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Dayvon "Goofy 757" Curry "honored" to be playing with GoldGloveTV

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Blazer5 Gaming has been one of the most successful teams in the early history of the NBA 2K League. The team has sported back-to-back league MVPs, been one of the best regular-season teams since day one, but they have yet to win it all. 

After a disappointing season in 2020, the squad decided to hit the reset button. Stars "Mama Im Dat Man" and "OneWildWalnut," as well as the rest of the roster, were all traded or let go and Blazer5 brought in six fresh faces to start the next chapter for the franchise. 

One of those faces was former NBA 2K League Champion, Dayvon "Goofy 757" Curry.

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Curry has been in the league since day one as the ninth-overall pick of Knicks Gaming in the first-ever NBA 2K League Draft and he helped the team win the inaugural 2K League Championship. He hopes to use that championship experience to take Blazer5 to the next level.

"That just comes with me being myself. When I'm myself I'm bringing my teammates together, I'm giving my teammates confidence," said Curry. "I'm a champion. I never forget how I got there and the No.1 thing I can say got me there is chemistry. I wanna come in here, I wanna gel with all my guys... have good vibes, good energy, because when you got that good energy, it's unmatchable." 


The first step in building chemistry and getting the ball rolling for the new era of Blazer5 starts on Thursday night with the NBA 2K League Three For All Showdown, "an online 3-on-3 tournament featuring NBA 2K League players, fans and social media influencers," per the 2K League's website.

Not only will this be a first chance to see some of the new Blazer5 faces, but it will also be a chance for the squad to rub elbows with one of the most famous streamers around, GoldGloveTV, aka Goldy.

Goldy, a Portland-based Twitch streamer, is a huge Blazers fan. He will be the influencer repping PDX and joining the Blazer5 squad for the tournament. The chance to play with and learn from Goldy is something Curry is excited about. 

Curry said about playing with Goldy, "That means a lot. He has a huge following... You don't really get to run across too many people like that. So, I definitely won't take this opportunity for granted. I'ma try and pick his brain. You never know what I can get out of him. It could be a life-long connection you just never know. I definitely won't take it for granted."

I'm honored to be playing with him.

Goofy 757 on playing with GoldGloveTV

To say Goldy is influential to the game would be an understatement. Goldy has 1.4 million followers on Twitch, 1.24 million on YouTube, and more than 500 thousand combined on Instagram and Twitter. That reach will not only have a huge impact on Curry, but it will have a huge impact on growing the Blazer5 brand. 

Goofy 757. GoldGloveTV. It's a new era for Blazer5 Gaming and it starts tonight with the Three For All Showdown.

You can watch GoldGloveTV and the Blazer5 crew starting tonight at 5 PM on the NBA 2K League's Twitch and YouTube pages.

While you wait for the action to start you can get familiar with Dayvon "Goofy 757" Curry by watching some of his highlights from last season in the video below.