Blazers: Chauncey Billups discusses his values in a coaching staff

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday afternoon, the Portland Trail Blazers introduced new head coach Chauncey Billups, who ended the press conference discussing what he's looking for as he fills out his coaching staff.

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"Just beginning to put it together," said Billups. "Me as a first-timer, I think it'll be really important that I have a ton of experience on my staff.

I'll have a wealth of knowledge on the staff. 

Chauncey Billups on his coaching staff search

David Fizdale's name has been rumored as a member of Billups' coaching staff, as reported by Erik Gunderson.

Fizdale has prior experience as the head coach of Memphis and New York after being an assistant coach for Miami from 2008-2016, including a stint as the associate head coach.

Billups discussed seeking out a defensive-minded assistant head coach as he specializes in the offensive side of the ball. Portland finished with the NBA's second-best offense (117.1 offensive rating) in 2020-21 but the 29th ranked defense (115.3 defensive rating). 

"Even though we talk a lot about defense, as a point guard I'm used to the offensive end: reading the game, calling the plays, seeing the adjustments to make so obviously having a really strong defensive presence there," he added.

The new Blazers head coach also seeks staff members who can relate to his players. He believes having a prior playing career gives a coach more gravitas in terms of demanding accountability out of his players, a necessity as players appeared to tune out Terry Stotts last season.


"I value guys that will be able to communicate and relate to the players. I think that's a big, big deal nowadays. If you look at the four teams that are playing right now, three of the coaches are former players who can connect with the players, who can hold these guys accountable by way of reputation and who they are and what they've done.

"There's something to be said about that."

As for how Billups plans to coach in Portland, he aims to take that same philosophy. 

"That's kind of how I'll be as a coach. I won't be making any adjustments, I am who I am and I think it'll bode well for our group."