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Russell Wilson urges Jadeveon Clowney to return to Seahawks

Russell Wilson urges Jadeveon Clowney to return to Seahawks

Russell Wilson wants Jadeveon Clowney back in a Seattle Seahawks uniform next season. 

The Seahawks franchise quarterback took to Instagram on Thursday night while Super Bowl 48 was replaying on NFL Game Pass. During a break in the game, a fan asked Wilson if he could “talk some sense into Clowney.”

Wilson delivered this authentic response: 

“I need you homie,” Wilson said. “Clowney come back. Don’t leave me, don’t Clowney, don’t leave us. We need you bro. Anyways, Clowney, I love playing with you bro. Hopefully we get to do it some more that’s what the fans want.”

Clowney remains the top defensive player in NFL free agency. While his three sacks in 13 games for Seattle didn’t live up to many fans' expectations, his presence had domino effects for the pass rush. He was consistently one of the most disruptive defensive linemen, scoring two defensive touchdowns and 1.5 sacks in the Seahawks' two playoff games. 

The 27-year-old has reportedly dropped his asking price from more than $20 million per season to the $17-18 million range. 

Clowney may not be ready to make a decision yet, but one thing is for certain, Wilson is hoping the three-time Pro Bowler will return to Seattle in 2020. 

Phillip Dorsett calls Russell Wilson ‘the best deep ball thrower in the NFL’

Phillip Dorsett calls Russell Wilson ‘the best deep ball thrower in the NFL’

Phillip Dorsett knows Russell Wilson’s off-script Houdini magic is something special. 

It’s why the new Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, who ran a 4.33 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in 2015, is looking forward to catching balls from arguably the best downfield passer in Wilson this season. 

“I personally believe he’s the best deep ball thrower in the NFL,” Dorsett told Chuck Powell and Bucky Jacobsen of Sports Radio 950 KJR. “You can see it week in and week out with DK [Metcalf] and Tyler [Lockett]. I’ve been sitting back, taking advantage of the NFL Game Pass (being) free so I’ve just been watching games and you can see it every possession.”

Dorsett said he’s watched several Seahawks games and is impressed by Wilson’s late-game heroics. 

“His deep ball ability and then the way he plays. You can just see it. He’s a magician,” Dorsett said. “I feel like honestly, he doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves. He’s a great quarterback and the way he does what he does under the center back there is amazing. He’s a magician. He’s Houdini and he can make every throw.

“It’s a blessing that I get to play with him, and I can’t wait to get there and work him.” 

Wilson conjured up several last-minute miracles last season. The Seahawks tied an NFL record with 10 wins last season by a one-score margin, but not even Wilson could deliver magic in the frozen tundra in the Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers. 

Dorsett, alongside receiving threats Lockett and Metcalf, will give Wilson another speedy weapon at his disposal. He will compete for the No. 3 spot against David Moore, John Ursua, and Malik Turner this spring. 

The 5-foot-10 wideout started 14 games for New England last season, catching 29 passes for 397 yards from Tom Brady and tacked on a career-high five touchdowns. Dorsett has 124 career receptions for 1,634 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Russell Wilson’s stepson Future shows off his quarterback skills


Russell Wilson’s stepson Future shows off his quarterback skills

The ongoing COVID-19 quarantine has given families a little extra time to spend with one another. Russell Wilson is certainly taking advantage of that. 

In a video shared to Twitter on Tuesday, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback got in a sweat sesh in with his stepson Future. The duo almost looks identical in the gym, but just wait until you see Future’s skills on the football field. 

“Bonding Time! #HardWork w/ Future Fun ballin’ today! The Best Teammate!” Wilson tweeted.

What can you say? It runs in the family. 

Future is only five years old, but he’s already proven to be quite the athlete, and dancer. In a TikTok video shared by Ciara, Future and his mom team up for the “Hit Yo Groove” dance challenge. 

Nothing passes the time like some quarantined dancing.  

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Me N My Baby Boy. 💙🤣#HitYoGrooveChallenge

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While the Wilsons have been spending a lot of quality time with family, they’ve continued to find ways to give back to the community. The couple announced Tuesday that they have partnered up with Wheels Up on an initiative that has a goal of providing 10 million meals to those in need.

They’ve also donated 1 million meals through Food Lifeline, a group that distributes to over 300 food banks, shelters and programs through Western Washington. 

“We want to encourage everyone out there to join us in whatever way that you can, big or small,” Ciara said. “Everything makes a difference, everything we do together makes a difference."

Russell Wilson, Ciara pledge to raise 10 million meals for Feeding America

Russell Wilson, Ciara pledge to raise 10 million meals for Feeding America

Russell Wilson and Ciara know there are families across the nation who have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s why the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and pop star recently announced in a one-minute video via Twitter that they were partnering with Seattle’s Food Lifeline to donate 1 million meals to those affected in the Seattle area

Now, the Wilsons are taking their contributions one step further. 

In a post on Twitter Tuesday morning, Wilson announced he and Ciara, as well as private aviation company Wheels Up, are teaming up to raise 10 million meals to those in need. The donation will go to hunger relief organization Feeding America.  

