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Cancun on 3: Patrick Beverley mocked for roasting Damian Lillard

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Cancun on three.

Yeah, Blazers fans remember those three words.

With the Portland Trail Blazers trailing the Los Angeles Clippers by one point with 18 seconds left in a pivotal seeding game, Damian Lillard stepped to the free-throw line.

In an uphill race for the eighth seed, the Blazers needed this win to help their case.

A career 89% shooter from the line, Lillard proceeded to do something he almost never does: Miss both free throws. 

The reaction from Patrick Beverley and the Clippers was bush league.

The Clippers would go on to win the game, and thinking the Blazers chances at a playoff spot were dead in the water, Beverley uttered the infamous "Cancun on three!" as to say, enjoy your early vacation. 

The Blazers would go on to secure a playoff spot despite the loss, but would lose in the first round to the Los Angeles Lakers. 

As for the Clippers, they were upset in the second round, prompting Lillard to fire back at Beverley. 

While it all sounds like two players feuding, it was really just two players having a fun time at each other's expense.

Beverley never directly responded to Lillard, but he did get roasted on a recent live video. 

And we must give Beverley credit, he took it in stride. 

"I see y'all in the Instagram comments talking about Cancun on three," Beverley said as he burst into laughter. "You know I'm a real one. It's so funny. I appreciate it. I be hearing y'all. That s***'s funny, man.  


I can't even be mad at it. I gotta take it on the chin... That's what happens. When you're throwing them out, you gotta be able to take 'em too. Ya feel me?

Patrick Beverley on "Cancun on 3"

So there you have it. 

Beverley can talk his mess and take it too. 

Even the best trash talkers have to be aware that what goes around comes around. 

As long as we, and they can laugh about it, then please, keep it coming.

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