NFL fans, would you like fake crowd noise added to your TV games?

NFL fans, would you like fake crowd noise added to your TV games?

Joe Buck has been quoted as saying that when or if the NFL plays games without fans in the stadium, it’s “pretty much a done deal” that fake crowd noise will be used by Fox and other networks.

He also indicated that “virtual fans” might be used to give the impression of a packed stadium, which is going too far, I think.

I wouldn’t mind the crowd noise, if people need that, because I usually tune it out, anyway. And I’ve also had some thoughts that a few stadiums and arenas pipe in extra crowd noise, anyway -- just to give their venue a better atmosphere, even though there are rules against that.

I have watched MMA and Korean baseball without fans in the seats and I do think that unless you are very interested in one of the teams or competitors, it's a rather dull experience without the crowd noise.

But the fake noise would require an astute audio person with a good sound board who could manipulate sound as quickly as the course of the game can change with an interception, fumble or bad call by an official.

It’s going to be a new world when sports resumes and we are all going to have to adjust. But I’m curious -- what do YOU think? Leave your comments here or on Twitter, Facebook, etc.