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Tennessee to Oregon, "You have a friend in me"

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Tennessee to Oregon, "You have a friend in me"

Late last week I asked if Oregon and Tennessee just became best friends after a Tweet from the Oregon Ducks trolled the Volunteers rival, and Week 4 opponent, the Florida Gators.

If the Volunteer’s lastest video on social media is any indication, then the two schools have indeed started a budding friendship.

On Monday the Volunteers, fresh off of ending an eleven-game losing streak to the Gators, took to Twitter to thank the Ducks for their support.

The Tweet read, "Hey [Oregon], apparently pulling trucks makes you hungry. You have a friend in me. Your Friend, Smokey," and had the following video attached to it:

If mascots can really be friends, than The Duck and Smokey are BFFs. Woody and Buzz would be proud.

Did Oregon and Tennessee just become best friends?

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Did Oregon and Tennessee just become best friends?

Florida cornerback Quincy Wilson is public enemy number one in the state of Tennessee.  Ahead of the Florida-Tennessee rivalry, Wilson said the Vols have zero chance of beating the Gators. He just said it a little more creatively.

“Have you ever seen a duck pull a truck? Ducks don’t pull trucks. Nobody has ever seen a duck pull a truck. Florida Gators are going to win, simple as that.”

Creative, yes, but maybe not wholly accurate. You see, the Oregon Ducks caught wind of Wilson’s metaphor and responded in the only way possible; by showing a Duck pull a truck.

The Ducks’ tweet swept over Vol Nation and Tennessee fans quickly found their new best friend.

The official Tennessee Football Twitter account even responded the frog and tea emoji. A prefect troll from Oregon, and the prefect response from the Vols.

Neyland Stadium should be rocking on Saturday when Tennessee hosts Florida. 100,000 plus fans in Orange for the Vols,  and maybe a little Orange for the Ducks new uniforms.