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Damian Lillard contributed $100,000 to COVID-19 relief fund

Damian Lillard contributed $100,000 to COVID-19 relief fund

On March 17th, the Trail Blazers announced a plan to assist those affected by COVID-19.

“To assist game night employees impacted by the NBA’s postponement, Jody Allen and the Portland Trail Blazers are committing more than $1.4 million towards COVID-19 relief effort. This includes paying part-time Rose Quarter employees for nine postponed Trail Blazers games.”

Last week, the Portland Trail Blazers also announced their latest efforts in assisting those who need help most during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team announced that the organization along with the players, and the Trail Blazers Foundation, are now establishing ‘a COVID-19 Relief Fund to support local nonprofits serving the community.’


On Tuesday, Damian Lillard revealed during a video press conference that he donated $100,000 to the Blazers' COVID-19 Relief Fund. 

Milwaukee Bucks All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo was one of the first to announce on social media that he has pledged $100,000 to the Fiserv Forum staff in order to aid in offsetting costs related to employees’ loss of earnings. While, Kevin Love also donated.  

$100,000 through the Kevin Love fund to support the arena staff employees in Cleveland.

"It’s bigger than basketball! And during this tough time I want to help the people that make my life, my family’s lives and my teammates lives easier. Me and my family pledge to donate $100,000 to the Fiserv Forum staff. We can get through this together!" -- Giannis Antetokounmpo wrote on his Twitter

The NBA announced earlier in March that it launched the "NBA Together" campaign to contribute and raise more than $50 million to support people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

It's a coordinated effort between the NBA, WNBA, G League and NBA 2K League, with more than $30 million already committed by the leagues, teams and athletes.

The program features four pillars—Know the Facts, Acts of Caring, Expand Your Community and NBA Together Live—to help increase knowledge about the coronavirus and help those affected by the disease.

"The phrase 'bigger than basketball' is often used when discussing the efforts of a player or team to make a positive impact in their community," the release said. "The response to this global pandemic is the epitome of 'bigger than basketball' as the NBA looks to do its part to help people across the globe come together and work through these tough times."


CORRECTION: The original title misappropriated Lillard's donation and has been updated for accuracy. 

Trail Blazers, Jody Allen to commit more than $1.4 million for relief of Rose Quarter employees

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Trail Blazers, Jody Allen to commit more than $1.4 million for relief of Rose Quarter employees

For the past week, Rip City faithful have shared their concern for Rose Quarter employees who are out of a job with the NBA suspension due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Now we all know that those employees will get paid for the nine home Blazer games that have been postponed.

The Trail Blazers announced Thursday how they plan to assist Moda Center’s game night employees. In a press release sent out by the team, the Trail Blazers announced:

“To assist game night employees impacted by the NBA’s postponement, Jody Allen and the Portland Trail Blazers are committing more than $1.4 million towards COVID-19 relief effort. This includes paying part-time Rose Quarter employees for nine postponed Trail Blazers games.”

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has spearheaded the NBA’s support during the coronavirus crisis. Shortly after the NBA announced its suspension, Cuban pledged to find a way to support the event staff at American Airlines Center in Dallas and now many other teams have followed his lead including the Blazers. 

REPORT: UFC Fight Night in Portland could be moved to Las Vegas


REPORT: UFC Fight Night in Portland could be moved to Las Vegas

Due to the coronavirus, the UFC may not make its scheduled stop in Portland.

According to Aaron Bronsteter, the UFC is expected to move UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs Harris from Portland's Moda Center to UFC Apex in Las Vegas

Oregon governor Kate Brown held a press conference early Thursday to implement a ban on crowds larger than 250 people, with the ban to remain in place until April 8th. 

UFC Fight Night is currently scheduled for April 11th. 

As Bronsteter states, the move could just be a precautionary measure.

However, as of this post, the UFC has yet to make an official statement and the Portland event remains on the schedule found on the UFC's website. 

Between now and April 11th, the UFC has three scheduled events, but only one is to take place on U.S. soil - UFC Fight Night on March 28th in Columbus, Ohio. 

Ohio also currently has a ban on large gatherings. What the UFC officially decides with Ohio could be a sign of what they intend to do with the Portland event as all. 

As for now, both events remain on the schedule. 

The UFC's next event is to take place this Saturday in Brazil, where reports are saying it will go on as planned but that no fans will be allowed in the venue.

NBA GMs Survey: Where Moda Center ranks among best home-court advantage

NBA GMs Survey: Where Moda Center ranks among best home-court advantage

General managers around the league have voiced their opinions on the upcoming NBA season.

In the 18th annual GM Survey, the GMs responded to 50 different questions in regards to the best teams, players, coaches, fans, and offseason moves.


Opposing players often talk about how difficult it is to play in Portland with the Moda Center crowd backing its team.

According to the GMs around the association, Portland is the fourth most difficult place to play.

Denver comes in at number one.

