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20 years of friendship: LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony form a "Legacy"

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Friendships typically last 10 years or less. They usually end because people grow apart, an issue forming, or some unforeseen circumstance.

For LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, their friendship is going 20 years strong. Above-average than the rest of the United States.

That’s a unique bond the two have formed over the years with their lives and careers being similar but different at the same time.

The two were pictured at an event together with their sons beside them.

The caption? Legacy.

Of any public sports friendship, James and Anthony’s seems to be the most interesting.

They were the top two high school players in the early 2000s; drafted the same year; changed their first NBA team's fortunes immediately; left their first team around the same time; had sons in the same year. The list goes on and on of their friendship on and off the court.

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Fans of the NBA know how close the two are and what they’ve become. 

Another commonality the two share is their willingness to help the next generation of basketball players. Whether it was James and his basketball camps or Anthony training draft prospects while he was out of the league.

Finding a long-term friend that can relate to you from a teenager to an almost 40-year-old is rare. Especially one that’s not only in the same industry as you, but can relate to you because both were the alphas on their teams.


The friendship of James and Anthony is something to behold. Especially since the stats show what they’re doing is abnormal. It’s not the first time both men have beaten the odds.

Could being teammates be the next step in their friendship? Only time will tell.