great job of getting control of the ball – made my hustle play look even better. -- Melo

And it was Anthony’s effort, his sacrifice, that had his teammates buzzing after the win.

Damian Lillard said, “It was huge. Obviously, we were in a scramble situation and just trying to come up with a stop and come up with the ball. That was just a great play by him. First of all, seeing it as it developed and then making that type of save and hustle play to secure a possession, I thought that was huge.”

While CJ McCollum said, “Melo with a clutch save down the stretch.”

And, Blazers Coach Terry Stotts added: 

Big time play. To track it down and save it, he might have gotten fouled on it. The plays that we made in the fourth quarter, they may have gotten on their run, but we made some big time plays defensively. It’s plays like that that win games. -- Stotts


Even though he wasn't with Portland during training camp and for Portland's first 15 games, Anthony’s teammates know what kind of teammate they have in Melo.

Fellow veteran forward Anthony Tolliver, who was also key in securing a victory Monday night with his 16-fourth-quarter points, described what it’s like playing alongside the future Hall of Famer.

“Melo is a consummate professional. I know he had a bad reputation I don’t know where it came from. The dude is amazing. He’s a blessing to our team. He’s been amazing since he’s been here. One of the best teammates I’ve ever had. I’m glad he’s with us,” Tolliver told Trail Blazers sideline reporter Brooke Olzendam.  

Anthony is averaging 16.3 points and 6.1 rebounds so far this season.

Recently, there’s been a lot of chatter on social media in regards to NBA fans needed to apologize to Melo for believing that he was “washed up.”

And then there’s the Rockets…

With just 10 days total as a Houston Rocket last season, Anthony clearly wasn’t given the chance to show he’s still got game.

And after sitting out an entire year, working on his craft, and working on himself, the 17-year veteran sure seems to be enjoying life despite the Blazers' losing record.

He’s back. He’s playing the game he loves. He doesn’t view this season as his farewell tour.

He also has faith. 

And, if there’s anything that Melo has learned over the past year is how to keep the faith.

But, don’t get that confused with hope.

After Saturday’s loss to the Bucks, Melo said definitively “we know” what type of group we can be.  

I believe. I try not to hope. I try to keep hope out of it, but my expectation is the same as when you asked me the first day that I got here -- one day at a time, take it from there, and I still believe that. -- Melo

As Trail Blazers fans struggle to come to terms with their team sitting on the outside of the playoff picture with a record of 17-24, Anthony isn’t letting that hang over his head at the halfway point of the season.


We know who we are; we know what type of group we are… I know for a fact that the guys that are in this locker room know who we are, know what we want to be, know what we want to do, know what we want to accomplish. -- Melo

Because remember there’s a difference between hoping and believing.

Melo continued, “We believe. At the end of the day -- we believe. In spite of whatever situation we are in, we believe and we gotta win games, we gotta put games together, no matter who is gonna be out there.”

The Trail Blazers now tip-off the second half the season in Houston with a three-game road trip that also includes stops in Dallas and Oklahoma City.

The Blazers won’t stop believing.

Will you?   

Their journey continues Thursday night in Houston at 6:30pm on NBCSNW. 

Lillard superfan travels from Australia and Dame makes his day

Lillard superfan travels from Australia and Dame makes his day

There are fans. There are superfans.

Then there's Ryan Frazer.

Don't believe me? Check out the tattoo he got of his favorite player: Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard.

The Australian-native was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 18. Three days later he underwent emergency surgery, and he recently received amazing news: he's in remission.

To celebrate, he and his family flew out to the United States to see the Trail Blazers in person, and maybe even meet Lillard himself.

When Frazer and his family got to the Moda Center early before Portland's matchup against the Charlotte Hornets, he got his wish.

Lillard got to see the sleeve and even recognized the game.

I think I remember this game actualy. I feel that was in Utah

Dame signed his arm next to the tattoo of himself so Frazer could get his signature inked on his arm the next day.

Frazer even got to meet Trail Blazers sideline reporter Brooke Olzendam and Trail Blazers forward Anthony Tolliver.

Olzendam posted about how meeting Frazer and seeing his dream come true made her day.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Anthony Tolliver?!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Anthony Tolliver?!

Wait a second…


Now, blink again.

Hey, that’s Anthony Tolliver taking Cody Zeller off the dribble and finishing with ease in what turned out to be a complete fourth quarter for the Blazers big man.

The Trail Blazers veteran was out there looking spry Monday night against the Hornets. 

Some would say he looked like his high school glory days.

In fact, that’s pretty much how CJ McCollum described Tolliver’s fourth quarter performance.

“It looked like he was back in Missouri. McCollum said with a smile. "A bounce in his step, he got to the lane, a little reverse layup, hit some threes, just brought a lot of energy for us and some veteran leadership.”

The Missouri native brought some much needed scoring off the bench in the fourth quarter. Tolliver scored all 16 of his points in the final period. And the Blazers needed every last point to come away with a 115-112 win over the Hornets.

“I didn’t realize that I had 16 in the quarter,” Tolliver said after reporters informed him that he tied his career-high with the most points in a single quarter.

The 34-year-old has been asked to do a lot for the Trail Blazers due to all the injuries the Blazers have dealt with this season.

Tolliver is currently the Blazers backup center.

It’s been apparent that even with Tolliver's inconsistent three-point shot this season, the Blazers look to him for his leadership.

But on Monday night, Tolliver really gave the Blazers everything he had in his toolbox.

I’m not a one-on-one type of guy. I’m not a guy who's gonna mix people up or anything like that, just somebody who is out there just trying to be in the right place at the right time. – Trail Blazers veteran Anthony Tolliver 

Sure, Tolliver doesn’t look at himself as a guy who is going to cross somebody up or take them off the dribble, but that’s what he did against Cody Zeller midway through the fourth.

Tolliver went 7-for-8 from the field, including 2-for-3 from downtown. He also had 11 rebounds on the night. 

Blazers head coach Terry Stotts said he would give Tolliver the game ball if the Blazers were a team that handed out game balls.

“I’m glad we kept our composure, and made plays when we needed to. Anthony Tolliver, we haven’t researched if that’s the most points that he’s scored in a quarter, but I told him in the locker room, 'we don’t give out game balls but if we did, he would get it,' Stotts said postgame.

And, it wasn’t just AT’s scoring that Stotts was happy about.

“It’s easy to just look at the points, but he got us extra possessions. When they were double teaming, he found the opening to make himself available. He just made a lot of hustle plays; tipping the ball out and getting extra possessions, I don’t know how many times he did that."

Damian Lillard agreed with his coach -- it was Tolliver’s hustle on the defensive end that made a difference.

 “He obviously had a really good quarter. He made shots. He had an impact on our defense. And it was needed – a close game, a great effort by him. I think that was his best game of the season, obviously a win that we needed and he came through,” Lillard said.

But, as the 11-year veteran explained in the locker room Monday night, Tolliver was just making the right decisions at the right time.

“Just playing basketball," Tolliver said of his fourth quarter performance. "I don’t think too much about individual accolades or stats or anything like that. If I’m the one shooting it than, obviously, I want to make it, but tonight my teammates were finding me in positions to score and I was able to capitalize on them."

The Blazers were thankful to snap a two-game losing streak in big thanks to Tolliver’s individual accolades.

Now it’s off to Houston where Portland could definitely use more of this “Missouri-like’’ Tolliver.