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Blazers among two teams Stephen A. wants to acquire Simmons

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Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons could be heading to the Western Conference.

Even though it has been reported for multiple weeks, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski again reported Tuesday that Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons does not intend to report to training camp next week, and doesn't want to play another game for the franchise.

The Warriors, of course, have long been a rumored destination if Simmons were to ever be traded by Philadelphia. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith wants to see Simmons to trade to either the Warriors or one other Western Conference team. 

"Me personally, I'd like to see him in Golden State or Portland," Smith said Tuesday on ESPN's "First Take." "I think the Sixers should move him to Golden State. Even though Golden State doesn't want him and Draymond Green together, if you can get [Andrew] Wiggins and a couple of first-round picks for Ben Simmons, you do it.

"If you're Portland and you needed to give up CJ McCollum plus another player or so to get Ben Simmons, you do it." 

The Warriors reportedly haven't engaged in any trade talks regarding Simmons with the 76ers since general manager Daryl Morey's ridiculous asking price. Ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft, Morey reportedly asked the Warriors for James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins and the No. 7 and No. 14 overall picks. That was the end of that conversation for the Warriors.


Golden State's front office reportedly is divided on how Simmons would fit on the Warriors. Many don't see he and Draymond Green, two defense-first point-forwards who aren't threats as shooters, co-existing. Understandably so. But at the same time, the Warriors would have to ponder adding the potential of a 25-year-old three-time All-Star, no matter the fit.

And then there's the possibility of including Green in a Simmons trade. Sending Draymond packing might make the most sense roster construction wise, but it certainly would rock the boat in the Bay.

Truly, Simmons likely will report to camp once he starts losing loads of money, just as James Harden did. He could be on the move now or in the future. It would be understandable if the Warriors decided he wasn't worth the risk, just as it could be understandable if they decided he's just too talented to pass on. 

At least we know what Stephen A. thinks.