Seven-time Paralympian Jen Armbruster reminisces about her time in Olympic Stadiums

/ by NBCSNW Staff
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As we watched the closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday, it was fun to see all the nations come together and the athletes take in the moment, as it always is in every Olympics.

Seven-time Paralympian Jen Armbruster will never forget what it was like being in Olympic stadiums.

As a member of the U.S. Women’s Goalball Team, she competed in Summer Games from 1992-2016, while earning a gold medal from the Beijing games in 2008, a silver medal from Athens in 2004, and a bronze medal from Atlanta in 1996. 

In a recent interview with NBC, Armbruster reminisced about her Paralympic Summer Games experience at all the various stadiums around the world.

Chills – every time I walked in, representing, it’s the same feeling. Beijing was more incredible to be the flag bearer. The chills are always there.

Jen Armbruster 

“When they announce the United States of America and you walk into that arena in front of 90,000 to 100,000 people for opening ceremonies… It’s a rush and something you don’t get to experience very often,” Armbruster added.

Armbruster began losing her eyesight at age 14 after experiencing pain in both eyes. 


She discovered the sport of goalball while growing up in Colorado.  

Armbruster has become a big promoter of the sport, but she also has a message for all following her Olympic experience.

“Just to know whether it’s on the Olympics or Paralympics side how much those athletes sacrificed to go out there and represent their countries is huge.”   

The 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games will take place from Aug. 24 - Sept 5. NBC's coverage will be broadcasted on NBC, NBCSN and Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA. Check out the full TV listings here.