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Former Oregon QB Chris Miller to become Houston offensive coordinator in XFL

Former Oregon QB Chris Miller to become Houston offensive coordinator in XFL

Chris Miller is turning in the Friday night lights for the big leagues.  

The Oregon native (Sheldon High School, Eugene, OR) is packing up his Oregon roots and headed south to Houston, Texas as he has accepted the Offensive Coordinator position for the city’s XFL team. 

Miller started his high school football journey in small-town Eugene and continued his gridiron dreams just 2.7 miles down the road to Autzen Stadium where he went on to be the starting quarterback for the University of Oregon (1983-1986). He became a first round draft pick in the 1987 NFL Draft (Rd 1 / Pick 13 to the Atlanta Falcons) and had a 10-year career that was ultimately halted by concussions. 

Miller then dropped the helmet and turned it into a headset. He started as the coach of South Eugene High School (2001-2006 in Eugene, Oregon), before heading into the NFL to coach with the Arizona Cardinals (2009-2012). He then returned back to South Eugene high school coaching for one season before taking the head coaching position at West Linn high school (Portland, Oregon). 

Miller lead the Lions to a 6A state championship in 2016.

Miller was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. 

What is the XFL?

Get ready football fans, the XFL is coming to a TV near you in 2020. If your immediate reaction to this football league news is “yikes”, then you’re not alone as many are wondering why the reincarnation of the XFL was announced with the news of the AAF (American Alliance of Football) getting cancelled. 

But have no fear, the XFL existed before. It is an eight-team, 10-week regular season followed by a postseason league. The teams are Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Washington D.C.

How does the XFL differ from the NFL? According to the XFL’s home website, “Faster, with more plays, less stall, fewer interruptions and no gimmicks.”

One for the ages: Clackamas knocks off West Linn to advance to finals

One for the ages: Clackamas knocks off West Linn to advance to finals

Wow… just, wow. This was, by far, the most entertaining, competitive, and nail-biting game of the playoffs. 

Behind the hot hand of star point guard Elijah Gonzales, the Clackamas Cavaliers upset the four-time defending champion West Linn Lions to advance to the state championship game.

Clackamas came out firing right out of the gate to the take the 14-4 lead, but West Linn quickly answered with a 12-2 run of it’s own to tie the ballgame at 16. When the first quarter ended, West Linn held the 21-19 lead.

Clackamas, however, never wavered. Gonzalez and company kept attacking West Linn. Everytime West Linn threw a haymaker, Clackamas threw one right back.

Threes answered threes. Dunks answered dunks. Play after play these two teams kept us on the edge of our seat.

Then, in the most befitting end imaginable, it came down to the final plays. 

With just over a minute to go the Cavaliers led 70-68. After a few trips to the line, Clackamas held a 73-68 lead with just 45 seconds remaining. West Linn would drill a three pointer to cut the lead to just two points, but it was the last time the Lions would add points to the scoreboard. Clackamas locked down on defense, and hit key free throws to extend the lead, and pick up the win.

For the first time since 2012, when Jesuit beat Lake Oswego to win it all, West Linn will not play in the championship game. The Clackamas win also brings an end to West Linn’s quest to be the first team to ever win five straight state titles.

FINAL SCORE: Clackamas 78 – West Linn 71

Clackamas now moves on to face Jefferson in the state title game.



Points: Nolan Bertain, 17

Rebounds: Nolan Bertain and Keishon Dawkins, 8 each

Assists: Braden Olsen, 5


Points: Elijah Gonzales, 35

Rebounds: Matt O’Brien, 11

Assists: Matt O'Brien, 3