For anyone who has attended a game at the Pepsi Center in Denver, you know it is not the crowd that makes Denver a difficult place to play, but rather the altitude and teams being able to adjust to it quickly.

More on the Blazers in the GM surveys:

NBA GMs Survey: Where Damian Lillard ranks among point guards

Check back here later for more GM analysis on the Blazers.

Moda Center has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification

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Moda Center has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification

The Trail Blazers announced on Wednesday afternoon, the Moda Center is now the first existing arena to receive LEED O+M (v4.1)  Platinum Certification.

This is the very first existing professional sports arena to receive the highest level of accreditation by LEED.

LEED, otherwise known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building rating system, the most used rating system in the world.

This top-notch award identifies and rewards best practices for a building’s energy, water, waste, transportation and total human experience.

President and CEO of the Trail Blazers Chris McGowan is honored to receive this certification saying, “we are very proud to be the first existing professional sports arena to receive LEED Platinum certification. Nine years ago, we were the first existing arena to achieve LEED Gold status, and we continue to innovate and develop our sustainable processes and procedures to provide a healthy, sustainable arena for our community. Sustainability is and always will be a crucial part of our culture.”

The Trail Blazers arena has and will continue to team up with programs to protect the environment and reduce environmental impact in terms of less waste, lower water usage, making sure excess food goes to local families in need, and having its employees use public transportation and/or bike and walk to work.

Rip City headquarters is doing its part for the environment just as so many Oregonians continue to do.

Justin Timberlake rocks Oregon Ducks shoes for concert in Portland

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Justin Timberlake rocks Oregon Ducks shoes for concert in Portland

Justin Timberlake returned to Portland for the first time in four years and he performed in Oregon Ducks sneakers. Timberlake wore the Oregon Air Jordan 3 TH during his 'Man of the Woods' tour to the Moda Center in Portland on Monday night.

Timberlake also worked with Nike designer Tinker Hatfield on a limited-edition Air Jordan III JTH collection for his tour

Paul Allen to blame for Blazer woes? That's just silly

Paul Allen to blame for Blazer woes? That's just silly

I'm not really sure where it's coming from, but lately I've been hearing a lot of blame for the Trail Blazers' early season struggles directed at the team's owner, Paul Allen.

I mean, seriously?

Let me ask you this: Without Allen as the owner, where would the Trail Blazers be right now? I'll answer that one for you -- in Seattle, that's where. Or Las Vegas. Or Vancouver, B.C. Because without Allen funding the construction of the Moda Center, this team would not have a new arena and would have moved out of town years ago as Memorial Coliseum decayed.

I've lived here all my life and I can tell you, there is no way this city would have ever paid for a new arena. There would have been no political will and no ballot measure. And if it ever got on the ballot, it would have failed. Miserably.

But Allen, unlike just about every other owner in pro sports, didn't come begging to the city for a new venue -- he built it himself. To the everlasting benefit of this city. Even if you have no interest whatsoever in basketball, you've probably enjoyed an experience of some sort in that arena. And the reality is, the Rose Quarter and its arena don't belong to Allen, they belong to the citizens of Portland.

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And you want to talk basketball? This city is very fortunate to have an owner who cares about his team. Cares enough to provide payrolls that have ranked the Trail Blazers very often among the top five in the NBA. This is a small market, folks. The TV and radio rights fees don't provide the kind of coin owners earn in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and many other larger markets.

Allen wants to win more than he wants to make money off his team. Think about that for a moment. How many other owners would even attempt to say that? Allen has proved it year after year and I would guess he's had very few seasons where this franchise has actually turned a profit. Allen wants a ring and is willing to pay for it.

But it's hard. I believe it's much more difficult to win a championship in the NBA than any other pro league. Championships are won by the same teams year after year -- even before this modern era of "superteams."

Yes, Allen is interested in the Trail Blazers. Interested enough that he wants in on decisions regarding drafts, trades and roster. For what he's spent on this franchise, is that not his right? Does he "meddle?" I have no idea. I do know that some of his general managers could have used a little more meddling. Has he made some wrong choices with GMs and coaches? I suppose. But who hasn't?

Allen does not live in Portland but you could make a case with all he and his franchise have done for this city, on the court and in the community, he's one of its most benevolent citizens.

And any assertion that he's been a negative influence on his franchise is just plain silly.

It's a college basketball feast -- but does Portland care?

It's a college basketball feast -- but does Portland care?

Everybody knows tomorrow is Thanksgiving. But it's also the first day of an interesting sports experiment in Portland.

The Phil Knight Invitational -- PK80 -- opens Thursday, running similtaneously in Moda Center and Memorial Coliseum. It's being billed as the greatest in-season college basketball tournament ever and it very well may be. You're talking about the likes of Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, Ohio State, Texas, Florida, Gonzaga and Oregon -- to name just a few. It's the cream of the crop in college basketball gathered together inside two arenas for a holiday feast of hoops talent. I'm guessing a who's who of NBA general managers, scouts and personnel directors will be on hand.

