Josh Gordon is ready to sell you his Super Bowl ring

Josh Gordon is ready to sell you his Super Bowl ring

If you’ve ever wanted to add a piece of Super Bowl history to your collection, now is your chance. 

Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Josh Gordon is auctioning off his 2018 New England Patriots Super Bowl LIII Championship ring on Heritage Auctions

The site advertises the ring, which is an estimated value of $100,000, as the sixth and final Patriots ring of the Tom Brady era. 

Now that the superstar quarterback has traded New England snow for Tampa Bay sunshine, we can be assured that this is the last Patriots ring of the Tom Brady era, that historic half-dozen making him the GOAT just like it did for Michael Jordan. This particular example was issued to the man who caught Brady's 500th career touchdown pass on October 4, 2018, a thirty-four-yard connection that was Gordon's first trip to paydirt with the Pats.

Gordon, however, did not play a single playoff game during the 2018 season. He missed the team’s run to the Super Bowl after failing a drug test in December, but still managed to take home some shiny hardware. 

The eight-year veteran is currently on the commissioner's exempt list after being suspended indefinitely for violating the league’s policies on substance abuse and performance enhancing drugs. Gordon applied for reinstatement in June and hopes to have the suspension lifted in time for training camp.

The Seahawks claimed Gordon off waivers last October following his release from the Patriots. Pete Carroll raved about Gordon’s presence on the team, but the embattled receiver only played five games for Seattle before his career was once again derailed. 

If his suspension is lifted, a reunion with the Seahawks could be in the works. Gordon has been working out alongside his former teammates in Seattle. If he is unable to return to the NFL, perhaps his Super Bowl ring will help him earn some extra cash. 

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Former Patriots RB Kenjon Barner reveals what being on the team was really like

Former Patriots RB Kenjon Barner reveals what being on the team was really like

What is the New England Patriots locker room really like?

That is the question that has plagued mankind for centuries, or at least since 2000 when Bill Belichick became head coach and changed the franchise's fate forever. 

20 years later, Belichick is still going strong and the Patriots have won six Super Bowls during his tenure. 

It helped that he had Tom Brady, perhaps the greatest quarterback of all-time under center, but Belichick was the man that called the shots.

On Monday, former Oregon Ducks running back Kejon Barner joined The Brian Noe Show to talk about his time in New England. 

Barner played for the Patriots in 2018 and he used his first-hand experience to give host Brain Noe a glimpse of what Patriot life is like. 

The former Oregon Duck admitted he was nervous to enter the Patriots locker room based on what he had heard. 

But, when he arrived, his eyes were opened.

"It's a special place," said Barner. "There's a standard of excellence that they have and you're either gonna live up to it or you're not, and if you're not, you won't be there for too long."

That standard of excellence has made the Patriots one of the greatest dynasties in all of sports. 

It's that success, coupled with Coach Belichick's constant grumpy face, that leads outsiders to believe that the Patriots locker room is all business, all the time. Barner says that couldn't be further from the truth. 

I had a ton of fun. That was something that was obviously a concern. I wanna have fun playing this game. I wanna enjoy it. I wanna laugh. I wanna be goofy. I wanna be who I am. I wanna be the goofy guy that I am. It wasn't like this is strictly business, you're not gonna have fun. That was just as fun as any other locker room I've been in. When we worked, we worked. There is a time for work and there is a time for play. But when you worked you were gonna work. But outside of that, it's no different than any other locker room. Same goofy guys laughing, joking around, playing around. It's a locker room, no different than any other place. It's just, when it's time to work, you are going to work... and you're going to work."

If you noticed, Barner put some emphasis on work. That is what set the Patriots apart. When it was time to work, it was time to put the joking aside to get the job done. 

"That's what a learned there. If you walked into that organization, you did the things you were supposed to do, carried yourself as a professional athlete, you came to work every day, grinded hard, did the things that were required of you, you don't have a problem at all," said Barner. "But for the guys that come in and they aren't accustomed to that type of locker room environment where when it's time to work you actually have to work, there's gonna be a problem for you."

Barner spent just five games with the Patriots, and spent last season with the Atlanta Falcons where he was the team's primary punt returner. Barner h 35 punt returns for 267 yards and a single touchdown. He also had 17 kick returns for 406 yards.

Barner is currently a free agent and is continuing to train while waiting for his phone to ring. 

The Titans problem wasn't Marcus's thinking Ryan Tannehill is worth $118M

The Titans problem wasn't Marcus's thinking Ryan Tannehill is worth $118M

Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan... and Ryan Tannehill.

Those are the seven highest-paid quarterbacks in the league, but one of those seven doesn't belong...

Six of those quarterbacks have played in a Super Bowl. Four have won a Super Bowl. Two have been named league MVP.

