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Ducks top Huskies, again

Ducks top Huskies, again

Autzen Stadium, home of the loud, proud and rabid Duck fan.

But just how deafening does Autzen stadium get when it gets rocking?

Crowd noise hit 127 decibels in a 2007 game against USC, loud enough for a human being to start experiencing pain in his or her ears.

Where does this rank in the FBS among other decibel recordings?

Autzen ranks fourth behind; Husky Stadium (Washington), Death Valley (Clemson) and Tiger Stadium (LSU) according to CFB Kings.

Before you start yelling at your screen because the Huskies have topped the Ducks, consider the capacity of each stadium:

Husky Stadium - 70,083

Death Valley - 81,500

Tiger Stadium - 102,321

Autzen Stadium - 54,000

Which means if you average the decibel per person, Autzen has the loudest fans ever recorded:

Husky Stadium - .0019 decibel per person

Death Valley - .0016 decibel per person

Tiger Stadium - .0012 decibel per person

Autzen Stadium - .0023 decibel per person

The Autzen environment is infamous among opponents, including new UCLA coach Chip Kelly. Kelly, who led Oregon to its most successful four-year run in program history from 2009-12, spoke of the Autzen magic at Pac-12 Media Days, “Even though it’s not the biggest stadium in college football, it’s the loudest stadium in college football.”

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Employees that work inside Autzen have to sign a waiver saying they won’t sue the university over the raucous sound coming from the Eugene stadium. Yes, that includes coach Mario Cristobal and his staff.

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What makes the stadium different? Autzen’s stadium’s seating bowl shape matches a curvature of a Pringles chip. The sidelines sweep taller than the low-strung end zones which lends to a roaring setting, and the north side suite serves to bounce back and concentrate the sound to the bowl.

The design and one of college football’s most booming fan bases gives the Ducks a one of a kind home-field advantage.

What is the most deafening game you’ve experienced in Autzen Stadium?