REPORT: UFC Fight Night in Portland could be moved to Las Vegas


REPORT: UFC Fight Night in Portland could be moved to Las Vegas

Due to the coronavirus, the UFC may not make its scheduled stop in Portland.

According to Aaron Bronsteter, the UFC is expected to move UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs Harris from Portland's Moda Center to UFC Apex in Las Vegas

Oregon governor Kate Brown held a press conference early Thursday to implement a ban on crowds larger than 250 people, with the ban to remain in place until April 8th. 

UFC Fight Night is currently scheduled for April 11th. 

As Bronsteter states, the move could just be a precautionary measure.

However, as of this post, the UFC has yet to make an official statement and the Portland event remains on the schedule found on the UFC's website. 

Between now and April 11th, the UFC has three scheduled events, but only one is to take place on U.S. soil - UFC Fight Night on March 28th in Columbus, Ohio. 

Ohio also currently has a ban on large gatherings. What the UFC officially decides with Ohio could be a sign of what they intend to do with the Portland event as all. 

As for now, both events remain on the schedule. 

The UFC's next event is to take place this Saturday in Brazil, where reports are saying it will go on as planned but that no fans will be allowed in the venue.

Michael “The Count” Bisping strength and speed workout

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Michael “The Count” Bisping strength and speed workout


Michael “The Count” Bisping is a world-renowned MMA fighter. His workouts are legendary. He is also slated to do battle with Georges Saint-Pierre in the later part of 2017. Here is his strength and speed workout. Enjoy.

Trap bar jumps

5 sets of 3 reps

How to do it

Using a trap bar (substitute in a dumb-bell in each hand if your gym doesn’t have one) set up like you’re about to perform a deadlift. As you begin the lift, push the floor as hard as you can and explode upwards in a jump. Do not tuck in your knees: keep your legs straight and try to push away from the floor as much as possible. The weight should reach around thigh level. Reset after every rep.

Swiss bar bench presses with six chains

5 sets of 3 reps

How to do it

Set up for a bench press but using a Swiss bar, which allows a neutral grip (palms facing each other) and thus lowers strain on the shoulders. Each rep is performed as explosively as possible, then lowered slowly and under control. “We also add six chains to the bar, so the weight increases as Mike lifts,” says Keefe. “The initial load is about 50% of his one rep max.” The downside of this move is that fellow gym-goers may think you’re re-enacting medieval torture. If you don’t have a Swiss bar or chains just use a regular bar-bell.

Swiss bar bench presses with four chains

3 sets of 3 reps

How to do it

Perform the same move as the previous slide, but increase your load and decrease the chains to switch the focus to boosting maximal strength. Again, the chains and Swiss bar aren’t absolutely necessary – just use ‘em if you got ‘em.


3 sets of 3 reps plus 1 no-added-weight set

How to do it

Without any rest after your bench presses, start some chin-ups with added loading via the use of chains (or hold weights between your legs). Increase the weight every set. Scream in pain – then finish with a body-weight only set.

Prowler rope pull-ins and push-backs

3 sets of one rep

How to do it

Hand-over-hand rope pull in a Prowler for around 15 meters, then push it out on the low handles for approximately 5 meters. These guys have the right idea. “The focus is on upper-body work for the pulling phases then onto the legs for the pushing phase,” says Keefe. If you haven’t got access to a Prowler – or the space to push it around – substitute in a hardcore upper-body exercise and superset it with a taxing legs move.

Lateral raises with neck isolation

3 sets of 10 reps

How to do it

Taking no rest after the previous exercise, loop a resistance band around your forehead and attach it to a solid object. Pull back to create tension in your neck muscles. Then grab some dumb-bells and perform regular lateral raises (lift the dumb-bells from your side to shoulder height, keeping your arms straight at all times). Maintain tension in your neck musculature throughout.

Dragon flys

3 sets of 6-8 reps.

How to do it

Finish up with a Rocky favorite. Lie down on a bench and grab onto it with your hands behind your head. From here, kick your legs up into a vertical position and bring them down slowly with your feet first. Try not to touch the bench with your feet – just move up and down for the required number of reps.