Between them, they have appeared on the yearly list of the Top-100 players in the league 35 times.

However, of those seven players, there is only one that hasn't accomplished any on the feats listed above. That's Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill. 

But, the seven do have something in common, they all make bank.

The Titans have reportedly agreed to a 4 year/$118M deal with Tannehill, making him the seventh highest-paid quarterback in the league.

The Titans gave up on former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota midway through the season, giving the keys to the car to Tannehill, instead. 

Yes, while Tannehill was under center, the Titans turned their season around and was QB1 for an incredible playoff run where Tennessee came just one win away from playing in the Super Bowl. 

But, it wasn't really Tannehill that led that charge. 

Over three playoff games he passed for a total of 369 yards and five touchdowns. 209 of those yards came in the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs. The other two games, he passed for fewer than 100 yards. 

What he did excel at was handing the ball off to the tank known as Derrick Henry. 

Henry rushed for 446 yards in the playoffs, averaging 5.7 yards per carry.

He started the regular season slow, rushing for 100 or more yards just once in the team's first nine games. However, over his last six games he rushed for 100 or more yards five times. 

Coincidently, the Titans went 5-1 over those six games, the only loss being Week 15 when Henry rushed for just 86 yards. The team also just so happened to lose in Week 16 against the Saints, a game in which Henry did not play. 

On the season, including the playoffs,  the Titans were 8-0 when Henry eclipsed the 100-yard mark and 3-7 when he did not.

This issue was never Mariota.

The answer was never Tannehill.

The Titans' entire season hinged on the performances of Derrick Henry. 

Had Mariota been the one handing the ball off the Henry when the running back flipped the switch, he might be the one getting paid. 

Instead, Mariota finds himself on the free-agent market, likely to end up taking a backup quarterback role with whichever team he eventually signs with.

Fans are hoping that once Mariota finds his new home he also finds a chance to resurrect his career. 

So where will the former No. 2 overall pick land?

Rumors are swirling, but at this point it seems like there are three logical landings spots: Las Vegas, New England, and Chicago. 

Two of those scenarios allow him to be the backup with a legitimate chance to win the starting the job, while the other could set him up to be Tom Brady's successor or the starter if Brady signs elsewhere. 

In Chicago, he would have a realistic chance to beat out Mitch Trubisky who has been underwhelming in his time with the Bears. He would at least give the Bears a reliable backup, something they haven't had in years. 

In Las Vegas, he would be there to challenge Derek Carr. His breathing down Carr's neck could be the perfect recipe to ignite Carr, who has been solid but not great with the Raiders.

In New England, he has a chance to be another classic Bill Belichick reclamation protect. The Patriot's coach has a way of turning other team's trash into his treasure. Should Tom Brady re-sign with the Pats, Mariota could spend a season or two learning from the G.O.A.T, which could do wonders for Mariot's career.

No matter where he signs, the good thing for Mariota is that he can get a fresh start and sometimes that is all a player needs.

Heck, it worked for Tannehill... or at least it worked for his pocketbook. 

NFL suspends Seahawks WR Josh Gordon


NFL suspends Seahawks WR Josh Gordon

The tumultuous career for wide receiver Josh Gordon hit another bump in the road on Monday when it was announced that the NFL has suspended him for a violation of the league's performance-enhancing substances and substances of abuse policy. 

Gordon was acquired by the Seahawks in November, with Seattle claiming him off waivers after he was released by the Patriots. In his five games with the Seahawks, Gordon has just seven catches on 10 targets, for 139 yards on no touchdowns. 

The list of off the field troubles for Gordon is a long one.

He was first suspended in 2013 for a violation of the wellness policy and would miss the first two games of the season. Despite missing the start of the year, Gordon still led the league in receiving that season and was named First-Team All-Pro and played in his first Pro Bowl.  He was poised to be the next big star, but he hit many more bumps in the road.

In July of 2014, Gordon was arrested for DWI in North Carolina and a month later it was announced that he would be suspended for the entire 2014-2015 season for another violation of the wellness policy. The suspension was later reduced to 10 games. Gordon would end up playing in just five games before being suspended again for a violation of team rules. 

Gordon again found himself in violation of the wellness policy prior to the 2015 season, and the league suspended him indefinitely. Gordon would go on to miss the entire 2015 and 2016 seasons. 

After multiple applications for reinstatement were denied, Gordon finally caught a break in 2017. The league reinstated him midway through the season. He would finish 2017 with 18 catches for 335 yards and a touchdown.

Gordon looked to be turning things around, but just one game into the 2018 campaign the Browns announced they would be parting ways with Gordon because the broke the team's "trust." A few days later, he was traded to the New England Patriots. 

