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What if Peyton Manning met with Pete Carroll, Seahawks in 2012

What if Peyton Manning met with Pete Carroll, Seahawks in 2012

Russell Wilson is the greatest quarterback in Seahawks history, but what he never played in Seattle.

According to NBC Sports’ Peter King, this scenario actually could have unfolded. In 2012, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll flew out to Denver, a few minutes from the Broncos facility, to pursue then free agent Peyton Manning, but things didn’t go as planned. 

“Manning didn’t go meet Pete Carroll,” King said on “The Record.” “Pete Carroll flew to Denver chasing Peyton Manning and Manning never met with him. He got back on the plane and just flew back to Seattle. It was really kind of a crazy time.”

King also noted that Manning, who was also being pursued by the San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos upon his release by the Indianapolis Colts, was bothered by the fact Carroll showed up alone.

“[Manning] almost put off by the fact that you spent all this time and energy and fuel and whatever to come down here when I told you, ‘It's not going to happen. I'm not doing it,’” King said.

We’ll never know what would have happened if Manning and Carroll’s meeting took place, but perhaps Manning would have been a Seahawk. It’s also fair to assume that Russell Wilson wouldn’t have been taken in the third round, No. 75 overall by Seattle.

Everything worked out as it was supposed to for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, however. In 2013, Seattle went on to win its first Super Bowl title, taking down Manning and the Broncos. 

Wilson has since vaulted into the NFL’s elite and already hoisted one Lombardi trophy in his eight-year career. Last season, Wilson produced an incredible list of records and milestones, was named to a seventh Pro Bowl and picked up the first All-Pro honor of his career.

Don't be surprised if Wilson, who once attended Manning's football camp in the 10th grade, one day joins his football idol in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

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Will Ferrell makes cameo as Greg Olsen in Seahawks virtual meeting

Will Ferrell makes cameo as Greg Olsen in Seahawks virtual meeting

The Seattle Seahawks got to meet their newest tight end...kind of. 

During a Zoom meeting with the team’s 90-man roster, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll invited veteran Greg Olsen to crash the meeting and it was actually, wait for it, Will Ferrell. 

In the virtual meeting, the comedian/actor cladded in Seahawks gear, asks quarterback Russell Wilson to make a baby with him, draws up a special play called “90-go-flywheel Kanye Starburst,” and shows off his 1-pack workout bod. 

He also made it clear he has no desire to be called upon as a blocker or play special teams and will limit his play to 12 plays a game to fulfill his broadcast booth duties. 

Classic, Greg (or should we say Will?): 

Ferrell and Carroll became BFF’s back at USC when Carroll was the head football coach and Ferrell was a proud Trojan alum and booster. The two have even made appearances together at USC.

One time, Ferrell climbed on stage with Carroll’s assistance and kicked a field goal into the crowd.

The dynamic duo is real life Brennan and Dale from Step Brothers and you love to see it. 

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Pete Carroll says team would need 6 weeks of camp to prepare for NFL season

Pete Carroll says team would need 6 weeks of camp to prepare for NFL season

The Seattle Seahawks began their virtual offseason program last week; however, all in-person on-field workouts remain canceled until the 32 team facilities can be opened again.

Coach Pete Carroll said this while he has some NFL scheduling concerns due the coronavirus pandemic, his team is moving forward with the offseason training program, at least remotely for now. 

“The process is under way,” Carroll told reporters following the NFL Draft. “We are just going to keep thinking it’s happening and keep our head down about that and find out more later.”

“Nobody knows what’s going to happen, really, so we’ll just wait and see. But meanwhile, we’re going for it.”

There’s a very real possibility that the players won’t get an opportunity to suit up and take the field for offseason workouts. They could return to the Seahawks practice facility in late July, approximately six weeks before the start of the NFL season. But even that timeline isn’t guaranteed.

Carroll says his players need around a month and a half of camp to properly prepare and be ready for the grind of the NFL season, which is still penciled to begin on September 10. 

“That’s going to be a very big issue,” Carroll said. “I know that our guys need 6 weeks of work to get rolling, and that’s what the league has always allowed us. A couple weeks, then 4 games, it takes a full 5-6 weeks in camp."

Without an intense offseason, with competition and guys working against each other and all of that, I don’t know. We’re going to have to just figure it out. We won’t know until after we see the results of what happens. Maybe we’ll start to see things happen, I don’t know. -- Pete Carroll

He also expressed concerns about his players getting enough practice time to adequately prepare for the rigorous NFL season.

“There is a certain level of competition and stress you need to be under, to get your body to adapt and be ready for the kind of level of play that the league demands. I don’t know how that’s going to go,” Carroll said. “I do think it takes you 5-6 weeks anyway. And that’s coming off weeks and weeks of an entire offseason. It’s one of my greatest fears in this whole format of the NFL, how it sets up, is the six weeks that players take off before we start camp."