“We started doing our research, Ciara and I, and we found out that Feeding America is such a great program,” Wilson said on CNBC Tuesday morning. “40 years of doing good in the world and trying to make a difference.”

The massive contribution from the Wilsons will certainly go a long way for families in need. Per Feeding America, 92 percent of food banks reported a spike in demand for food assistance between March 19 and March 23. Many food banks have also seen a decline in donations and volunteers due to coronavirus concerns. 

While many other professional sports are postponed or suspended due to the pandemic, Wilson is currently in the NFL offseason. As of now, the 2020 NFL Draft is expected to proceed as planned. 

Wilson hopes COVID-19 won’t delay the season’s start, but for now, he’s focused on giving back to those in need.

“I love playing the game, and as soon as I can get back out there and play in a safe way, that will be great. But the reality is, we’re in a global pandemic,” Wilson said. “The best thing that we can do is just love and give and serve, and if we can do that ... I think we’ll be back out there.”

How Ciara helped Russell Wilson level up his fashion game 

How Ciara helped Russell Wilson level up his fashion game 

The Russell Wilson Hawaiian shirt can finally be laid to rest. 

It was one of Wilson’s beloved pre-Ciara favorites and thankfully for us, it became immortalized in the meme world and Twittersphere forever. But Wilson has since ditched his funky threads and he’s thanking his wife Ciara for the change. 

“I’m going to give you the credit, but listen, you stepped up my fashion game a little bit,” Wilson told Ciara in an Instagram Live video Thursday. “I had something. Everyone makes fun because I wore the Hawaiian shirt, and that’s the only photo y’all see. I’m going to Hawaii…anyways, I’ll leave that back there. But listen, you said level up, I leveled up.”

The Seattle Seahawks star quarterback and pop star took to Instagram Thursday in celebration of their five-year anniversary. The Wilsons shared stories about how they first met, and how Wilson’s “janky” wallet caught Ciara’s eye. She told him he was losing it. 

“I had this wallet. She says it was janky, I said it was necessary,” Wilson said. “So I was single and I lost all my stuff back then. So, I had this bible-looking wallet. It had like my cards on one side, my phone on the other, but it was a broke down wallet.”

He continued: “You need a man that’s going to be consistent for you. This wallet has been consistent for me.”

Well, Wilson’s glow-up appears to be working. NFL Media’s Andrew Hawkins recently parodied the All-Pro quarterback and his pre/post Ciara fits. The impression was spot on.  

What can we say? Behind every man is an even better woman. Happy Anniversary, Russell and Ciara!

Russell Wilson wants Seahawks to bring back these vintage threads

Russell Wilson wants Seahawks to bring back these vintage threads

Say it’s true. 

The NFL is considering a change to the one-helmet rule, which mandates a team wear only one color on their helmet. If such a rule were implemented, NFL teams would like to use an alternate uniform with an alternate helmet to do it.

Russell Wilson made it clear he firmly approves of this idea. 

In a post on Twitter Wednesday night, the Seattle Seahawks franchise quarterback shared a photoshopped version of himself rocking the Cortez Kennedy-Curt Warner era throwback threads. 

“This is a MUST,” Wilson said in the post. “Seahawks fans around the world would love! #JustDoIt #Throwbacks.”

Another photo circulated from Twitter user Condre3k with DK Metcalf donning retro white threads. 

Seahawks fans sent their stamp of approval on Wilson’s idea. 

Could you imagine….the Seahawks once again in these bad boys? Mind blown.  

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that there will be no change for the 2020 season. The ongoing discussions for a change would take place in 2021, but no decisions have been made as of now. 

Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians told The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday that the Bucs’ creamsicle throwbacks could make a comeback if the one-helmet rule is ditched. 

“I think once the helmet rule change, next year, we might have some creamsicles, some throwbacks, which I think are the best uniforms in the league,” Arians said. 

The league created the one-helmet rule in 2013 that said teams were required to choose one helmet color a season no matter what alternate uniform combination the team wanted to have. The Seahawks went with dark blue. If Seattle were to do its throwback jerseys, they would need silver helmets to match the vintage duds.

So, will we ever get to see these classics in the modern NFL? Seahawks fans are clamoring for a return to the team’s storied uniforms, but Wilson’s desire to rock these old-school style throwbacks will have to wait for now. 

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, Walter Jones take part in viral TikTok challenge

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, Walter Jones take part in viral TikTok challenge

There are many fun things you can do while practicing social distancing.

You can binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix, read a book or write in your journal, or use the social media tool TikTok and find some creative ways to fill your alone time.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, pop star Ciara, took to the social media video app to connect with fans during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The entire Wilson family busted a move while bumping Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla Sign’s “Something New.”

Wilson’s sister, Stanford Basketball star Anna Wilson, even made an appearance. Take a look: 

Seahawks legend and nine-time Pro Bowler Walter Jones also took part in the “Something New” challenge. He shared this video from his daughter, Waleria Jones’ TikTok. 

Other Seahawks have flocked to TikTok, including twin brothers Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin. They’ve been participating in the Quarantine Challenge, which unlike the “Something New,” challenge doesn’t feature a specific song or dance move. 