The Patriot, notorious for being a spot where troubled players can land on their feet, had their trouble as well. Gordon played 10 games for New England that season but was suspended for the final two weeks for another violation of the wellness policy. 

This season, Gordon looked to bounce back with New England, but nagging injuries relegated him to the sideline after Week 6. On October 31 he was waived by the Patriots, and the Seahawks signed him the next day.

That brings us to where we are now. The Seahawks took a flyer on Gordon, but they never got off the ground. 

To Boston with love… Sincerely, Chad Doing #TB12ForLife

To Boston with love… Sincerely, Chad Doing #TB12ForLife

Hello to the City of Boston, Mayor Walsh, Bob Kraft, Bill Belicheck, Tom Brady, the rest of the New England Patriots and all of their fans.

My name is Chad Doing. I currently reside in Portland, Oregon. I am a father of two wonderful Children, a devoted member of my community, and a proud sports talk show host on NBC Sports NW Rip City Radio 620. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma, grew up on the countryside outside of Tulsa, and at age 9, our family moved to the Rocky Mountain Town of Denver, Colorado where I was introduced to John Elway and NFL Football.

I consider myself a simple man, a person of faith and with great conviction, and with that, I desire to carry on my families legacy by upholding the values that were so important to my Papa, my Nana, those who came before me, and of course my father. And in our Family, being accountable for ones actions is critical. Living life with Integrity. Being a man of your word is vital. That is who I desire to be. 

And with that, I would like to open my heart and present to you with transparency, a repentant Heart.

Last year at this time when your team was getting beat in Super Bowl 52 by the Philadelphia Eagles and Nick Foles, I believed in my heart, the Dynasty was over. Tom Brady was in his 40’s, there were reports of great tension within the organization between Bob Kraft, Bill Belicheck, and Tom Brady which resulted in the trading of Jimmy Garapolo. And of course the fallout after the Super Bowl between some of the players and their coach due to the benching of Malcolm Butler. Coach Belicheck then made a number of moves replacing talented veterans with a number of young veterans.

At that time, I laughed. I enjoyed the thought of the dynasty being over and believed Brady’s time was over. The idea of him playing till 45 was dream.

So before the season, when NFL Predictions were made on the show, I decided to deliver a scorching hot take. Not only would the Patriots not win the Super Bowl, but it was Impossible for them to return to the Super Bowl with Brady and Belicheck for all of the reasons I had listed. I criticized them for cheating, and for being the benefactor of playing is a clown division the last 20 years in the AFC East, cracking the Bills, the Jets, and the Dolphins.

Impossible for the Pats to get back to the Bowl.

Well, in comes a new co-worker. A man, who carries a striking resemblance to me. Tall, Slender, extreme pasty skin, beautiful hair, and a big mouth. Brian Noe, host of the Brian Noe Show weekdays noon to 3 on our station. As a tortured Dolphins fan, he has developed incredible respect for Brady and Belicheck over the years and tried to warn me of my statements. He suggested I might be crazy, that I could use some help, and using such language as IMPOSSIBLE when discussion the Patriots was careless. Well, I scoffed at Mr. Noe. I hated on him in my mind. I thought he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Possibly a Patriots Fan.

So as the Playoffs began, I believed I was right. I thought it was impossible for the Patriots to win a road playoff game.  Noe once again said I was crazy, and challenged me to a wager. If the impossible happened, I had to pay penance for two-weeks due to my foolishness. I agreed. The last 14-days have been hell. I have had to eat hotdogs every day. I had to write and sing a love song to Brady, I burned my very first John Elway jersey. I have had to wear Patriots gear on the show along with Ugg boots, and write on the white board, 41 times per day, I will stop misusing the word, Impossible.

I want all of you to know that my two-weeks penance has taught me some valuable lessons.

Number 1- Tom Brady is still great.

Number 2- Doubting the Hoody is a fools game.

Number 3- I hate hotdogs.

Number 4- I hate Uggs.

But most of all, I am ashamed of myself. I doubted your team, your coach, and your quarterback. I was reckless in my use of the word Impossible. I gave my fellow colleagues a bad name for dropping a ridiculous hot-take. And while I will make mistakes again in the future, and my big mouth will likely get the best of me.  I vow to each and every one of you that from now until I am called home by my maker that I will do my best to be very measured in what I say, and be very cautious of using the word impossible.

Please forgive me Boston,

Sincerely, Chad Doing #TB12ForLife

Would you be surprised if the New England Patriots win in Kansas City on Sunday?

Would you be surprised if the New England Patriots win in Kansas City on Sunday?

Who do you take: rookie, MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes or arguably the G.O.A.T of the NFL, Tom Brady? Will the New England Patriots reign of terror on the AFC finally come to an end this Sunday in the AFC Championship game? Get your popcorn ready and claim your spot on the couch soon, because this will be a good one between the visiting Patriots at the Chiefs.

