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Anfernee Simons listed as doubtful for Sunday's game following hard fall in Utah

Anfernee Simons listed as doubtful for Sunday's game following hard fall in Utah

The Blazers were forced to a call a timeout with 20.7 seconds remaining in the first quarter against the Utah Jazz Friday night after backup guard Anfernee Simons went up for a jumper from the free throw line, but then fell hard on his back, with his head whipping back and connecting with the court.  

Simons was thrown off-balance after connecting with Royce O’Neale’s leg.

The 20-year-old did not return to the game after suffering a concussion from the hard fall.  

“I’m alright. I’ve got a little headache right now, but I think I’ll be alright,” Simons said immediately after the game.

Simons explained exactly what happened from his perspective.

“I was shooting… And, I just felt somebody’s legs come under me and I kind of fell back fast. I didn’t know. It just all happened quick. So, I snapped my head back, and I fell down pretty bad.”

He also added that he wasn’t able to brace himself at all because the play happened so fast.

“It happened so quick; I couldn’t prepare for it."

The Trail Blazers backup guard will now have to go through the NBA’s Concussion Protocol, which is a four-step process, outlined like so:

A player who had a concussion may not return to participation until:

-- He is without concussion-related symptoms at rest;

-- He has been evaluated by a physician;

--- He has successfully completed the NBA return-to-participation exertion process; and

-- A team physician has discussed the return-to-participation process and decision with theDirector of the NBA Concussion Program.

The Trail Blazers have officially listed Simons as doubtful for Sunday’s home game against the Miami Heat.  While, Hassan Whiteside (left leg contusion) is probable and Nassir Little (left ankle sprain) is out for Sunday's contest.

Does Jordan Clarkson trade open door for Kevin Love to Portland?

Does Jordan Clarkson trade open door for Kevin Love to Portland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers traded Jordan Clarkson to the Utah Jazz on Monday in return for Donte Exum and two second-round draft picks in a move that surprised many around the NBA. 

Clarkson has been a prolific bench scorer for the Cavaliers this season, while Exum is having the worst year of his career and has never come close to the expectations set by being the fifth overall pick in 2014. 

The move proved three things to us:
1) The Jazz are serious and gearing up to be a real postseason threat.
2) The Cavs have let the first domino fall, showing their intent to go into full sell mode.
3) If the Blazers hope to make the postseason and go on a run, they need to make moves. The teams around them are, and they can't afford to be left behind. 

One potential move for Portland may have had the door open just a little wider. That is to say, with the Cavs dealing Clarkson, have they opened the door for Kevin Love to come home?

Love has long been linked to the Blazers, and Portland is in desperate need of help at power forward. The one hangup we have been hearing is that the asking price for Love is too high. But the Clarkson trade hints that Cleveland may be willing to give up some players for less than their actual value. 

Exum is nowhere near the talent of Clarkson, and him coupled with second-round picks was all it took to snatch Clarkson from Cleveland. The move didn't even offer Cleveland that much financial relief. Clarkson has a $13.4 million expiring deal, while Exum is making  $9.6 million and is under contract through next season as well. 

To sum it up: Cleveland sent 14.6 points per game Utah for $3.8 million in cap relief and some picks. Those in pursuit of Love have to be salivating. 

Kevin Love is making $28.9 million this season, so the only financial way you pull the trade off is by using Hassan Whiteside's $27.1 million contract. That would give the Cavs a big expiring deal, and if you throw in a pick it could be enough to grab Love. But given how well Whiteside has been playing, it might be Cleveland that has to throw a pick to Portland. 

Love may not be the player fans want, but Cleveland has shown he is there for the taking. Portland needs to do something to help salvage the season and keep hopes alive for a deep playoff run. That something could be a former Oregonian looking to come home.