But that doesn’t mean the Griffin brothers didn’t showcase their spot-on choreography.  

While the Seahawks may not take the field for a little while, considering the NFL’s offseason has been postponed due to the coronavirus, at least we have some videos to watch as we go through quarantine life together. 

When Russell Wilson is “Too Old for Football"

When Russell Wilson is “Too Old for Football"

Russell Wilson is 31 years old and eight years into his NFL career. 

But the Seattle Seahawks franchise quarterback hopes to keep playing into middle age. 

“I’ve always wanted to go for 45,” Wilson said this past November. “That’s kind of just longevity playing. I think, for me, every year is you’re invested to your body. You’re invested into your mind, your soul, everything else. The game. As you go, you get even stronger and you get even better I feel like. Even more wisdom. I think that helps a lot.”

While Wilson believes his career could carry into the 2030s, one Seahawks fan envisions Wilson playing into his 80s. 

In a post shared to Reddit on Thursday, user Jason Anspach shared a story his 11-year-old daughter had written about Wilson titled “Too Old for Football.” The story details Wilson, now 80, in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform. 

According to the creative piece of literature, Seattle told Wilson he wasn’t good anymore and despite the Seahawks quarterback begging for more chances, he left to join the Steelers.

“The Steelers were terrible ever since he joined, but nobody knew why,” she wrote. “Now he was holding the ball. “Throw it!” people screamed. He tried, but the ball only went a few centimeters. Just then someone slammed into Russell. “No!” screamed the coach. Russell Wilson flew through the air, crashing down. He was fine, though, because under his uniform, he had twenty pads and two pillows.”

The best part of the story was the ending, when Wilson got kicked off the Steelers and then got picked up by the Browns. Of course, he went to the Browns, classic…

You can read the entire piece below. 

Russell Wilson, Ciara partner with Seattle food bank to donate one million meals

Russell Wilson, Ciara partner with Seattle food bank to donate one million meals

During this time of no sports, no gatherings, no contact with others, can be very difficult on so many across the world. Those who have limited to no access of food, those who are unable to see families, across all ages both young and elderly. But, it has also been a time to spread love and support for one another.

Announced on Tuesday via Twitter, Russell Wilson and Ciara have partnered with a local Seattle food back decided to donate 1 million meals to those in need.

We want to encourage everyone out there to join us in whatever way they can, big or small. Everything makes a difference, everything that we do together makes a difference and together we will conquer this tough time we’re going through. — Ciara

Tagged in the tweet is ‘Feeding America,’ a site that directs you to your local food bank.

According to the website, The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks secures and distributes 4.3 billion meals each year through food pantries and meal programs throughout the United States and leads the nation to engage in the fight against hunger. 

This is just one of the many generous acts that we have seen throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever these acts of kindness must continue.

Thank you Russell and Ciara!

Russell Wilson on second season with DK Metcalf: ‘They ain’t ready for what we about to do’

Russell Wilson on second season with DK Metcalf: ‘They ain’t ready for what we about to do’

Russell Wilson is taking the practice of social distancing seriously. 

But that doesn’t mean the Seattle Seahawks quarterback isn’t finding alternative ways to engage with his fans and fellow teammates while COVID-19 continues to have an impact in the state of Washington and globally. 

“We’re in a time of severe measures,” Wilson said via Instagram Live. “We’re in a time of trials, tribulations and finances and everything else…and I think the reality is, we need to be able to find the joy in it.”

This is the second time this week Wilson has taken to the platform to talk about his “new reality,” which included finding out the new CBA had been approved on Sunday. 

“It’s kind of crazy to think about a whole 10 years,” Wilson said. “Interesting times, especially the vote happening during all this craziness. Everyone’s away from each other. I am so grateful that I get to play the game though and that’s the good news in it.”

While live on Instagram, Wilson was joined by his pastor John Gray, his sister Stanford basketball star Anna Wilson and wide receiver DK Metcalf. 

Metcalf, who is down in Arizona training for the upcoming season, appeared at the 43:35 mark of the live session. Wilson told Metcalf the fans want to know what they are up to and Metcalf had a telling response: “It’s loading.”

“It’s gonna be a big surprise, I think,” Metcalf said, “The doubters always out there, bro.”

“They ain’t ready for what we about to do,” Wilson said in response.

Wilson also revealed that he’s focused on eating “more vegan,” this offseason. He says that despite the fact his family prepared duck with vegetables for dinner, he will eat just vegetables.

Both players also shared their affinity for cheese, and honestly, same. 
“Bruh, I got to lay off the cheese. That’s my biggest problem,” Metcalf admitted. 

The two players are expected to link up again this offseason. Wilson and Metcalf built chemistry ahead of Seahawks training camp in 2019 with workouts on the UCLA campus.  

The NFL is closely monitoring coronavirus developments, so there’s no telling if a ban will eventually be put into place regarding offseason workouts. As of now, free agency is expected to go on as planned and while the league’s annual meeting has been canceled, the show is expected to go on for the NFL Draft in April.