Only time will tell… Rob Parker of Fox Sports 1 joins the Brian Noe Show to discuss the upcoming AFC Championship matchup between the Patriots and the Chiefs. 

“I would be very surprised because the Patriots have lost their last three AFC Championship games on the road,” says Parker. “They do not perform when they have go on the road and get it done…”

Kickoff time set for 3:40 PM (PT) at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Miracle in Miami

usa today img.

Miracle in Miami

Yes, Miami just did that. It only took one play to take down Tom Brady and the visiting New England Patriots. Just when it looked like Brady was going to get another win and lead another game-winning field goal drive, the Miami Dolphins made the most of the last chance they had.

It was a play that is so rare if it works out. One play, two laterals, 69 yards for the game-winning touchdown. Miami beats New England 34-33. 

Next up, the Dolphins (7-6) travel to chilly Minnesota to take on the Vikings (6-5-1). 

ProDucks Update: Kenjon Barner expected to sign with Patriots

USA Today Img.

ProDucks Update: Kenjon Barner expected to sign with Patriots

Seems like the New England Patriots love Oregon Ducks running backs. After winning a Superbowl with former Ducks running back LeGarrette Blount, the Patriots are now expected to sign Kenjon Barner.

After signing with the Carolina Panthers back in 2013, Barner then spent the next four seasons with the Superbowl champ Philadelphia Eagles. On May 11, 2018, he then signed back with the Panthers, but now has moved on to possibly Tom Brady and the Patriots. Barner will join along with other Patriots running backs James White, Rex Burkhead, and rookie Sony Michel.

Other Oregon Ducks notable on the Patriots roster is long-time, sure-handed safety Patrick Chung.

31 Greatest NCAAF Players in PNW history: No.22 - Brandin Cooks

31 Greatest NCAAF Players in PNW history: No.22 - Brandin Cooks

Oregon State has a long list of great receivers that have worn the orange and black; Mike Hass, Sammie Stroughter, James Rodgers, Chad Johnson, Markus Wheaton, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh just to name a few. But the greatest of them all was Brandin Cooks.

Cooks played for the Beavers from 2011-2013 and was the favorite target of Sean Mannion (the most prolific passer in Oregon State history). Cooks is second all-time in career receptions (226), third in career receiving yards (3,272), and first in career receiving touchdowns (24) at Oregon State.

His 128 receptions in 2013 are the most ever in a single season at OSU. That season he also had 1,730 yards receiving, which is also an OSU single-season record. And to think, he had another year of eligibility left when he decided to go pro.

Cooks was selected by the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, and he spent three seasons in New Orleans before being traded to the New England Patriots. He spent just one season with the Patriots before being traded again, this time to the Los Angeles Rams where he was reunited with Mannion.

In his NFL career Cooks has 280 receptions for 3,943 yards and 27 touchdowns. On July 17 the Rams signed Cooks to a five-year, $81 million extension.

Steelers: That wasn't a catch -- in football or baseball

Steelers: That wasn't a catch -- in football or baseball

There is a lot of angst over that ruling in the Pittsburgh-New England game Sunday -- the one that disallowed a touchdown catch by Jesse James of the Steelers.

And I may be the only person around who has no problem with the NFL rule that if you're going to the ground as you make a catch, you must hold onto the ball during your fall. Whether you're in the end zone or not. Most people think that when you're crossing the goal line with the ball in control, it should be a TD -- whether you're a receiver or a runner.

[NBC Sports Gold “Blazers Pass” premium-game Blazers streaming package for fans without NBC Sports Northwest – $34.99 – click to learn more and buy]

I disagree. I think there must be a standard for deciding whether a pass is caught or not. Touchdown or not. Just catch the ball and don't worry about trying to reach the ball over the goal line. Just catch it.

I had no dog in the hunt Sunday, didn't care which team won. But I will say I'm predisposed to accepting the NFL rule because it's so similar to the rules of baseball about catching a fly ball. If you catch a fly and fall down, run into a wall or bang into another player, you must hold onto the ball:

A catch is the act of a fielder in getting secure possession in his hand or glove of a ball in flight and firmly holding it; providing he does not use his cap, protector, pocket or any other part of his uniform in getting possession. It is not a catch, however, if simultaneously or immediately following his contact with the ball, he collides with a player, or with a wall, or if he falls down, and as a result of such collision or falling, drops the ball.

'It's pretty much the same rule. You can catch a ball and have it securely in your glove, but if you run into a wall or are diving, you better hold onto the ball all the way through the process.This whole process is a product of instant replay, of course. Without it, you'd never be able to see the ball hit the ground.And when it comes to replay, you have to take the good with the bad. And live with it.I'