Super Bowl

Seahawks, Broncos, and the worst Super Bowl of all-time

Seahawks, Broncos, and the worst Super Bowl of all-time

Super Bowl LIV is just about a week away and it should be one for the ages. 

The high powered offense of the Kansas City Chiefs takes on the no-nonsense defense of the San Francisco 49ers. 

It's the classic unstoppable force meets the immovable object scenario. Something has got to give. 

How will it all play out? We will find out next Sunday. 

Until then, we have 53 years of classic Super Bowls to reminisce about. 

Some good. Some not so good. 

Seahawks fans, they've had both. 

USA Today recently ranked all the Super Bowls, and Seattle's Super Bowl XLVIII matchup against the Broncos ranks as the worst Super Bowl of all-time. 

Said USA Today,  "The chasm between pre-game expectations and eventual outcome may have been the widest in the game’s history. Seattle's Legion of Boom defense stifled a Peyton Manning-led offense that had scored a league-record 606 points."

This game was as one-sided as they get. 

The tone was set from the jump, with the Seahawks forcing a safety on the first play from scrimmage. 

From there on, the Seahawks dominated from sideline to sideline. 

With 2:58 left in the third quarter, the Seahawks scored another touchdown to take a 36-0 lead. It was all over but the crying for the Broncos. 

The Broncos were a two-point favorite but ended up losing to the Seahawks 43-8.

The game tied the third-largest margin of victory in Super Bowl history and was the largest margin of victory for a Super Bowl underdog. 

The game was ranked so low simply because it didn't even come close to living up to the pregame hype. 

However, for Seattle Seahawks fans it is the greatest Super Bowl of all-time. Of the three Super Bowls the team has played in, Super Bowl XLVIII is the only one the Seahawks have won. 

So where do the other two rank on USA Today's list?

- Super Bowl XL: Rank: 33 - Said USA Today, "Steelers 21, Seahawks 10: Pittsburgh joined the club of five-time Lombardi Trophy winners as RB Jerome Bettis ended his career in style in Detroit (his hometown) and Roethlisberger, 23, became the youngest quarterback to win the game despite forgettable numbers and amid controversial officiating that hurt Seattle."

- Super Bowl XLIX: Rank 3 -  Said USA Today, "Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24: It will forever be remembered for Russell Wilson’s goal-line interception with the game hanging in the balance when the Seahawks could have given the ball to bruising RB Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch. The loss likely denied Seattle's shot at a dynasty while burnishing the Patriot Way. Brady won a record-tying third MVP award as he and Belichick collected their fourth title together but first in a decade. "


For a trip down memory lane, let's rewatch the worst (best if you're a Seahawks fan) Super Bowl of all-time. 

Corn syrup, Michael Bubly, chunky milk: the best/worst Super Bowl commercials

Mint Mobile

Corn syrup, Michael Bubly, chunky milk: the best/worst Super Bowl commercials

While some are attending Super Bowl parties on Sunday to avidly watch players, plays, schemes, others may gather for just the commercials. It is a rare time when you don’t want to mute or change the channel, or fast forward, but rather listen, laugh, cry, and question these commercials.

We all have our favorites and yes this is all subjective, but let’s take a closer look at some of the best and worst Super Bowl commercials from Sunday. 

In no particular order:


Bud Light Corn Syrup

NFL 100


Peanut Nut Man

Michael Buble

Hyundai with Jason Bateman



Mint Mobile's chunky milk

Turbo Box child robot thing


How the Ducks, Beavers influenced the Super Bowl

usa today img.

How the Ducks, Beavers influenced the Super Bowl

First of all, how great is that photo. Former Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers coming together. Brandin Cooks showing support for Patrick Chung, who left the game due to injury. 

But let’s look into how the former Ducks and Beavers performed in Super Bowl LIII:


ProDucks: Patrick Chung; Troy Hill; Johnny Mundt

10-year veteran safety Patrick Chung delivered a big hit on first drive of the Super Bowl. But unfortunately his time was short lived. Chung left the game at the 13:50 minute mark in the third quarter with a right arm injury and would not return. He walked off the field in an air cast. His presence and veteran leadership was surely missed and was evident in the fourth quarter. There was a big mis-communication in the Pats secondary that lead to a wide open Brandin Cooks in the end zone, but thank goodness for the closing speed of DB Jason McCourty to get there just in time.

Chung finished his day recording four tackles, two solo tackles and one pass deflection.

Johnny Mundt and Troy Hill spent their day on special teams coverage.


ProBeavs: Brandin Cooks; Johnny Hekker; Sean Mannion

A potential Super Bowl MVP candidate was Johnny Hekker, the former Oregon State Beaver. At one point, Hekker had more punts (7) than running back Todd Gurley had carries. Hekker really kept the Rams in this game with decent field position.

Hekker finished his day with nine punts for 417 yards averaging 46.3 yards per punt. His longest was 65 yards, which is a Super Bowl record.  

When the Rams needed a first down, Jared Goff targeted his favorite receiver, sure-handed Brandin Cooks. The ever-dangerous and speedy Cooks was held quiet in the first half, but finished the game leading the Los Angeles passing game with eight receptions for 120 yards. 

It was a tough day for Cooks as he was targeted twice in the end zone with the ball touching his hands, but just couldn't come down with it.

Super Bowl halftime show: We could’ve used more Spongebob

usa today img.