It’s frightening to me to think that guys go off on their own and we can’t help them stay fit as they prepare for this most rigorous of events, going through a football season. I’m hoping it’s not going to be let’s get two weeks of work and then let’s start playing NFL games. I hope it’s not like that because that’s going to be really challenging on their bodies and it will be almost impossible to figure that you could do it. -- Pete Carroll

Under normal circumstances, the Seahawks and the rest of the league would begin the offseason program with rookie minicamp and then OTAs along with the veterans. 

For now, Carroll has stated the Seahawks will do the best to adapt to the unideal situation and control what they can. 

"I would imagine in the next couple of weeks we will get a lot more information about that,” Carroll said. “But who knows. We don’t know. As somebody said, this is pandemic time, so we’re in a whole new ball game right now, so we have to wait and see.”

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Pete Carroll's draft clues were no match for one fan on Twitter

Pete Carroll's draft clues were no match for one fan on Twitter

"With the 27th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select... Jordyn Brooks. Linebacker. Texas Tech."

Those were the words uttered by commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday, much to the joy of the 12s. 

The move surprised many, as Brooks was projected to be a second-round pick. However, there was at least one smart (or lucky) fan that saw the move coming a mile away.

For years, Pete Carroll has posted videos on social media with hints about who the team is targeting in the draft. 

This time around Carroll posted a video from the movie 1917.

That may not be much of a clue for most, but one Seattle sleuth knew exactly what it meant.

That's right, Russell Massey called the pick hours before the draft, all based off of Carroll's clue. 

Of course, there was probably more luck involved in this, but it's still cool nonetheless. 

Brooks may not be a well-known name in Seattle, but he should fit in perfectly with the Seahawks. 

Seattle has long made a name for itself with a dominating defense. The Legion of Boom will go down in history as one of the greatest defenses of all-time, and it was that unit that helped Seattle win the Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.

One of the players on the defensive unit in 2014 - Current Seahawks LB, Bobby Wagner. 

Wagner is a fan favorite, so it should bring fans great joy that their first-round draft pick has drawn comparisons to the Seattle great. Brooks even says so himself.

I see myself with the style of play like Bobby Wagner,” Brooks said. “We’re kind of a similar build. I think I bring to the table just aggressiveness, passion, discipline. Those are some of my core values. The fans and the organization are getting a heck of a football player. I’m a linebacker, but I see myself as a football player who can do anything. I’ve got God-given ability that I’ve been blessed with. I feel like I can do anything and add a lot of value to the team. - Jordyn Brooks

Pete Carroll drops Seahawks draft clues ahead of 2020 NFL Draft

Pete Carroll drops Seahawks draft clues ahead of 2020 NFL Draft

Pete Carroll is at it again. 

With the 2020 NFL Draft beginning on Thursday night, the Seattle Seahawks coach is already unveiling a few clues about who his team could select in the completely virtual event. 

This is the 11th year Carroll has teased out the hints on social media. While these clues can be off-the-wall at times, it’s a light-hearted and fun way for Carroll to engage with the 12s.  

Maybe this year will be the year we crack the code. Let’s get this draft started!

Clue No. 1 

Carroll shared out a video of the ending of the movie 1917. In the scene, Lance Cpl. Schofield runs across an open battlefield, avoiding bombs, bullets and fellow British soldiers to deliver a message to cancel an attack. The British army is heading into a trap that will kill 1,600 soldiers. 

The scene occurs as the first wave of the attack is underway. 

Based off the clue, some Twitter users think the Seahawks are trading out of the first round (imagine that) while others predict Seattle could be targeting a running back. 

It’s worth noting that the Army Black Knights have two defensive players, Cole Christiansen (MLB) and Elijah Riley (CB), who could be taken in the NFL Draft. Neither are expected to be first-round picks. 

Clue No. 2

The second hint Carroll gives out is a scene from the classic 1995 movie “Toy Story.” In the clip, Woody and the rest of the toys get to meet Andy’s new intergalactic space hero toy named Buzz Lightyear. Buzz shows off his “impressive wingspan.” 

Many fans are speculating the Seahawks could have their eyes on a wide receiver. There’s a number of players who have impressive wingspans in the first round, including Alabama's Trevon Diggs, Penn State's Yetur Gross-Matos, and Michigan's Josh Uche.  

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Clue No. 3

Carroll's next draft hint is the infamous Magnum scene from Zoolander. In this particular clip, Mugatu attempts to kill the Prime Minister with an m-shaped shuriken, but Derek Zoolander stops him by revealing his "Magnum" model look which stuns the crowd. 

