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Blazers PA announcer Mark Mason recovering after life-threatening health scare

Trail Blazers
Trail Blazers

Rip City are you ready.... for your Portlaaaannnd Trail Blazers!?

Any Blazers fan recognizes the voice that utters those words. 

Mark Mason, the Blazers PA announcer since 1996, is one of the most recognizable figures of the franchise, even if you've never seen his face.

In charge of pumping up the crowd, Mason is a Rip City ambassador that has likely been part of your favorite Blazers moments. 

Remember when Damian Lillard grabbed the mic after he hit the Houston game winner? Guess who was the one who got Dame's attention and then handed over the mic? Mark Mason. 

Mason, who is a long-time Portland radio show host who now hosts the Mark Mason Show 12-3pm on 1190 KEX, has been right there with you cheering on the Blazers.

And now he needs those same fans in his corner. 

On Tuesday, after being absent from recent games, Mason posted to social media that he's experienced a health scare. 

Sepsis is when your body has an unusually severe response to an infection. 

It's a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection when chemicals are released into one's bloodstream to fight an infection and triggers inflammation throughout the body.

It's a very scary situation, indeed.

Mason had open heart surgery in 2020 and has been rehabbing since. 

In 2016, after calling over 900 straight games that spanned 20 years worth of Trail Blazers games without missing a single game, Mason suffered a blood clot in his leg caused by a failed stent from an abdominal aneurysm repair. Mason spent three days in intensive care after surgeons performed a limb-saving procedure called a “fasciotomy” and another four days in the hospital before he was able to go home. 


Mason is a fighter, though. He'll continue to root the Blazers on, but let's make sure we do the same for him!

Curtis Long, who called games in Mason's absence in the past, will continue to serve as the Blazers PA announcer while Mason recovers.