It was painful to watch Rousey get battered by Nunes

It was painful to watch Rousey get battered by Nunes

In the beginning, Ronda Rousey seemed so invincible. She forced her will on opponents and eventually, on the sport itself.

Rousey became so popular and such an attraction that she forced Dana White and the UFC to sanction women's bouts, something that organization always resisted. She became the face of women's combat sports and handled that responsibility well.

But in the end, she started something she couldn't finish.

The sport evolved and she, or her team of coaches and advisers, seemed to forget the "mixed" part of mixed martial arts. It's a combination of so many disciplines, from Rousey's natural sport of judo to grappling, boxing and all the derivatives. And she paid a heavy price for not being well rounded.

Amanda Nunes knocked her out on her feet last week in what just has to be the final fight of Rousey's career. She was helpless trying to stand up to the vicious punches of Nunes, who gave Rousey no chance to grab her and turn it into a judo match. Rousey seemed to have learned nothing from her previous knockout at the hands Holly Holm more than a year ago. She couldn't dodge or take the punches and seemed to have no ability to take a shot at Nunes' legs in an effort to get her to the ground.

And this from a woman who misguided folks a couple of years ago who were saying she could beat men in MMA or even top boxers.

I felt sorry for Rousey. Embarrassed for her, actually. This woman started it all but just couldn't keep pace. This is a brutal sport, for men or women. Rousey deserves respect for being a pioneer and a great champion. She opened the door to all the women who are serious competitors in MMA these days.

I wish her good luck, which she has a lot better chance of finding it if she stays out of that octagon for the rest of her life.



Noisy Moda Center welcomes UFC back to Portland

Noisy Moda Center welcomes UFC back to Portland

It was loud. It was edgy. It was controversial. And that's about what to expect when the UFC brings its octagon to town.

A crowd of 6,240 contributed to a gate of $501.035 and the people seemed to enjoy the evening.

In the main event, John Lineker's relentless attack kept him after John Dodson, who stayed unmarked through five rounds with a pretty stick-and-move defense, to win in a hard-earned split decision over Dodson in a batttle of bantamweights. If you looked at the men's face afterward you would have sworn the result would turn out the other way.

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[WATCH: UFC's Lineker - Fights aren't judged by damage to the face]

In the semi-main, Alex Oliveira scored a major upset by stopping Will Brooks. And after the win, Oliveria, who had angered Wilson by missing weight Friday, raised the temperature in the building by flashing a crotch shot at Brooks and then another rather questionable gesture. The crowd rained boos on Oliveira, who donned his cowboy hat and celebrated with fans and friends outside the ring. Brooks, who flung his mouthpiece at Oliveira, appeared to suffer some sort of absominal injury.

“It means a lot to me to get that win after everything that happened yesterday," Oliveira said. "I was very upset because I have never missed weight before and he talked a lot of s---, so the best thing that I have in my life is that I won tonight. Next, I will do whatever the UFC wants. If the fight is in Brazil, it will be at lightweight. The travel is what messed my weight up this week.”

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Louis Smolka was also upset in a flyweight bout, being submitted by Brandon Moreno.

"In the fight, I felt stronger than Smolka," Moreno said. "I traded punches with him and Smolka wasn’t as strong as I thought he was going to be. Right now I feel strong, I feel great, I want to go eat pizza right now. After my fight on The Ultimate Fighter, I don’t know, I feel like a different fighter now. Be careful flyweight division, because Brandon Moreno is here. I want to fight with Demetrious (Johnson), but I don’t think I will get that fight, so I don’t know what is next.”

The crowd was heavily into cheering for veteran Nate Marquardt, who scored a knockout win over Tamdan McCrory in a middleweight matchup. Marquardt, 37, was fighting for the 56th time as a pro.

"It was very important for me to get the win in this fight," Marquardt said. "I lost my last fight and I knew where I was at technically and that I was still going up with my skillset. My last fight, I wouldn’t say it planted a seed of doubt, but I knew I was better than that and it made me wonder. I’m very happy, this was an important fight for me.”