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Candace Parker channels Damian Lillard with ridiculous shot from the logo

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Damian Lillard’s long range shots have taken the NBA by storm.

Players around the league are trying to step up their long-distance game and kids hoopin’ in their communities are imitating Lillard’s signature “Dame Time” celebration while tapping their wrist.

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On Thursday, WNBA star Candace Parker became the latest to celebrate a half-court shot with Lillard’s trademark celebration. She was rocking her Dame 6s too.

“Dame Time inspiration,” Parker said in her Instagram post. “So much fun to be in the gym with trash talk and competition.

Dame Time and Candace Time at the same time? This is everything! 

As it turns out, Lillard is a pretty big fan of Parker too. The six-time NBA All-Star asked the five-time NBA All-Star to sign his jersey last year. Parker said she would, but with one request… she wanted a pair of Buzz Lightyear Dame 7s.


Game recognize game.