Today in college FB: THE DAY the seeds of entitlement are planted

Today in college FB: THE DAY the seeds of entitlement are planted

I'm going to go undercover the rest of today. You know by now that this is National Signing Day, the day when high school kids from all over the country announce their preference of where they will spend the next four years of college majoring in football.

Or, in my opinion, the very day -- THE DAY -- when the first seeds of entitlement are planted in the hearts and minds of young football players. This is when it all starts, when players carry on with all sorts of attention-getting devices to make their declaration of college seem important. Or just to turn it into a big show with themselves in the starring role. The spotlight shines bright before they even get their high school diploma.

Already today, I've seen this display of tastelessness by a kid in Texas, teasing two other colleges before revealing his ultimate choice. And then there was this declaration from outer space from a kid in Tennessee who is headed for Maryland. My twitter account is full of all those "#blessed" tweets and video of kids sitting behind the desk with an array of baseball caps in front of them. They look at them all, maybe reach for them all, before finally putting one on their head to indicate their choice of college.

As alumni, fans, coaches and family applaud the decision. Several players have already committed, of course, prior to signing day. They do so wherever they can get the most attention: at all-star games, special events or even -- for the very best of them -- live on ESPN.

Alums can't wait to hear about their school's signees -- it's become a yearly project to sit down and project these kids into a uniform or a starting lineup. It reminds me of little kids sitting on the floor playing with action figures. The experts, of course, rank the recruiting classes and deliver the good or bad news about how well or poorly your school did in recruiting.

And then, fortunately, it goes away for awhile. Reality sets in. Some of these kids will never see the field. Others will never see a classroom -- although that doesn't necessarily mean they won't see the field, depending on which college signs them. Yes, I'm pretty cynical about college football. Especially big-time, power-five college football.

I have seen those seeds of entitlement grow into out-of-control behavior and Egos Gone Wild. I think if these kids are talented enough, there will be plenty of attention headed their way after they've actually accomplished something. And until then, I'll just turn the music up a little louder today and forget the sports talk shows and "NSD" tweets.

Alexa, play me some "Foo Fighters."