Rob Gronkowski

How could you, Ian????

How could you, Ian????

Ian Karmel was the chosen one of Rip City... or least he was supposed to be. He rocked his Portland Trail Blazers colors at every turn. In a sea of purple and gold, he could easily be spotted wearing this throwback Jerome Kersey jersey. He was the first son of Rip City. A flag bearer for celebrity fans across the country. 

That all changed on Wednesday.

Sure, the dance moves were sweet, but the heartbreak was sour. 

During a timeout of the Lakers game, Karmel, along with three other celebrities we have never heard of, took the court with the Lakers Girls.


The sight of Karmel turning on his hometown team was a tough pill to swallow. How could you, Ian? You betrayed your people... or did he?

Karmel took to Twitter after the game to set the record straight.

To be fair, the stunt was all for Karmel's new television show "Game On" featuring James Corden, Keegan-Michael Key, Venus Williams, Rob Gronkowski, and Bobby Lee.

According to CBS, "Game On"  is "Equal parts comedy and game show, the genre-busting GAME ON! pits two teams of three, including captains Williams and Gronkowski with comedians Lee and Karmel and a rotating mix of sports stars, comedians, and celebrities, against one another."

So don't worry fans, it was all just an elaborate stunt. The Karmel flag is firmly planted in the ground of Rip City.