Many on Twitter believe the "M" in the video resembles the University of Michigan's "M" logo. 

@Sea_Mode 24 had another intriguing thought on the clue. 

Clue No. 4

In this clue, Carroll shares a clip from the M'Baku scene of Black Panther. Seahawks Twitter seemed mostly confused by the clue, but some believe the reference could pertain to Florida's Jabari Zuniga, who is forecasted to be selected in the first two rounds. M'Baku is the leader of the Jabari tribe. 

Clue No. 5

Carroll next clue is a video from the movie The Other Guys. The scene shows Officer Gamble being tricked into taking his first "desk Pop."

Some wondered if this last clue is meant to throw people off. Others noted that many of the video clues featured Will Ferrell in them. Is there a connection to USC other than the obvious Carroll coached there fact? Former Trojans offensive tackle Austin Jackson is certainly worth keeping an eye on. 

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Clue No. 6

We're almost to the start of the 2020 NFL Draft and Carroll is still dropping draft hints. This one comes from the chasing scene in Rambo: First Blood. The scene shows Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone, on a stolen motorcycle being chased by police. 

Some speculated Seattle could be looking to move up and take Chase Young, which is highly unlikely. It's more probable the team is hinting at a player with speed, or a good motor. 

We will update this story with Carroll's draft clues as they are released. 

Seahawks GM John Schneider tears down walls in home to create NFL Draft War Room

Seahawks GM John Schneider tears down walls in home to create NFL Draft War Room

This year’s NFL Draft is going to look very different for John Schneider. 

To turn his home into a virtual war room on Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks general manager had to do an extreme home makeover, including working with construction crews to tear down some walls. 

“I’m not going to lie to you—I’ve had a couple of walls ripped up,” Schneider said on Tuesday. “It’s just part of the process, but in the time in trying to be social distancing, it’s definitely been a challenge.”

Schneider noted that his house isn’t in the best location in terms of high-speed internet connection and cell service coverage. He’s put many safeguards in place, in the case technology fizzles during the draft.  

“I’m a very visual person, so everything's there in case things fall apart from a technology standpoint,” Schneider said. “I think there’s like, I don’t know, it feels like 25 screens. But I like the one-on-one interaction. I like being able to have private conversations with Pete [Carroll] throughout the draft process.”

While talking with NFL Network’s Rich Eisen this week, Seahawks Insider Joe Fann caught a glimpse of Schneider’s high-tech setup. Eisen compared the immaculate room to a “showroom floor.” The photo gave us major MTV Cribs vibes. 

Seahawks fans certainly had some thoughts on Schneider's two dozen screens. 

Like Schneider, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has beefed up his setup at home. He just hopes he doesn’t blow a fuse during the draft process. 

“I’ve got boards that wrap around the room. I've got seven screens going, which is not uncomfortable for me. I kind of like all the activity,” Carroll said. “We’ve got our land lines. We have got our cell phones, our backup cell phones, all kinds of stuff… It’s kind of cool. It’s all high-tech. We have our own little room here to do our press conference thing that’s set off to the side, as well. We just both hope that we don’t get overloads on the circuits and everything shuts down, you know, because we’ve got a lot more things plugged in than we normally do around here.”

Seattle enters Thursday’s draft with seven picks with its first coming at No. 27 overall. However, there’s an expectation the Seahawks won’t pick at 27th after all. Since 2012, Seattle has moved back from its original first-round slot every year. 

Last year, Seattle started the draft with four selections, while Schneider and Carroll wheeled and dealed their way to 11 total selections by the end of the weekend. 

Seahawks’ Weekly Challenge: Meditation with Seahawks Dancer Maggie

Seahawks’ Weekly Challenge: Meditation with Seahawks Dancer Maggie

Training the mind is equally as important as training the body. It doesn’t matter if you are on the field or off the field, an athlete or not, mental health is vital for everyone. 

With the #stayhome initiative in full force due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health is as important as ever.

The Seattle Seahawks and sports psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais are releasing weekly challenges to sharpen the mind during this tough time.

My job with the Seattle Seahawks is to train their minds. To be mentally strong. To help them be their very best together. — Dr. Michael Gervais

On Wednesday, Dr. Gervais released this week’s weekly challenge: meditation to sharpen the mind during this time. He had a little help from Seahawks Dancer Maggie in this week’s lesson on meditation. 

The two study breathing, taking slow deep breaths and focusing on enjoying the exhale. Then, the focus switches to color and how it affects the mind during meditation.

It’s a very interesting study to say the least.