Super Bowl halftime show: We could’ve used more Spongebob

Grade: C

That grade may even be generous. We got a fever and the only prescription is more Spongebob. In the not-so-anticipated Super Bowl half time performance of Maroon 5 (before Travis Scott and Big Boi were announced as supporting performers), Adam Levine delivered the performance that you would imagine he would give (and even took his shirt off).

But the moment that fans were waiting for was Spongebob Squarepants. Yes, that yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea that took over the 90’s into 2000’s kids television is STILL funny today. What was rumored to maybe be part of the show was just a glimpse of the ever-famous band geek scene. 

However, it was still quite the moment as it introduced Travis Scott who then appeared on stage, forged in fire. Like literal fire. It was straight fire, quite literally. 

Then a drumline and choir joined the stage to join Maroon 5 sining “Girls Like You” which was pretty cool. 

Big Boi literally drove a car within the crowd, on the field, to the stage. His look was fresh to say the least as they performed “I Like The Way You Move”. 

Overall, could have been better. And Twitter definitely took note of the lack of Spongebob:


Does LaMichael James think the CFB Playoff should be expanded?

Does LaMichael James think the CFB Playoff should be expanded?

Oregon great LaMichael James added restaurant owner to his resume this week, opening a Killer Burger franchise.

I went to the grand opening and was impressed by the amount of Ducks fans there. The atmosphere was like an excellent backyard party: James passed out “perfect” burgers, "21" jerseys everywhere, cold beer in the glasses, good music, and Oregon sports paraphernalia on the walls (including signed jerseys by friends Damian Lillard, Russell Wilson, Jordan Bell and Jacquizz Rodgers).

I caught up with James about life after football (spoiler alert, his next Killer Burger location is Eugene!) and also asked his take on some hot current topics.

Who does James think will win the Super Bowl? Should the College Football Playoff be expanded? Of all the Ducks on the current roster, who does he love watching the most?

Watch the video above from the Brian Noe Show for more. 


BREAKING -- my secret to making Super Bowl picks that make you happy, win or lose

BREAKING -- my secret to making Super Bowl picks that make you happy, win or lose

The National Football League opens Thursday night and you know what that means, right?

It means that pundits all over the country need to get their Super Bowl picks in sometime before the first game. And of course, I'm all in on that -- even though I don't consider myself much of an NFL expert. You see, I don't play fantasy football. I don't bet on NFL games and I find the Red Zone channel unfulfilling. I'd even rather play golf than watch the NFL on TV on a sunny Sunday, too. So there is that.

But I'm still as capable as any other writer in the country at picking teams out of the air. Especially because I have a system -- a tried-and-true system that I've been using for years now when it comes to picking winners in any sport.

Now keep in mind I didn't invent this system. It's been in operation for decades, I'm sure -- and was probably invented by one of the legendary greats in my business.

So let's get to it and this season, for the first time, I'm going to pull back the curtain and reveal how I arrive at my genius picks -- which very often prove to be correct. I am going to give it all up this year, my gift to the sporting public.

First off, you need to decide which team irritates you the most. Which team are you most tired of hearing about? Reading about? And which one are you most tired of watching win? It shouldn't take you long to make this decision. Just as most everybody has a favorite team, most people have a least-favorite team.

Now here comes the tricky part.

Once you discern that most disliked team or franchise (or most despised coach or player, if you prefer), go ahead and pick that team to make it to the Super Bowl. Why? Because you will be hedging your bet, in a way. Let's say, for instance, you are sick and tired of reading about, hearing about or just talking about ... the New England Patriots.

Pick the Patriots.

And that way, no matter what happens, you can't lose. If the Patriots win, you're a genius. After all, you picked them. But if they lose, you were wrong about them. WHICH SHOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY! You don't like them and they lost! Certainly it's worth being wrong on a silly Super Bowl pick that nobody will remember unless you pop up months from now reminding them who you picked, right?

I love this method and offer it up to the world. I've even known people who use it in real-life. A friend of mine made it a practice to make bets -- real money -- against his own family member with his friends, thinking then he'd be less disappointed either way with the outcome.

Yes, the world can be a harsh place.

So now you know the method behind my madness all these years. And oh yes, I almost forgot.

My Super Bowl picks this season? The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Bet on it... if you want.

And THAT's why you probably shouldn't bet big $ on sports events

And THAT's why you probably shouldn't bet big $ on sports events

I cannot remember being more certain of a Super Bowl winner than I was last week. I just KNEW that Atlanta would beat New England. They had a better team, played in a better conference and should have been the favorite but for all the sentiment about the coach and quarterback for the Patriots.

And if I had it to predict all over again, I'd say the same thing. But I'd hope the Atlanta coaching staff would come to its senses late in the game. Come on, guys -- a first down at the New England 22 with about four minutes to play and you pass? You pass?

I didn't get it at the time. Just run the ball three times, get the ball in the middle of the field for your kicker -- who is one of the best in the business -- run the clock down and boot a field goal that would have sealed the game for you. That's all they had to do.

But no, what followed was a disaster. A franchise-changing disaster. By the time the Falcons were finished with that series they'd taken themselves out of field-goal position, Tom Brady was the greatest quaarterback of all time and Atlanta was a bettor's nightmare.

The Falcons were getting three points. A steal. And I would have lost a fortune.

Except that I've seen these things happen so many times before that I don't bet on sports events -- other than an occasional dinner wager or five bucks here and there. You can have these things figured out ahead of time and then somebody does something stupid or there's a power failure on the field or maybe a garbage-time cheap score destroys your point-spread cushion.

No matter how certain you are about a game's outcome, my advice is be careful. Stupid stuff happens.