But one question remains on the eve of the tournament:

Does Portland care?

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Serious question. A lot has changed since the days when the Far West Classic packed Memorial Coliseum with an eight-team Christmas tournament. College basketball just isn't the attraction it once was. And I'm not necessarily pessimistic about how this tournament will draw in Portland, I'm more curious than anything else. I just don't have any idea how this will be received.

A quick check of the secondary market today showed tickets for some sessions available for as low as $6, even though advertising for this event has been heavy. But that doesn't mean a lot. The actual crowd count at the games is what's going to tell the tale.

Is Portland now strictly an NBA town? Will fans want to watch games in the clunky old "Glass Palace" when they can go next door to Moda and watch in more comfort? Are people still interested in watching the college game, especially some of the very best college teams? Or would they rather save their money and watch the Trail Blazers play? Didn't Oregon's Final Four trip last season spark renewed interest in the sport?  If so, how much?

I don't know, quite honestly. But we will find out this weekend.


Buying Blazer tickets on secondary market? Be careful!

Buying Blazer tickets on secondary market? Be careful!

This news release from the Trail Blazers today:

Safest Ticket Purchase Options are,
PORTLAND, Ore. (March 17, 2017) – Officials with the Portland Trail Blazers, Rose Quarter, Moda Center and Veterans Memorial Coliseum are again sounding the alarm for all event guests – sellers of counterfeit tickets are after your money. With several regular season home games still left for the Trail Blazers and more headlining events coming this spring and summer, reports are surfacing of guests still being victimized by fake tickets and fraudulent transactions. It’s becoming an all-too-frequent scenario that officials say is avoidable.
“The best way to ensure you are purchasing a valid ticket is to purchase directly from us,” said Dewayne Hankins, Chief Marketing Officer for the Trail Blazers and Rose Quarter. “We have seen a recent increase in fraudulent tickets from purchases outside of our ecosystem and unfortunately it creates a bad experience for our fans and customers when the tickets cannot be honored. If you see a good deal on the Internet for a Trail Blazers game or concert at one of our venues, it’s likely too good to be true. We continue to try to combat these counterfeiters but as we get more sophisticated in our approach, they do as well.”
Hankins strongly urges purchasers to use either the, or websites for their online purchases. Transactions through those sites are the only way to guarantee venue access and seating. Guests also have the option of on-site purchases of tickets at the Rose Quarter Box Office (M-F, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.), or by calling 800.745.3000.
Hankins added that guests discovering their tickets are counterfeit should seek restitution from the entity where tickets were purchased; and consider alerting law enforcement. They should also be prepared to miss the event for which the counterfeit tickets were purchased.

No. 22 Ducks start Brooks, win 83-63 over UNLV at Moda Center

No. 22 Ducks start Brooks, win 83-63 over UNLV at Moda Center

Oregon 83 vs. UNLV 63 

How Oregon won: No. 22 Oregon (10-2) jumped out to a 17-9 lead on UNLV (6-5) midway through the first half, led just 37-33 at halftime and then opened up a big lead in the second half to cruise to a sound victory. 

UO junior forward Dillon Brooks (foot injury) returned to the starting lineup for the first time this season and scored 20 points on 8-of-14 shooting. He also added four assists, four rebounds and three steals. Brooks, who entered the night averaging 12.3 points in 19.3 minutes off the bench per game, struggled in the first half making just one of five shot attempts.  

Oregon freshman guard Payton Pritchard returned to the Portland area where he starred at West Linn High School to score six points with three assists. 

The Ducks controlled the game from the start, shooting 44.8 percent in the first half while holding UNLV to 29 percent shooting, thanks in large part to six blocked shots before halftime. 

What it means: Oregon, with Brooks back in the starting lineup, can now begin to search for its identity while running the offense through its best player, who appears to have rediscoverd his mojo. 

Key sequence: Oregon opened the second half with a 10-0 run that involved a three-pointer from Brooks, two layups from junior forward Jordan Bell, a three from Pritchard and five UNLV turnovers. The Runnin' Rebels committed just four turnovers in the entire first half. The Ducks' outburst gave them a commanding 47-33 lead and UO never looked back. 

High-flying Ducks: Bell had 16 points, 12 rebounds and three blocked shots. Dorsey added 18 points on 8-of-13 shooting. 

Fowl play: Senior guard Dylan Ennis struggled shooting the ball, scoring eight points on 3-of-9 shooting. But he did have five assists and six rebounds. 

Wounded Duck: Senior forward Chris Boucher sat out game with an undisclosed injury that required him to entered the arena on crutches and spend the game sitting on the bench while wearing a walking boot. 

Up next: Oregon hosts Fresno State (7-3) on Tuesday before starting Pac-12 play Dec. 28 at home against No. 2 UCLA (12-0).