You can listen to the full meditation routine below:

You can also follow along with Dr. Gervais' work with his Compete to Create campaign along with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

We really have found a way to put our curriculum together in a way to create an educational platform where we can help people find their best. We’ve realized that we really do have a mentality and an approach and a philosophy that we can share with people. That’s really what Compete to Create has become. -- Pete Carroll

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Why DK Metcalf went shirtless when meeting Pete Carroll for the first time

Why DK Metcalf went shirtless when meeting Pete Carroll for the first time

First impressions are everything. DK Metcalf knows this from experience. 

That’s why the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver made a bold move to impress his future coach, Pete Carroll, at last year’s NFL Scouting Combine. 

Metcalf decided to show off his impressive physique, walking into his first meeting with Carroll without a shirt. So, what did the then 67-year-old coach do in response? He took off his shirt too. 

The Seahawks later shared a video of the surreal scene: 

According to Metcalf, the idea to go topless wasn’t exactly his idea. It was Seahawks scout Aaron Hineline’s.

“They had a scout that was like my group leader, and he was like ‘When you come to our meeting, take your shirt off,’” Metcalf said in a recent episode of Pardon My Take. “And I was like no, I can’t do that, bro. And he was like ‘do it, he’s going to be fired up about it,’ so I said I’ll do it.

“I walked in with my shirt off and he took his shirt off. We were two shirtless men just hanging out.”

Carroll later revealed what he thought when Metcalf walked into the interview shirtless.  

"Well, I was surprised he came into our interview with his shirt off, “Carroll said. “And it kind of pissed me off, so I took my shirt off too ... not for long, though.”

Well, apparently the first impression stuck with Carroll. The Seahawks ended up drafting Metcalf in the second-round on April 26 and he went on to become one of Russell Wilson’s main targets in 2019.

In 15 starts, Metcalf caught 58 of his 100 targets for 900 yards along with seven touchdown receptions. He finished second in catches, third in receiving yards, and tied for the third-most touchdowns among all rookie receivers.

Pete Carroll: Seahawks looking at 'a half dozen veteran edge rushers'

Pete Carroll: Seahawks looking at 'a half dozen veteran edge rushers'

As the Seahawks approach free agency, all eyes are on star edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney, who Seattle acquired last season. 

General manager John Schneider spoke to reporters at the NFL Combine on Tuesday, revealing that he plans to meet with Clowney's agent at the combine. He'll request Clowney give Seattle the opportunity to match any contract offer another team gives the former first-overall pick.

As Clowney enters free agency for the first time in his career, he's reportedly seeking a "market-setting" deal

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However, if Clowney proves to have a price tag too hefty for the Seahawks' price range, they will need to pivot.

In an interview on 710 ESPN Seattle, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said Seattle has its sights set on "a half dozen veteran edge rushers."

Other notable defensive linemen entering free agency include Shaquil Barrett (Tamba Bay), D.J. Reader (Houston), Yannick Ngakoue (Jacksonville), Dante Fowler (Los Angeles Rams), Arik Armstead (San Francisco), and Matt Judon (Baltimore). 

Last week, the Seahawks were linked to Minnesota Vikings edge rusher Everson Griffin, who played under Carroll at USC and voided the last three years of his contract to become a free agent. Yet, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer reportedly met with Griffin's agent this week and expects to have him back in purple and gold, per Adam Schefter. 

The Seahawks could also decide to target pass rushers in the draft, including Auburn defensive tackle Marlon Davidson and Penn State edge rusher Yetur Gross-Matos.

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Free agency officially begins on March 18. 

Here are 3 things we learned from Pete Carroll's Monday morning radio interview

Here are 3 things we learned from Pete Carroll's Monday morning radio interview

The news regarding the potential signing of Marshawn Lynch is sweeping across the NFL like a brush fire. 

And while Carroll confirmed in an interview with 710ESPN in Seattle that Lynch is flying in to meet with the Seahawks, there was a lot more to the interview to unpack.  

1. He foresees Jadeveon Clowney suiting up against the 49ers this upcoming Sunday. 

Clowney has been unavailable since the Rams game in Week 15 fighting a core-muscle injury and an illness. Getting him back for the regular season finale would be huge as he had a sack and a forced fumble against the 49ers to help the Seahawks give them their first loss of the year.

2. Starting left tackle Duane Brown has exited surgery already and the recovery timetable is 2-3 weeks. 

The Seahawks head coach announced Brown needed left knee surgery in his postgame press conference following a loss to the Cardinals. He has already been ruled out for the wild card round and a win on Sunday against the 49ers could earn Seattle a first round bye allowing Brown enough time to recover before they play a postseason game. 

3. Carroll provided a diagnosis on Chris Carson’s season ending injury: It's a fractured hip. Though, there’s no long-term concern.

Carson will end the season running with a career-best 1,230 yards and nine touchdowns. 

We'll have more throughout the day on the potential signing of Marshawn Lynch and more!