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Bonzi Wells takes Trail Blazers fans down memory lane

Trail Blazers

If you're fan of the Portland Trail Blazers, then Blazers Outsiders has injected a heavy dose of nostaglia into your body the last couple of shows. 

After Game 2, hosts Joe Simons and Danny Marang were joined by Rasheed Wallace. 

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Now, after Game 3, they were joined by the second half of the 'Let's Get Technical' podcast and former Trail Blazer Bonzi Wells!

Wells, who spent more than five seasons in Rip City, admittedly shared in the "bad boy" image with his 'Let's Get Technical' host during his appearance on Blazers Outsiders. But, he also indicated that it was somewhat of a put-on. 

"I loved talking trash," Wells said. "I loved saying some stuff to the refs. I loved talking to the fans. It was just a fun experience. Some of it is entertainment and sometimes you can get caught up playing your character. It’s always a good time to show emotion. Me and Rasheed, sometimes it went too far, sometimes it got out of hand. But, still— that’s what the fans love."

While there are no fans in the NBA's restart in Orlando, Florida, Wells commends the league for their handling of the situation. 

But, how would he fare in a bubble? 

"It’s your job," Wells said.  "We’re very lucky, first of all. We’re blessed to be in the NBA. You’re just doing your job and whatever your job asks you to do, you have to do it. These are unprecedented times, and you have to ask yourself, is basketball that important? And guys showed up. They felt comfortable and it’s been a great product. I’m just thankful the game went on and we’ve seen some unbelievable basketball."


Unbelievable basketball, indeed! And coming from a player who had previously set a franchise-record 45 points in a playoff game vs. the Dallas Mavericks in 2003. 

He's marveled at the accomplishments of Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard, who has been virtually unstoppable, even with a discloated left index finger. 

In fact, Lillard is on the 'Let's Get Technical' podcast's guest wishlist. 

"We feel like we have so much in common with Dame right now," Well said. "We love everything he does for the city— the city of Portland, the city of Oakland and just what he does for the culture. We understand what he’s going through and the loyalty chip he has for the city of Portland, the love he has for Portland. And it’s just a conversation that we want to have with him. We can relate to him and what he does."

One thing Wells was apart of while in Portland was inspire the "Can I get a headband?" movement and song.

So, are we going to get a 2.0? 

"We need to get Kanye [West] on there, we need to get Dame Lillard on there. We just need to do it big! If we’re going to do it, let’s do it!"

Watch the whole interview in the video above!

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